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Edtech101 course syllabus

  1. 1. EDTECH 101: Instructional Media Resources First Semester / SY 2011-2012 COURSE SYLLABUSCOURSE DESCRIPTION Instructional Media Resources: Production and use of different types of media resources for classroom instruction.COURSE OVERVIEW This course discusses the philosophical, sociological and psychological foundations of and cultural and societal issues on the use of technology for education with focus on the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of instructional media resources.GENERAL OBJECTIVE Gain comprehensive knowledge and develop skills in instructional media resources integration into the lesson plan.COURSE INFORMATION • Course: EDTECH101 • Schedule: Tue & Thu / THW 1:00 – 2:30PM / THX 2:30 – 4:00PM • Classroom: MITC • Credit: 3 units • Medium of Instruction: English and Filipino • Course Duration: June 14, 2011 – Oct 6 2011 • UVLE: EdTech101 1S SY2011-12 • YahooGroup: UP_EdTech101_1SSY2011-12@yahoogroups.com • Facebook: UPGREAT – UP Group of Researchers and Educators of TechnologyGRADING • Attendance – 5% • Class Participation - 10% • Examinations (traditional & online) – 10% • Reporting – 20% • Lesson Plan – 20% • Online Participation (reflections, Q&A, etc) – 5% • Asynchronous Online Discussion – 5% • Skills Development (newsletter, AVP & digital portfolio) – 20% • Community Immersion and/or Field Trip – 5% • Extra Points – 5% (for a presentation on one of the topics specified on the course outline below or a 10-page research paper related to the course; please email me not later than June 24, 2011 for more detailsINSTRUCTOR INFORMATION • Name: Ferdinand B. Pitagan, PhD • Email: eidrefpitagan@yahoo.com / fbpitagan@upd.edu.ph EDTECH101: Instructional Media Resources – Course Syllabus 1/6
  2. 2. • Webpage: http://iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/index.php/Ferdinand_Pitagan • Twitter: http://twitter.com/eidreflicious/ • Office: MITC • Consultation Hours: Tue & Thu / 10:30 – 12:00PM / 4:00 – 5:30PM • Contact Number: 981-8500 loc 2810COURSE POLICY • You are expected to be at every class session on time and to actively participate in all class activities. • If it becomes necessary for you to miss the class session, you are expected to let me know in advance. If you miss 6 periods or more (depending on the University policy), you will get an incomplete grade even if you satisfy all other requirements. • Incomplete or late assignments will result in one penalty point per day. • Plagiarism and/or cheating in any form is not permitted.COURSE OUTLINEFIRST DAY – June 14* Presentation of the course* UVLE, egroup, facebook enrollment* Grouping of students and assignment of report topicPART I. FOUNDATIONS Date Objectives Topics Activity OutputJune 16 Define educational * educational * lesson individual technology and differentiate technology presentation reflection it with related technologies * instructional * class discussionJune 21 such as instructional technology * small group technology, information * information collaboration technology and educational technology * role playing media. * educational media * games * othersJune 23 Gain comprehensive Influences of media individual knowledge of the roles of technology in reflection media resources in teaching curriculum and and learning instructionJune 28 Get acquainted with the * behaviorism individual different learning theories * cognitivism reflection that influence utilization of * constructivism instructional media * others resourcesJune 30 Get acquainted with the Teachers as content What do you think Pass youNO critical role of teachers in experts, instructional is the most individualCLASSES the use of media technology designer, assessor, important role of reflection during in classroom teaching co-learner, etc. teachers in class time integratingJuly 5 Identify the trends and * world trends in the individual technology into the cultural and societal issues use of technology for reflection lesson plan? Why? in the use of media classroom technology in classroom instructions instructions. * internet addiction, digital divide, plagiarism, copyright, fair use, etc EDTECH101: Instructional Media Resources – Course Syllabus 2/6
  3. 3. July 7 First Exam: Traditional Coverage: Part IPART II: INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA RESOURCESReporting• Each group MUST present their report with maximum utilization of the media assigned to them.• The content of the report includes but not limited to: media formats; media characteristics; advantages; limitations; and applications to teaching/learning process• An outline must be presented to the instructor at least a week before the scheduled report.• Hand-outs (utilizing the media assigned to the group) about the report must be provided to every member of the class and/or uploaded to the e-group/website created for the class.• Active participation of each member of the group is required.• Peer and instructor rating.