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TBEX Asia 2016, How to Monitize Your Blog Print on Demand, Pete and Betsy Wuebaker


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Betsy and Pete Wuebker have been blogging about travel, simplicity and independence at PassingThru since 2008. Location independent since 2011, they are into their second year of full-time travel. Their online business structure is designed to provide diversified income which gives them the freedom to work from home or on the road, and their passion is to share how integrating work with life leads to more fulfillment and time for travel.

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TBEX Asia 2016, How to Monitize Your Blog Print on Demand, Pete and Betsy Wuebaker

  1. 1. How To Monetize Your Blog With Print on Demand
  2. 2. Peter and Betsy Wuebker www.PassingThru.Com
  3. 3. Our Business Revenue Structure • Diverse • Active • Passive
  4. 4. Why make a Business Plan? Monetization works better with an organized plan! • Fragmented tactics • Provides structure • You’re a creative
  5. 5. Good News! Your business plan doesn’t need to be complex! • Key functions • Basic outline
  6. 6. Business Plan Components We’re giving you the templates! • Pro forma projection spreadsheet • Simple outline document
  7. 7. What is a print on demand company? Why would I want to work with a POD? • No start up costs • No inventory costs • Retail details handled for you • Make money in your sleep • Do the work once and move on – passive income • Work from anywhere in the world
  8. 8. • Original source of designs – product development • Considerable computer experience – working with images • Established online presence - promotional • Travel related products – niche marketing You have advantages most others do not
  9. 9. Types of PODs • Money driven – pay to play . . . TeeSpring, CafePress • Art driven – primary emphasis is framed art . . . Society6 • Designer driven – Easy to use and create . . .RedBubble
  10. 10. Advantages • Simple to create products • Three ways to make money: royalty, affiliation, volume bonus • Easy to affiliate individual products or groups of products • Strong market place • Multiple free stores* • Active user forum • Customer Personalization
  11. 11. Advantages
  12. 12. • Use your photography Opportunities to earn royalties
  13. 13. Opportunities to earn royalties • Public domain images and designs • Your personal artwork
  14. 14. Opportunities to earn royalties • Travel related products
  15. 15. • Your Zazzle store • Your Blog – Plug In Promote • Stand Alone Web Site • Your social media – Auto marketing • Email signature
  16. 16. You’ve done the work, now expand your reach
  17. 17. • These slides • Revenue Projection Spreadsheet • Business Plan Template • List of Top PODs With Links • eBook: How2 Get Started on Zazzle • Zazzle Plug In For Wordpress
  18. 18. Questions?