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Tbex15 Asia Thailand Leif Pettersen


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TBEX Business: The latest PR tips for pitching, FAMs and blogger outreach

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Tbex15 Asia Thailand Leif Pettersen

  1. 1. The Latest PR Tips for Pitching, FAMs and Blogger Outreach Speaker: Leif Pettersen
  2. 2. • What to start doing (or stop doing) when sending pitches • Tips for adjusting your blogger outreach • Tips for working with a difficult blogger • Tips for not being a difficult PR person  • FAM trip dos and don’ts Takeaways:
  3. 3. • Freelance travel writer for over 11 years • Visited 54 countries and lived in Spain, Romania and Italy • Tourism Communications Manager for Mall of America • Not vomited since 1993 • Killing Batteries will have its 10th birthday in February 2016! Why me?
  4. 4. Why me?
  5. 5. Tips for pitching Stop the shotgun pitching, please 
  6. 6. Tips for pitching Concentrate your efforts on targeted pitching
  7. 7. Tips for pitching Engage with writers on social media
  8. 8. Tips for pitching What not to do on social media LOL! LOL PR @leifpettersen @lonelyplanet @spudhilton @johnnyjet Hey guys! Join us in our travel chat about the best places to break your femur! LOL! LOL PR Hey mate! Thanks for following us! You should also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and download our app WhatsInstaKittySideBoob!
  9. 9. Make it easy for media to request information Dear Lief, Thank you for contacting Visit Haplessville CVB! Please complete this 14 page media form and fax it to 555-5555. We require two weeks notice for photos, six weeks notice for interviews and 17 months notice for press trips. We very much look forward to working with you! Warm regards! Visit Haplessville        
  10. 10. Make it easy for writers to reach you Provide prominent contact information for media
  11. 11. Make images easily accessible Image gallery is great Images available for immediate download are better Don’t give the writer an excuse to use an outdated image from Flickr!
  12. 12. Tips for working with a difficult writer “Give me all the things!” Don’t hesitate to push back on unreasonable requests Document everything – aka CYA Never simply say “all expenses paid”
  13. 13. Tips for not being a difficult PR person  Answer emails promptly Limit meet-and-greets Maintain one point of contact for the blogger Things will go wrong. Be cool, man.
  14. 14. FAM trip dos and don’ts - a list sourced from real, live bloggers!
  15. 15. FAM trip don’ts Only getting about one waking hour to enjoy the very swanky hotel rooms that have been provided. (Ten minutes of which are spent photographing said hotel room.)
  16. 16. FAM trip don’ts Eating the equivalent of Thanksgiving dinner twice a day for 3-5 days straight or, alternatively, starving on long days.
  17. 17. FAM trip don’ts NOT ENOUGH READILY AVAILABLE CAFFEINE! (eg Provide caffeine after that huge lunch at the very least if you want your bloggers to remember anything that happens in the afternoon.)
  18. 18. FAM trip don’ts Being loaded down with one metric ton of books, brochures, media and other stuff that can’t possibly be brought home without an extra checked bag.
  19. 19. FAM trip don’ts Pushing social media engagement, then confining us to a bus without wi-fi for 10 hours.
  20. 20. FAM trip don’ts No bathrooms.
  21. 21. FAM trip don’ts Getting itineraries the day before departure, or worse, having itineraries change mid-trip. This makes it impossible to pitch stories before the trip or plan interviews.
  22. 22. FAM trip don’ts No time for interviews and independent exploration.
  23. 23. FAM trip don’ts Required coverage is a major turnoff – and sometimes impossible, depending on the outlet.
  24. 24. FAM trip don’ts Trying to pack too many activities into too short a span of time, aka death march schedules. Put some air in there for me to sit, take notes, and enjoy where I am.
  25. 25. FAM trip don’ts Not having enough free time or time at night to upload photos, videos, organize notes and stories from the day.