• Maximum one-hour presentation per group. Date Objectives Topics Activity OutputJuly 12 Be familiar with different A. Text Media Group I Report * instructor and types of media resources, peer and gain comprehensive assessment knowledge on how to * individual evaluate them. reflectionJuly 14 B. Visual Media Group II Report * instructor and peer assessment * individual reflectionJuly 19 To synthesize the Tex and visual media Skills Newsletter knowledge with skills for Development I the production, utilization Deadline and evaluation of text and July 27, 12PM visual media.July 21 Be familiar with different C. Audio Media Group III Report * instructor and types of media resources, peer and gain comprehensive assessment knowledge on how to * individual evaluate them. reflectionJuly 26 D. Motion Group IV Report * instructor and peer assessment * individual reflectionJuly 28 To synthesize the Text, visual, audio and Skills AVP knowledge with skills for motion media Development II the production, utilization Deadline and evaluation of Aug 10, 12PM manipulatives and people media.Aug 2 Be familiar with different E. People Group V Report * instructor and types of media resources, peer and gain comprehensive assessment knowledge on how to * individual evaluate them. reflectionAug 4 F. Manipulatives Group VI Report * instructor and EDTECH101: Instructional Media Resources – Course Syllabus 3/6
  4. 4. peer assessment * individual reflectionAug 9 G. Multi-media Group VII Report * instructor and peer assessment * individual reflectionAug 11 To synthesize the Multi-media contents Skills Development Digital Portfolio knowledge with skills for III * storyboard the production, utilization * creation and evaluation of multi- media contents. Deadline Aug 24, 12PMAug 16 Second Exam: Online Coverage: Part IIAug 18 Midterm Evaluation Evaluation of individual performance; efficiency and effectiveness of the course; and strength and weaknesses of the instructor.Aug 23 NO CLASSES: Ninoy Aquino DayAug 25 Digital Portfolio PresentationAug 30 NO CLASSES: National Heroes DayPART III. INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA INTEGRATION Date Objectives Topics Activity OutputSept 1 Gain knowledge and skills Interrelationships of * lesson Lesson plan in developing lesson learning objectives, presentation draft activities that utilize instructional methods * class discussion technology integration and resources * small group strategies collaboration * role playing * games * othersSept 6 Gain knowledge and skills Instructional * lesson Lesson plan in developing lesson development models presentation draft activities that utilize for the effective * class discussion technology integration selection and utilization * small group strategies of media resources in collaboration the classroom * role playing * ADDIE * games * ISD * others * othersPART IV. LESSON PLANAsynchronous Online Discussion* Topic: Creating a lesson plan with technology integration* Duration: Sept 8 – Oct 5 2011* You are all required to post at least three (3) messages per week; more than fifteen (15) messages intotal.* Submit your reflection essay about the online discussion and lesson planning with technology integrationby Oct 5, 12PM. EDTECH101: Instructional Media Resources – Course Syllabus 4/6
  5. 5. Date Objectives Topics Activity Output Sept 8 To synthesize the This will based on BEC Planning and/or Lesson plan knowledge with skills for Lesson Plan creating the lesson * introduction the identification, utilization, * Introduction plan * objectives production and evaluation * Preparatory Activity * target learners of appropriate instructional * Lesson Proper * duration media resources for each * Reinforcement * content stage of the lesson plan. Activity * others * Evaluation Sept 13 * Post Activity Planning, support identifying, creating materials for support materials teachers and (for students and students teachers) Sept 15 Planning and/or evaluation tools creating evaluation tools Sept 20 Planning and/or sample student creating student output output Sept 22 Developing plans Plans for for implementation implementation Deadline Lesson Plan Sept 26, 12PM Sept 27- Lesson Plan Lesson plan Oct 4 Presentation evaluation Filed Trip * Title: Media in Action * Tentative Date: Aug 22, 12PM * Target Place: Any media outlet preferably GMA 7 or ABS-CBN * Reflection Paper Deadline: Aug 25, 12PM Community Immersion * Title: Seminar Workshop on Instructional Media Education * Tentative Date: Oct 1, Sat * Target Audience: Pre and in service public school teachers * Your presentation will be your group reports. * Reflection Paper Deadline: Oct 4, 12PM LAST DAY: Oct 6, 20011 * Submission of Final Digital Portfolio * Class Farewell Party NOTE: All course materials will be uploaded at UVLeREFERENCESBates, A.W. & Poole, Gary. (2003). Effective teaching with technology in higher education. CA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ndDuffy, J.L., et.al. (2005). Teaching and learning with technology, 2 ed. NY: Pearson Education, Inc. EDTECH101: Instructional Media Resources – Course Syllabus 5/6
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