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TBEX15 North America Fort Lauderdale Don George


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TBEX15 North America Fort Lauderdale Don George

  1. 1. TBEX Closing Keynote Don George We Are All Storytellers The Art & Heart of Sharing Your Journey
  2. 2. Storytelling: An ancient and abiding human impulse • Humans making sense of their experience • Sharing the sense that they make
  3. 3. Every moment, every experience, contains the seed of a story. • Great stories can be short or long • Your first assignment as a storyteller is to live deeply • You can only describe an experience as deeply and richly as you have lived it
  4. 4. The Art of Storytelling: Focus • Fundamental importance of details • Details are building blocks of story
  5. 5. Your second assignment is to give your experience a larger context. Ask yourself: • What’s this all about? • What’s the meaning here?
  6. 6. Source: Aesthetic Apperceptions
  7. 7. The Art of Storytelling: Extracting meaning from the everyday • Each of you has a truth, a profound truth, to share and that truth is the bridge to a larger human truth • All great travel stories are the record of two corresponding journeys: a journey in the outer world and a journey in the inner world • Travel writer’s story is the interplay between these worlds, between these journeys
  8. 8. Source: Fab Features
  9. 9. Travel writing is not a license for self-indulgence. • Your anecdotes and examples always have to be in the service of your point • And your story always has to have a point, a lesson • Your writing should evoke the steps that led to that lesson—what did I learn? And how did I learn it?
  10. 10. The Heart of Storytelling • Cultivate the fine art of vulnerability—open yourself up to a place • You can only absorb a place as richly and deeply as you open yourself up to it
  11. 11. The Heart of Storytelling • When you do so, you enable and forge connections • These connections are ultimately the subject of great storytelling—and the effect of great storytelling
  12. 12. As that brave, open-hearted soldier said, this is the potential of great travel storytelling: to make us all think how big the world is, and give us all a kind of hope.
  13. 13. I look forward to connecting with you! • Website: • Twitter: @don_george • FB: • Books: Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing and The Way of Wanderlust: The Best Travel Writing of Don George