Fitness black,and,white,boy,favorites-7afb677ffa2d6e735836332f1ffa3c10_h.jpg http...
Thesis•   I will teach the class    how to sculpt their    body and maintain a    healthy diet. I will    explain differen...
What is being fit?• Diet• Exercise• Lifestyle         
UnreasonableImportance                                                              Goals       Focus                     ...
Partner   Motivation                                                                     Workout TimeInjury Prevention    ...
Supplements•   Basic Supplements•   Brands•   Prices              
Protein•   Types•   Benefits http://www.t...
Creatine  •   Benefits  •   Types  •   Myths
Multi Vitamin          •      Benefits          •      Age
Intro to Nutrition                                    ...
Mass Gain•   Clean Bulk•   Dirty Bulk                        http://www.d...
Fat Loss     http://www.celebritydietdoctor....
Fat Loss   •   Regular Carb/Low Fat   •   Low Carb
Low Carb Diets
Low Carb Diets• Effective for....• Starvation mode• Video Clip            
An Alternative to a Bad         Food
Things to Consider 
Things to Consider• Metabolism• Body Type• Schedule     
Metabolism• How fast the body uses energy                 
Body Types
Endomorph• Higher Fat• Slower Metabolism            
Ectomorph•Low Fat•Fast Metabolism         
Mesomorph      http...
Schedule                                  College Student/Work                                                            ...
Stages Explained
WorkoutsTypes ofWOrkouWorkouts 
Workouts  Types of WOrkouWorkouts• Muscle Building• Toning• Weight Loss          
Muscle Building                         http://p...
Exercises for Gaining Mass• Compound  • Bench  • Dead lift  • Squat        
Bench Press
Dead lift
Dead lift• Butt out• Chest out• Bear down on stomach
Toning          http://www.ab-core-and-st...
Fat Loss
Its NOT all About the Scale                       ...
Other Important Factors            • Self Satisfaction            • Mental health            • Stretching                 ...
Transform my BodyDiet        Tom                 Exercise
• Handout• Hand Made Diet
Workout• Handout• Custom Workout• Video         
Exercise Video
Before         Weight:135                      143
Class Activity   Class Stretch        (2) Push-up Contest
Citations     •       >.Robinson, David. "Sleep." Bodybuilding. Ryan Deluca, n.d. Web. 5 Feb. 2011. <http://www.bodybuildi...
ConclusionWhat I hope the class has Learned
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  • I chose to do my senior graduation project on general fitness.I&amp;#x2019;m going to be talking about all aspects of fitness which include exercising, diet, stretching, and releasing stress.\n\n\n
  • My thesis to the class\nI will teach the class how to sculpt their body and maintain a healthy diet. I will explain different types of workouts, diets, and tips for the best results. The class will learn how to set realistic goals and stay motivated.\n
  • Personal Relevance\nWhen I was younger I was really short, and skinny. People would always joke about my height and weight. Even though I knew they were kidding it still made me angry. \nI knew I couldn&amp;#x2019;t do anything about my height, so I had to turn to how my body looked. I asked my parents if I could start lifting weights, they said no stick to push ups and sit ups. So thats what I did. I started with a low number like 20 a day then over time I grew to hundreds. I chose to do my sgp on it to extend my research and teach the class.\n
  • What does being fit actually mean\nTo me being fit means having a well balanced diet\n4-6 small meals a day\nExercising on a regular basis\natleast 30 mins a day\nAnd having a lifestyle which includes \ngetting enough sleep, 8 hours\n stretching, and eliminating stress.\n
  • Commitment\nCommitment is such an important aspect in the world of fitness. \nIf people were not committed than their goals are probably not going to be reached and it will be a waste of time. Some people think that working out\n5 days a week is enough for them to reach their potential, but in reality results are going to be very minimal. People need to to be committed in their workout, diet, and getting 8 hours of sleep. \n
  • Reasonable Goals\nWhy goals are important\nThey are important because without goals people don&amp;#x2019;t really have anything to try to compete against. If someone \nhas something to try to compete against they more than likely they push them selves harder. \n\nReasonable goals vary from person to person but in general don&amp;#x2019;t expect to loose 20 pounds in a week, or gain 10 pounds of muscle in a month. \nAlthough gaining 10 pounds in a month is doable, this is not pure muscle mass. \nAn average person can gain an average of 5-10 pounds of muscle each year.\nThis seem like a very lower number, but remember this is complete muscle.\nSome body types can gain a couple more pounds, and some a couple less.\nAn average person new to lifting or working out can expect to gain around 2 pounds the first month, but the affects will slow down.\n\n\n\n
