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Selected Portfolio Work


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This a selection of work from my Portfolio while at the University of Georgia.

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Selected Portfolio Work

  1. 1. B E L A
  2. 2. Thomas Butler Evers4177 US Highway 176 Pomaria SC 29126 Butler Evers Landscape Architecture
  3. 3. Walled GardenBrunelli Estate Pergolais a beautiful lush estate located inthe North Georgia foothills running Pitanque Fieldback against the calm Lake Hartwell.The inspiration behind the groundscame from the Country estates of OldFrance, with massive open grounds, asmall batch vineyard and orchard, largecental tree allee, small formal gardens,pitanque field, sporting clays, andsprawling views around the site. Dinning Table Waterfall Spa Raised Pool Formal Garden and Backyard Zoom In Plan
  4. 4. Estate Master Plan Estate InspirationBRUNELLI ESTATE
  5. 5. Design for Speed is based at the root of the modern human experience. This is trueas the user of the space will never actually step foot in the park but only pass by the space, a trafficmedian. Beginning as a set of nupastels and a traditional Japanese song, the design quickly took formpulling from the Japanese oil paintings of old. The design depicts a sole climber, the red dot, makinghis way up the treacherous slope with being whiplashed by heavy winds. In the final design the windshave become plantings of ornamental grasses the swirl as traffic passes by with the climber now beingrepresented by a beautiful Japanese Maple tree. The passer-by will experience the space just as theclimber in the pastel drawing does with the grasses in the site flowing back in forth just as the wind isdepicted. Inspiration from Traditional Japanese Oil Paintings Nupastel Sketch and Concept
  6. 6. Ornamental Grass Japanese Maple Section Plan ViewNo 57 Stone Small Grass Ornamental Grass Japanese Maple DESIGN FOR SPEED
  7. 7. A AVick Family Residence Terrace SectionWith the propertly located in the North Georgia Retractable Window Wallfoothills this family residence is carved intothe hills themselves. In order to use the gradeto advantage the backyard landscape/garden isstepped in terraces with differing areas of use,from a pergola covered lounge to outdoor dinningup to a childrens rock climbing boulder and playarea. The terracing backs into a new multi levelguest house with the naturual surrounding keptin mind. The front of the guest house is a sheerwall of retractable windows overlooking the hillsbelow and connecting the guest to the naturalenvironment Guest House Front Terrace Upper Terrace Section and Guest House Elevation
  8. 8. Climbing Boulders Outdoor Dinning Guest House Fire Pit Area Seating Areas Front Terrace Pergola Endless SpaA A Lawn Area Stone PorchVegetable Garden Existing Residence Existing Porch Residential Master Plan VICK FAMILY RESIDENTIAL
  9. 9. UGA Memorial GardensAt the center of the University of Georgia lies the Miller Learning Center, Tate Student Center, and SanfordStadium. This area is a central hub for University Students, Buses, and most activities on Campus. Passersby onthe way to this triangle hub of campus pass directly by the UGA Memorial Garden commemorating those students,faculty, and university workers who have fallen serving our country in the Armed Forces. The stone benches and 40White Flowering Dogwoods represent those lives lost, while also giving visitors/students a place for relaxation andstudy. The tree groupings, rock outcrops, waterfall and fountain as well as the progression of the terraces from stoneto grass exemplify landscapes that these men and women have faced and the transition from the built to the naturallandscape. The outer stone wall allow for plaques to be placed in remembrance for each individual. Shurb/Groundcover Planting Plan Tree Planting Plan Shrub/Groundcover and Tree Planting Plans
  10. 10. Rock Waterfall Reflecting Pool Seat Wall w/ Quote White Dogwood Stone Terrace Stone Benches Stone/Grass Stone Terrace Grass TerraceGrass Terrace Rock Outcrop Lawn Area Illustrative Tree and Hardscape Concept UGA MEMORIAL GARDENS
  11. 11. The images to the right show viewsof the down town communitycenter, with a city hall andcommercial spaces. Town homesflank the city center and provideclose walkable residences for thearea. Community Center Townhome Area The images to the left show views of the community clubhouse, with a pool and tennis courts along with a mixed-use commercial and apartment node.Commercial-Res Node Club House Community Area Zoom In Plans
  12. 12. Community Hub Apts/Retail Area The Oaks at Rolling Hills The Oaks at Rolling Hills is a mixed-use high-density subdivison located in Athens, GA. With varied residential lots, as well as apartment buildings, townhomes, commercial buildings and a community center, ORH is a perfect place to live. The site also holds sustainable aspects in two solar farms and community vegteble gardens as well as community parks throughout the area. Solar Farm Pool/Athletics Center Communtiy Park TownhomesTHE OAKS AT ROLLING HILLS
  13. 13. The Pomaria Plantationis located outside the Historic city of Pomaria, South Carolina. The 30 acre site originally held the first plantnursery in the state of South Carolina, and was home to a wide variety of plants, both native and exotic. Usingthe long botanical history of the site, the Pomaria Plantation has been meticulously designed to recapturethe beauty and grandeur it once had. Now home to a beautiful 4 room Bed and Breakfast using the originalMain House of the property, along with 3 pond side cabins housing vistors looking for relaxation or a littlework on the farm, a 4 acre vineyard and fruit farm, wine cellar and tasting facility for the small batch propertygrown harvest, and various gardens throughout. Side Yard Patio and Secret Garden Plans
  14. 14. Wine HousePond CabinsMain House POMARIA PLANTATION