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Seven myths of the spanish conquest


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Seven myths of the spanish conquest

  1. 1. Seven Myths of theSpanish ConquestTommy BeasleyMr. Arguello
  2. 2. Introduction Cortes received credit for the fall of the Aztec Empire. This book is goes into great detail, covering his journey.
  3. 3. Introduction When Bernal Diaz first saw the Aztec Capital he was lost for words.
  4. 4. Epilogue The story of Cuauhtemoc’s death has been written from many different perspectives. Cortes and Gomara reported that the captive lords were planning a revolt to kill the Spaniards. It is hard to completely believe all of the information because of the communication barriers of language.
  5. 5. A Handful of Adventurers This was one of the greatest events in Human history; the discovery and conquest of the Americas by European explorers.
  6. 6. A Handful of Adventurers Christopher Columbus had Portuguese connections and a lot of experience. One reason Hernan Cortes became an idol, was because of his passage of letters to the king.
  7. 7. Invisible Warriors The term {Invisible warriors} were Africans, who helped Spanish invaders. T The Spaniards oppressed the native divisions and smallpox emphasized that effect with the death of the Inca ruler.
  8. 8. Invisible Warriors Africans in the Americas were eager to learn martial skills as a means to acquire freedom, which was a black conquistador’s standard reward.
  9. 9. Under the Lordship of the King Restall argues that by referring to the Spanish conquest as such, a sense of the inevitability of Spanish avail is implied.
  10. 10. Under the Lordship of the King The “conquest” was in many ways never a “completed” affair, especially from the Native American view point that observed the colonial aspects of the interaction as well as the elements of conquest.
  11. 11. Apes and Men Restall explores what is called “The Myth of Superiority”. According to this idea, people transform conquests into myths in order to justify their actions against other cultures.
  12. 12. Apes and Men While his words did not speak for every Spaniard at the time, it illustrates how this ideology was used as a mechanism for justifying complete dominance over another people.