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  • The reason why I chose to do my project on Fitness is because it is such an important part of life. Not only does it make an impact on physical looks but also on emotional feelings. People who have realistic goals, well balanced diet, and a descent workout routine generally have a lot of mental satisfaction.\n
  • I will teach the class how to sculpt their body and maintain a healthy diet. I will explain different types of workouts, diets, and tips for best results. The class will learn how to set realistic goals and stay motivated.\n
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  • Being committed is without a doubt the biggest factor in achieving goals. If your not committed it will be harder to achieve goals, and make improvements. Commitment can be either short or long term. Short term commitment is better then nothing but to achieve personal satisfaction people must commit to being fit all the time. I’m not saying once in a while we cant slack, but for the most part we must stay focused. \n
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  • Food labels are a huge part of any diet. Whether its loosing fat or gaining muscle we must know what we are consuming in each and every meal.\n Protein\n Why its important to look at \n What it does\n Fat\n Why we should look at it\n \n Carbohydrates\n Why we should look at them\n What they do\n
  • Benefits\n Fiber\n Digestive\n Preventing Disease \n Type 2 Diabetes\n Cancer\nNatural Vitamins\n Fiber\n C\n Potassium\n Folic Acid\n\n
  • Types\n Sports Supplements\n Weight Gain Supplements\n Weight Loss Supplements\nSafe\nUnsafe\n\n
  • Whey \nBrands\nON, Muscle tech, \nPricing \nProtein is fairly cheap but can range. Sometimes companies will mix protein with other supplements to maximize results.\nEffectiveness\nProtein is one of the most effective supplements out there because how important it is. Most people do not get the right amount of protein because they simply cant eat enough food rich in protein. A typical serving for protein is around 20-30 grams which is the amount you should consume for a meal.\nNegative impact\nThere are no negative effects of taking protein. In the past year there was an article stating that protein supplements contained a toxic amount of metals. In the media they neglected to mention this was when taking in 3-4 servings. The typical person will consume 1-2 servings of protein supplement in a day. When taking 3-4 servings of Muscle Milk, the protein shake containing the most metal, daily limits were very slightly over. \n
  • Brands\nCreatine is Creatine get the cheap stuff.\nCost \nPrices range in cost, some are very cheap and some are very expensive. It all goes by what company is making the product.\nEffects\nPuts water in muscles and makes sure they are hydrated\nIncrease stamina\nDecrease the “burn” or lactic acid \nBuild muscle mass faster\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
  • There are so many different ways of working out. They include muscle building, toning, and weight loss Different workouts have different benefits and downfalls. \n
  • Muscle building is pretty self explanatory, the ultimate goal is to build muscle. This is done by having a balanced diet and exercising correctly. When people want to gain muscle they do so by using free weights, and some machines. Sticking to lower reps and higher weights helps pack on muscle. This is because your body is not used to the heavy workout so it must adjust for the next one. \n
  • Exercises that are good for gaining mass are called compound exercises. These are the exercises most people talk about. Such as bench press, squat, dead lift, and rows. Compound exercises not only focus on one muscle group, but many. Compound exercises are for gaining mass, and are the “basic” free weight exercises.\n
  • Toning is just a term for being more defined. There are several common ways of toning your muscles to make them look optimum. One way of toning away fat and making muscles appear more cut is by doing cardio. This will eliminate fat, and make muscles more defined. Another way of toning is simply by adapting your diet to take in less fats and carbs. Diet is the most important thing to consider when making goals.\n
  • Weight loss and toning are similar in a way. In both the goal is to loose fat, but while toning its when your already have the desired muscle. Toning is more for people who are already fit, and want to loose the extra couple pounds by making their muscles more defined. Fat loss is more for shedding bulk weight. Common techniques for fat loss are long cardio sessions, and most importantly diet. When a proper diet is not in place fat loss is going to be nearly impossible. Something that really helps burning fat is reading some cooking books. It will show you how to prepare healthy foods, and get a sense of how many calories your consuming.\n
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  • Sgp fitness

    1. 1. FitnessBy Tom Banas
    2. 2. Personal RelevanceWhy its important to meHow its changed my lifeLifestyle
    3. 3. Thesis
    4. 4. An art of shaping your body The possibilities
    5. 5. Commitment Why its important Achieving goals Long term
    6. 6. Intro to NutritionTypes of DietWhat is healthy
    7. 7. Recommended Daily Allowance Protein Fat Carbohydrates
    8. 8. Fruits Benefits Diseases Vitamins
    9. 9. Supplements Types What is safe What is not safe
    10. 10. Protein Brands Effectiveness Pricing
    11. 11. Creatine Brands CostEffectiveness
    12. 12. Workouts Muscle Building Toning Weight Loss
    13. 13. Muscle Building
    14. 14. Exercises for Mass Compound Bench Deadlift
    15. 15. Toning
    16. 16. Fat Loss
    17. 17. Transformations
    18. 18. Body Types Endomorph Ectomorph Mesomorph
    19. 19. Endomorph
    20. 20. Ectomorph
    21. 21. Mesomorph