  • Having a partner may be a great idea, not only for safety reasons but because humans are naturally competitive. \n\nSome Benefits of having a workout partner are the fact that they can help push you harder. This can be in the gym or out on a run. \nWorkout Partners also are good for injury prevention, they can watch over all your exercises to make sure that your form is good.\nThis is really crucial to working out because bad form will result in an injury. Partners are also a good way to pass time on a run, \nif your running side by side talking the time seems to go by a lot faster. Partners can vary from your friends all the way to personal trainors.\nThey both have their benefits but a friend will be cheaper but most likely less experiance, and the personal trainor will have a lot more experiance but cost money.\n\nSome downfalls to a partner is that fact that they may be late for a workout causing you to workout by yourself. They could also just be out of town for a whole week or more. \nAnother thing is if you are in better physical condition they may slow you down. Work out time will also be affected with a partner at the gym. If you normally workout for an hour \nwith a partner the workout will most likely be extended another 30 minutes due to rest time for both people. \n
  • There are so many different types of supplements out there. there are supplements for gaining weight, loosing fat, growing hair, or even for sports. \nThe basic supplements I am going to be talking about in the following slides are protein, creatine, and multi vitamin.\nThere are so many different brands of supplements out their, they can include store brands like GNC or Vitaminshoppe, or even big name ones such as optimum nutrition, and muscle tech.\nSupplements vary in price greatly depending on type of supplement, its serving size, and what brand.\nBasically all the supplement companies out their claim that their supplements are the best.\n
  • There are a lot of different types of protein but the two i am going to focus on are whey and casein. Whey protein is fast digesting, best to be taken after a workout when the muscles are trying to absorb everything. Casein is very slow digesting best to be taken before bed so your not without food for 8 hours. \nProtein helps to pack on muscle because of its convienece and price. \nA myth assosicated with protein is it contains some sort of steroids. Some people that don&amp;#x2019;t know a lot of nutrition try to say this, but its obviously untrue. Why would supplement companies who are money hungry be giving away free steroids. \n
  • Creatine is found naturally in the body. When people supplement with creatine they do so to keep their muscles hydrated. Creatine basically forces your muscles with water. Creatine helps with the build up of lactic acid or &amp;#x201C;the burn&amp;#x201D;. Another thing this supplement does is increase muscular endurance. \nThere are so many different kinds of creatine but im going to be talking about micronized and regular. When you dump creatine into water it looks very merky, and there is residue left behind. Micronized creatine disolves almost completely and is thought to absorb better.\nA myth about creatine is that it is bad for your liver and kidneys. This was dispelled and there is no evidence supporting this claim. If you have pre-existing problems with the kidneys or liver than problems might arise, but taken on a perfectly normal person no side effects will occur.\n
  • Multi vitamin is usually found in pill form. Multi vitamins are important because they ensure your are getting in all your vitamins and minerals for the day. Vitamins are also safe to take at all ages even children can take them.\n
  • Intro to Nutrition\nThere are so many different types of diets out there. \nThey can range from muscle gain to fat loss, and can even get more specific into diets that are made just for athletes or certain sports. \nWhen people hear the word diet they automatically assume some sort of fatloss. Whenever I say I&amp;#x2019;m going on a diet, people always say why would you want to loose weight?\nIt&amp;#x2019;s a common misconception that some people have. A diet simply means monitoring or being aware of the food you are taking in. \n
  • Mass Gain when the objective is to put on as much lean muscle as possible.\nIt can be done in one of two ways.\nClean bulking is when the goal is to put on a lot of lean muscle mass with minimal fat gain.\n This takes a longer time to achieve but is also more rewarding because the amount of lean muscle mass is much greater.\nDirty Bulking is when the person tries to put on as much weight as possible, they do not care about putting on fat.\nClean bulking diets are typically low in fat, low in carbs, and very high in protein.\nDirty bulking diets are more laid back with foods like pizza and steak.\n
  • Fat Loss\nDifferent types of weight loss diets are and high carb/ low fat. and low carb diets.\nHigh carb/low fat diets tend to work better because the body is not tricked into starving it self. \nIt may take a bit longer to loose weight this method, but will be a lot easier to keep the pounds off.\nBodybuilders may be more into low carb diets around cutting season, and contest prep.\nLow carb diets are sometimes used by popular names such as Atkins.\n
