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Emails to & from commisioner

  1. 1. E M A I L S T O / F R O M G R O U P C O M M I S S I O N E R Clemson Connect Program
  2. 2. First Email to Clemson Connect Dear Mr. Brown, We are writing in regard to an English 314: Technical Writing project in which we have been instructed to better Clemson University by commissioning a project on campus. We feel that Clemson Connect is a very beneficial and helpful program for new, incoming Clemson students, but we would like to work with Clemson Connect to target the Transfer student welcome program to more accurately address the needs of incoming Transfer students. We would like to meet with someone who would be eligible to commission our project and review our proposal. We would appreciate any help you could provide or any referrals to further our project. We look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Lauren Burdine TJ Bargeron JoAnna Garner
  3. 3. Automated Response from Mr. Brown Greetings, I am currently out of the office until Monday, September 27, 2010. During this time I will have no email or cell phone service. Please contact the Office of New Student and Sophomore Programs at 864.656.0515 for further assistance. Thank you, Jeff
  4. 4. Forwarding the Email Along to Others  Since Mr. Brown was not available for the next couple of weeks we decided that we would go down the list of people from the Clemson Connect program.  We forward the same message we sent to Mr. Brown to Rebecca Atkinson and Dena Kniess.
  5. 5. Response From Dena Kniess Hi Joanna- If you’re specifically looking at the Mission Transition part of Clemson Connect, you may want to contact Mary Von Kaenel. She works with the students who do that specific aspect of Mission Transition. Best, Dena
  6. 6. Response From Rebecca Atkinson Hi Lauren, TJ and JoAnna! I would be happy to talk to you, but a better person might be Mary Von Kaenel. She actually works with Transfer Council to coordinate the Mission: Transition program which is the piece during Clemson Connect that is specific for new transfer students. I’ve copied Mary on this email- if you still would like to talk to me, just let me know! I know Mary will be a great resource too though! Rebecca
  7. 7. Response From Mary Von Kaenel I would love to talk with you all about this topic. My office is E103 Martin Hall. Do you have a date or day in mind for us to discuss? Mary Von Kaenel Associate Director of Transfer Academic Programs Office of Undergraduate Studies E103 Martin Hall Clemson University (864) 656-5276
  8. 8. Group Response to Mary Von Kaenel Ms. Von Kaenel, If it is at all possible, could our english group meet with you tomorrow (Friday) afternoon around 2:30? Thank you for your interest in working with us! Sincerely, Lauren Burdine
  9. 9. Final Email, Setup of Meeting I can meet you all in my office (E103 Martin Hall) tomorrow (Friday) at 2:45……I will be coming back from a workshop off campus, so would 2:45 still work for the group? Mary Von Kaenel Associate Director of Transfer Academic Programs Office of Undergraduate Studies E103 Martin Hall Clemson University (864) 656-5276