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Me amnd grace'


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Me amnd grace'

  1. 1. HOW DID I MEET MYFRIEND GRACE? By: Taylor VerVane
  2. 2. I moved toHolland, MI in 6thgrade, andtransferred to EagleCrest CharterAcademy. Where Imet my best friendGrace.
  3. 3. In 7th grade, I shared a locker withGrace which made us begin to talkmore. We also had the samehomeroom and math class.
  4. 4. Later in the yearshe invited meover to herhouse. We tookpictures in herbackyard andpretended wewere footballplayers.
  5. 5. Our friendship grewall through 7th grade,but we started tobecome best friendsin 8th. I would go toher house everyweekend.
  6. 6. 8th grade wewould alwayswrite notes toeach other inmath class,and go to themall together.We weretogether all thetime.
  7. 7. Our favorite thing todo was go to Target, wewould go there in themiddle of the night. Wewalked all over town.
  8. 8. Around March2011, WO Stockcame around andwe went with herbrothers. Wewent both nights.
  9. 9. Then in April it wasthe time of mybirthday. Me and herwent to Michigan Cityand stayed the nightin a hotel, then wentshopping at theoutlet mall.
  10. 10. I soon moved out of Holland, the day I left Iwent to see her. We took pictures and gaveme the pet goldfish.
  11. 11. This winter shecame to see me inGaylord for a week. Ialways keep incontact with myfriend Grace.