  • A low diet is a quick fix to loose weight fast. \nThe problem with low carb diets is that it makes your metabolism slow down, and can further hurt weight loss goals. \nWhen the body starts taking in low amounts of carbohydrates it will immediately loose weight very fast, but the problem with this is that the body goes into starvation mode. \nThis is a good feature for your body because if your ever stranded on an island it might just save you, but for loosing weight it is a quick fix.\n\n
  • 15 min\n
  • Things to Consider\nSome things to consider are your metabolism, body type, and schedule.\n
  • \nFor those of you who don&amp;#x2019;t know your metabolism controls how fast energy is used by the body. \nPeople with faster metabolisms can eat foods that are higher in fat, and not have to worry as much about gaining weight.\nPeople with slower metabolisms have to watch more what they eat because their body uses the energy slower which can cause weight gain.\nA tip for speeding up your metabolism is to eat foods that are spicier. \n\n
  • There are 3 main types of the human body. Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph.\n I will explain each one in the next slides, but something people get confused about is which one they are. \nPeople do not have to be one or the other. People are often a mix of two.\n
  • Endomorph\nIs a person who has a higher percentage of body fat, these people usually have a slower metabolisms. \nWeight loss is more difficult for this category, but is still definitely attainable.\nPeople can be endomorphs either genetically or can have this body type by not exercising and having a poor diet.\n
  • Ectomorph \nPeople who have a very low body fat percentage. People who are ectomorphs are referred to as hard gainers in the world of body building.\n These people require high calorie diets to accommodate for their rapid metabolism. \nEctomorphs are seen greatly in cross country, because of their natural lanky build.\n
  • Mesomorph\n These people are the luckiest, they have the best of both worlds. Low fat, and a high muscle ratio. \nMesomorphs are very uncommon , and not many people are mesomorphs. Genetically people who have this physique don&amp;#x2019;t have to work hard to achieve great results.\n But when these people do work hard many people think they are taking some type of performance enhancing drug. \nProfessional bodybuilders are classified as mesomorphs.\n
  • Having a busy schedule can be demanding for college students or people at work all day. They might not always have healthy food available to them, or the proper workout \nequiptment. \nTips \nPlan meals ahead\nGet resistance bands to carry around with you\nOffice exercises/ Stretches\nInvest in a cooler\nAlways carry extra food in your car. ( non perishable) ( nuts)\n
  • Sleep is so important in fitness for several reasons. \nThe first reason is because when you have a good sleep at night it helps to feel refreshed.\nYour body grows when you sleep, this is essential for teens.\nHGH is released when you sleep\nYou burn calories when you sleep. \n
  • There are 5 stages of sleep. \nStage 1- This is when people start to nod off, brain activity slows down.\nStage 2 - 50% of time spent sleeping in this stage\nStage 3- Deep Sleep. Difficult to wake up\nStage 4- Deep Sleep 2nd stage. Feeling groggy when woken up in this stage.\nREM- Dreams, irregular breathing (dreams). Eyes move very rapidly, body is immobile. Important for long term memory\n\n
  • There are so many different ways of working out. \nThey include muscle building, toning, and weight loss Different workouts have different benefits and downfalls. In my opinion threw personal experience, I recommend focussing on one , but not completely forgetting about others. Being fit does not mean being good in one area, but in multiple.\n
  • Muscle building is pretty self explanatory, the ultimate goal is to build muscle. This is done by having a balanced diet and exercising correctly. When people want to gain muscle they do so by using free weights, and some machines. Sticking to lower reps and higher weights helps pack on muscle. This is because your body is not used to the heavy workout so it must adjust for the next one. \n
  • Exercises that are good for gaining mass are called compound exercises. These are the exercises most people talk about. Such as bench press, squat, dead lift, and rows. Compound exercises focus on more than muscle group. Compound exercises are for gaining mass, and are the &amp;#x201C;basic&amp;#x201D; free weight exercises.\n\n\n
  • Bench pressing is an exercise that makes your chest or pecs bigger. There are different variations of the bench press such as how you hold your hands, all the way to how \nthe bench is positioned. \n
  • Deadlifting Primaraly focusus on the lower back. Form is absolutely essential for this excercise because it is very easy to injure yourself and strain your back. Deadlifting can also be used to strenghthen legs.i\n
  • Squatting is a very important exercise that focus&amp;#x2019;s mainly on the quads. The squat is highly forgotten my the novice bodybuilder. Squatting is great for your lower body strength, to many people only focus on upper body strength. \n
  • Toning is just a term for being more defined. There are several common ways of toning your muscles to make them look optimum. One way of toning away fat and making muscles appear more cut is by doing cardio. This will eliminate fat, and make muscles more defined. Another way of toning is simply by adapting your diet to take in less fats and carbs. Diet is the most important thing to consider when making goals.\n
