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Contact Sheets

  1. 1. CONTACT SHEETSTasmin Semple
  2. 2. FRONT COVERI have decided to use thisphotograph for the front cover torepresent young women aspowerful and yet attractive. Thisis done by the model using adirect mode of address whilstbeing photographed inline withthe male gaze, as this is acommon convention for womenmagazines. Therefore, myaudience will be able to relate tothe image although it is still anaspirational in terms ofMaslow’s Hierarchy of needs.
  3. 3. DOUBLE PAGE SPREADThe photographs have been chosen as it portrays the modelin a light hearted humorous way, which helps the audienceto personally identity with her in terms of the uses andgratification theory, They were also photographed to adhereto the male gaze, stating that females are submissive tomales to the objectification of the photo. However, in oneof the medium shots the model is using an direct mode ofaddress with a knowing look therefore also representing heras dominant. Which the target demographic can relate to.These photographs have been chosen as they representfemales as dominant apposed to the male gaze that presentswomen as submissive objects which is being subverted dueto the low angle shots. The mise en scene also reinforcesthe idea of female power to the audience.
  4. 4. CONTENTS PAGEI am going to incorporate these twophotographs within my contents page.These images are photographedwithin line of the male gaze as theyportray the model and thereforerepresenting the audience assubmissive yet attractive to males. Inthe medium shot the model is using adirect mode of address to representwomen as dominant as they know inorder to become successful inlife, they must put on a facade ofsubmission.I will also be using the long-shot photograph of the model posed in a seductive way andslightly canted on the floor which is in line with the male gaze. Thus, representing femalesas submissive. The photograph is more appropriate due to the knowing powerful look in hereyes through a dominant mode of address.
  5. 5. CONTENTS PAGEThis photograph is more appropriate for my demographicas the hegemonic representation of males being thedominant genre is present. Which is a quality femalesfind attractive in males therefore enticing the audience tobuy the magazine. It also looks as if the model is directlyaddressing the audience due to the direct mode of addresswhich makes the audience feel connected with the model.This will immediately make the audience think that he issuccessful in his profession as he is also wearing asuit, which is very appealing to women therefore makingthem more inclined to buy the magazine and read itscontent
  6. 6. CONTENTS PAGEI chose this photograph as it hasone of the best lighting which willgive me an advantage during themanipulation of the image ofPhotoshop therefore, looking moreprofessional. The photograph isshot in line with the male gaze dueto the position the female isphotographed in thereforerepresenting her as vulnerable.Whilst the male is dominant, asfemales are attracted to powerfulmen. The female also looksdangerous due to the connotationsof red, which is what some womenwant to be perceived as, as theybelieve danger can bean attractive quality.
  7. 7. CONTENTS PAGEThis image is more appealing than theothers as it uses the rule of thirds. It isalso subverting the hegemonic valuesof young people wearing hoodies thatare perceived as threatening. Instead,she is representing young women assofter than the intended representationdue to the soft brown fur used on thehood lining.
  8. 8. CONTENTS PAGEI have chosen this image for theeditorial letter as I am directlylooking into the cameratherefore using a direct mode ofaddress to personally connectwith the readers.This image is appropriate for the contents page as themodel is subverting the dominant ideology of womenbeing submissive and objectified in magazine. Insteadshe is representing dominance through mise en sceneand a direct mode of address, whilst still appearingfeminine.