  26. 26. FAM trip don’ts Being escorted around a swanky hotel, where you are not staying, with an assumption that by walking inside the room and seeing the view you will write about it.
  27. 27. FAM trip don’ts Don’t take us to places and activities that are not accessible to normal travelers. I can’t write about that.
  28. 28. FAM trip don’ts If I stumble onto a story or hook during the trip that is not on the itinerary, that I am confident I can sell, please consider allowing me to pursue it.
  29. 29. FAM trip dos Customized itineraries or at least options for activities and tours, so everyone isn't forced to go to the dog racing track or the world's largest Kmart or whatever.
  30. 30. FAM trip dos Trips designed as if the writers are your best friends who have come to visit. Everyone, hosts and writers included, will have a great time.
  31. 31. FAM trip dos Provide exhaustive info on public transport, even if the FAM trip is all buses, cars and limos. Writers need to be able to pass along transport information to independent travelers who will need it.
  32. 32. FAM trip dos Offer to ship PR material, alcohol, souvenirs and whatnot to the writers’ homes. Otherwise, these items will likely be thrown out or given to hotel clerks and taxi drivers due to lack of luggage space or carry-on only travelers who can’t travel with liquids.
  33. 33. FAM trip dos Provide a list of everyone going on the trip in advance. “Gives me the chance to gracefully bow out if my nemesis is going, too.”
  34. 34. FAM trip dos Provide a price list for hotel rooms, food, activities and anything else. The writers will almost definitely need to include this information in their articles.
  35. 35. FAM trip dos Send quality pre-trip reading. Not PR stuff, but history, short stories, and/or stuff relevant to the destination.
  36. 36. FAM trip “other” Vet your writers carefully. From a prominent blogger: “I look at past people who have been on trips with that company. PR people really fall for anything, sometimes, and pick some really awful folks to go on trips. It makes me think twice about what the expectations are when I see 'yes men' go on fams.”
  37. 37. Swag: the good, bad and the garbage
  38. 38. Good Swag USB mobile phone chargers Classy shampoo, conditioner or lotion Cool sunglasses Good notebooks, eg Moleskin “High end socks” Apps with free subscription service In-flight wi-fi vouchers
  39. 39. Good Swag Chocolate of all kinds Alcohol of all kinds Camera lens cloths Screen cleaner Flash drive with EVERYTHING from the conference Collapsible pouches iTunes gift cards
  40. 40. Good Swag “Ideally nothing that I have to add to my bag” Speakers’ books or locals’ books Airplane snacks High quality, sport backpacks “Gadgets that work” Practical first aid kits Local Music
  41. 41. Bad Swag Paper of any kind Notebooks Flash drives Liquids of any kind Dull tech brand t-shirts Mugs/glasses
  42. 42. Garbage Swag Paper marketing material of any kind Cheap bags Breakables “Generic conference crap”
  43. 43. Thank you! Questions?
  44. 44. Story time That one time I lost my cool with a spamming marketing firm
  45. 45. Story time Subject: Story idea!     From: Spamming Agency To: Leif Pettersen Dear Lief, We hope you’ll cover our press release listicle about holidays with demon spawn kids and stuff. Love, Spammers
  46. 46. Story time Subject: REMOVE From: Leif Pettersen To: Spamming Agency Please remove me from this distribution list. Thank you.
  47. 47. Story time Click Unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive our dumb emails.
  48. 48. Story time Subject: RE: Story idea!     From: Leif Pettersen To: Spamming Agency Dear Lief, Just checking in to see if you got our previous email and whether or not you’d like to give us free advertising on your site. Lol! Love, Spammers
  49. 49. Story time
  50. 50. Story time Dear Idiots,
  51. 51. Story time
  52. 52. Story time Subject: Another story idea! :P From: Spamming Agency To: Leif Pettersen Dear Lief, We hope you’ll cover our press release listicle about what to do when the wi-fi is slowish. Love, Spammers
  53. 53. Story time Moral of the story: don’t do anything these people did, ever.