  • Fat loss and toning are similar in a way. In both the goal is to loose fat, but while toning its when your already have the desired muscle. Toning is more for people who are already fit, and want to loose the extra couple pounds by making their muscles more defined. Fat loss is more for shedding bulk weight. Common techniques for fat loss are long cardio sessions, and most importantly diet. When a proper diet is not in place fat loss is going to be nearly impossible. Something that really helps burning fat is reading some cooking books. It will show you how to prepare healthy foods, and get a sense of how many calories your consuming.\n
  • There are so many better ways to measure progress than the scale. The reason being is that the scale does not show how much muscle you have, or how much fat. It mearly tells you how much all the weight combined in your body weighs. \n\nA more effective way of checking progress is by comparing a pair of pants, of different clothing item fits. If its looser than you are loosing weight. Sometimes muscle will make your clothes tighter, don&amp;#x2019;t worry though thats a good thing.\n
  • Some other important things are:\nSelf Satisfaction\nIf your not happy than something is wrong. Fitness is supposed to make you feel better physically and emotionally.\nMental health\nReleasing stress\nWhat works for you\nStretching\nRange of motion..\n\n
  • Now for the application...\n
  • Throughout the year I have been working on my application which was to be more fit. I was always pretty fit in the gym with lifting weights, but my true goal was to be completed. The main area where I wanted to focus were my flexibility, diet, workout habits and eliminating stress.\n
  • My whole life I never really had to worry about what I ate, because on the outside I looked healthy. Looking healthy and actually being healthy are completely different. My diet actually does not change a lot because my fast metabolism allows me to eat large amounts of carbs without getting fat.\nI always make sure to have a balanced breakfast, waking up an extra 10 minutes earlier has helped me do this. Also eating a healthy snack instead of candy is always a good thing.\nI really cut down on the junk food that I ate such as candy, chips, and most importantly Soda.\nIts not all about completely eliminating them just cutting down a lot. \n
  • I did not think that my workout would change much, but it honestly did. The weights that I used actually felt heavier. This is because I focused more on form and concentration than ever. Since I was using weight that was lower I did not expect to gain a lot of size or mass, but I actually gained a nice amount. This is because my form was near perfect so my muscles benefited the maximum amount. I also extended my range of motion for most if not all exercises, this was done threw stretching. \n\nI will talk about my workout schedule I created threw trial and error, I didn&amp;#x2019;t just put this together and do it. It took trial and error to see what works best for me. These are the exercises I use because they make my muscles very physically exhausted.\n\nOn the paper I did not include the weight because at first I kept a log book, but have been so familiar with the weights I used. This really slowed down my workouts by taking note of everything each time. Instead I just carry the paper in with me and make sure I do each exercises. A person new to lifting can expect to go up around 5 pounds each week in most compound exercises, but after awhile a plateau will most likely occur. \n\nIn my case whenever I hit a plateau or felt an exercise was becoming to familiar I will change the amount of reps and weight that I am doing, this is a great way to over come plateaus.\n\nAnother thing not mentioned on the paper is cardio because I like to do cardio everyday, I dont like to run because it hurts my feet ( foot problem) so I just walk or use the eliptical or bike. My cardio has deffinately improved \n\n\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • For the class activity we will do 2 basic stretches followed by a push up contest. The push up compitition will work as followed:\nWho ever wants to be in the competition can be.\nTop guy and Top girl will face eachother. ( Prize for both) \nWinner will get a prize.\n
  • \n
  • Throughout my whole presentation I hope the class has learned a little more about fitness as a whole. I didn&amp;#x2019;t want to only cover one topic because Fitness is a lifestyle of different things. If you&amp;#x2019;re good in one thing like external body and have a bad diet, bad sleeping pater, than you&amp;#x2019;re not fit. It&amp;#x2019;s not all about your muscles, its about your attitude, self esteem, body image, and passion.\n
  • H sgp final

    1. 1. Fitness black,and,white,boy,favorites-7afb677ffa2d6e735836332f1ffa3c10_h.jpg
    2. 2. Thesis• I will teach the class how to sculpt their body and maintain a healthy diet. I will explain different types of workouts, diets, and tips for the best results. The class will learn how to set realistic goals and stay motivated.
