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Editing techniques


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Published in: Education
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Editing techniques

  1. 1. What is the 180-degree rule? The rule basically means to keep the cameras at one side the invisible 180 degree line, unless you show the cameras moving to the other side. Why is it important? The 180-degree rule needs to be applied when filming conversations or else it will not flow and look right.This link is to a YouTube video which gives a very goodexplanation of the 180-degree rule.
  2. 2. When edited, s-r-s shows cutting back and forthbetween footage which has been shot at thesame time between two different cameras.The 180-degree rule has to be applied.Commonly used for filming conversations.
  3. 3. This editing technique is used forcontinuity sequences as it makes sureeverything flows and stays the same eventhough they could be separate clips.An example of this would be making sure acharacter is dressed and looks exactly thesame as they did in the previous clip, thisensures the scene flows.
  4. 4. This is when there is a cut-away to a different location or object to show the audiencea visual clue to the narrative.