    3. 3. PersonalRelevanc
    4. 4. What is being fit?• Diet• Exercise• Lifestyle
    5. 5. Commitment
    6. 6. UnreasonableImportance Goals Focus Fat On task Muscle
    7. 7. Partner Motivation Workout TimeInjury Prevention Physically Fit Form
    8. 8. Supplements• Basic Supplements• Brands• Prices
    9. 9. Protein• Types• Benefits
    10. 10. Creatine • Benefits • Types • Myths
    11. 11. Multi Vitamin • Benefits • Age
    12. 12. Intro to Nutrition
    13. 13. Mass Gain• Clean Bulk• Dirty Bulk
    14. 14. Fat Loss
    15. 15. Fat Loss • Regular Carb/Low Fat • Low Carb
    16. 16. Low Carb Diets
    17. 17. Low Carb Diets• Effective for....• Starvation mode• Video Clip
    18. 18. An Alternative to a Bad Food
    19. 19. Things to Consider
    20. 20. Things to Consider• Metabolism• Body Type• Schedule
    21. 21. Metabolism
    22. 22. Metabolism• How fast the body uses energy
    23. 23. Body Types
    24. 24. Endomorph• Higher Fat• Slower Metabolism
    25. 25. Ectomorph•Low Fat•Fast Metabolism
    26. 26. Mesomorph
    27. 27. Schedule College Student/Work
    28. 28. Sleep
    29. 29. Stages Explained
    30. 30. WorkoutsTypes ofWOrkouWorkouts
    31. 31. Workouts Types of WOrkouWorkouts• Muscle Building• Toning• Weight Loss
    32. 32. Muscle Building .jpg
    33. 33. Exercises for Gaining Mass• Compound • Bench • Dead lift • Squat
    34. 34. Bench Press
    35. 35. Dead lift
    36. 36. Dead lift• Butt out• Chest out• Bear down on stomach
    37. 37. Squat
    38. 38. Toning
    39. 39. Fat Loss
    40. 40. Its NOT all About the Scale http://static.howstuff
    41. 41. Other Important Factors • Self Satisfaction • Mental health • Stretching
    42. 42. Application
    43. 43. Transform my BodyDiet Tom Exercise
    44. 44.
    45. 45. • Handout• Hand Made Diet
    46. 46. Workout
    47. 47. Workout• Handout• Custom Workout• Video
    48. 48. Exercise Video
    49. 49. Before Weight:135 143
    50. 50. AfterWeight:143
    51. 51. Class Activity Class Stretch (2) Push-up Contest
    52. 52. Citations • >.Robinson, David. "Sleep." Bodybuilding. Ryan Deluca, n.d. Web. 5 Feb. 2011. < drobson5.htm • Shanks, Nia. "5 Steps to Supercharge Your Weight Loss." N.p.,      23 Dec. 2010. Web. 22 Dec. 2010. a rel="nofollow" href="">      5-powerful-weight-loss-tips.htm>. • Deluca, Ryan. "" Body Building. Muscle Milk, Whey, Muscle      Tech, Other big name companies, Winter 2010. Web. 22 Dec. 2010.      a rel="nofollow" href="">>;. • Brown, Lee E. Strength Training. Chaplaign: Carla Zych, 2007. Print. • Rivera, Hugo. Hardgainers Bodybuilding Handbook. Long Island City: Hatherleigh Press, 2005. • Amici, Joseph. "6 Appetizing Foods to Eat while Cutting." Bodybuilding. N.p.,      n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2011. a href="" rel="nofollow">>. • Bagget, Kelly. "Build Muscle and Loose Fat." Bodybuilding. N.p., n.d. Web. 14      Feb. 2011. a href="" rel="nofollow">>;. • Stewart, Alex. "13 Mistakes by Teens." Bodybuilding. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Feb. 
    53. 53. ConclusionWhat I hope the class has Learned