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  1. 1. Welcome tayou | Account | Help | Log Out • Home • edit subscription • unsubscribe • mark all new • related feeds • 64 subscribersBlog Out LoudCommunity Blog • 200 Items • Sort Oldest First • Updated: Wed, Sep 15 2010 5:06 AM Some Very Cool Free StuffBy jbischke on Audio and Video LearningBeen doing some "treasure hunting" online this morning for new free stuff to add to ourincreasingly popular Free Audio and Video Directory. I came across a few links I justhad to pass - I cant believe that I hadnt stumbled across this one before. This is one isdefinitely worth checking out for a ton of free video tutorials. Registration is requiredbut its well worth taking a minute or two to sign up. For example, here are a few of thetutorial series that are available:Algebra in Simplest Terms - 26 half-hour video programs to help you learn algebra (orhelp you teach it to your children).French in Action - Interested in learning French? Here are 52 half-hour video programs.Bonus: Theres a very attractive blond girl involved. :)Art of the Western World - 9 one-hour videos ranging from The Classical Ideal to Post-Impressionism.
  2. 2. - Another "I cant believe I havent come across this before" site... Over7,500 free expert presentations and lectures that have been created with Sonic FoundrysMediasite system. Incredibly cool. (Thank to The Stingy Scholar blog for pointing thisone out.)Voices in the Dark - Free MP3 audio books including Walden and Platos Apology.OK, that should keep you busy for a while. Im off to find more!Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Dec 13 2005 7:23 PM • Updated: Tue, Dec 13 2005 7:41 PM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisBest of 2005 Audio Books (iTunes)By jbischke on Audio LearningI just got an e-mail forwarded to me from Apple which lists the "Best of 2005" for audiobooks. Not sure how scientific this is :) but wanted to pass the chosen titles along.Editors Pick: FreakonomicsCustomer Favorite: How To Talk To AnyoneHealth, Mind & Body: YOU: The Owners ManualCurrent Events: The World is FlatId give you a link to the complete listing but since its in iTunes Ill just have to tell youto go to the Audiobooks section of the Music Store and look for the Best of 2005.Happy listening!Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Dec 13 2005 6:50 PM • Updated: Tue, Dec 13 2005 6:59 PM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisTookie Williams
  3. 3. By jbischke on MiscellaneousFor those of you who have been following this, Tookie Williams was executed earliertoday in California. I dont know enough about the details of the case to offer any sort ofqualified opinion on it but I did want to point people to a two-hour audio interview thatTony Robbins did of Tookie Williams from San Quentin Prison. Its a very interestinginterview although its a bit haunting to listen to now that hes gone.Anyway, heres the link:Tonys Interview with Stanley Tookie WilliamsDiscuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Dec 13 2005 9:36 AM • Updated: Tue, Dec 13 2005 9:44 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisShownotes for Audio Learning Revolution Episode #013By LOLSeth on Audio LearningAudio Learning Revolution Podcast for Dec 11th, 2005 Introduction- Direct Link to the show- Link to Feeds for Audio Learning Revolution podcasts- Link to Castblaster Information- Link to Zaadz Daily Wisdom Page- Comments or Questions about the Podcast directory E-mail Holiday Gift Ideas- Link to "Out of Your Mind" by Alan Watts- Link to "The Beatles" by Bob Spitz- Link to "A Knock at Midnight" by Martin Luther King Jr.- Link to A Call Conscience by Martin Luther King Jr.- Link to "The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr."- Link to J.R.R. Tolkien Author Page- Link to "the Lord of the Rings" Boxed Set- Link to "The Chronicles of Narnia CD Boxed Set" by C.S. Lewis- Link to "A Childs Christmas in Wales" by Dylan Thomas- Link to LearnOutLoud.coms Caedmon Collection page- Link to LearnOutLoud.coms Shakespeare Arkangel Collection page- Link to "Jung: A Very Short Introduction" by Anthony Stevens- Link to "Freud: A Very Short Introduction" by Anthony Storr- Link to "A Prairie Home Companion 25th Anniversary Collection" by GarrisonKeillor
  4. 4. - Link to "A Prairie Home Christmas" by Garrison Keillor Outro- Link to "How You can Create Advertising that Really Works" by Bill Grady • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Dec 13 2005 4:31 AM • Updated: Tue, Dec 13 2005 5:45 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisShownotes for Audio Learning Revolution Episode #012By LOLSeth on Audio LearningAudio Learning Revolution Podcast for Dec 2nd, 2005 • Intro and Interlude Music - "Walk Away (Bitsream Dream Remix)" by Lovespirals from The Podsafe Music Network • Introduction - Direct Link to the show - Link to Feeds for Audio Learning Revolution podcasts - Link to Podcast Directory - Comments or Questions about the Podcast directory E-mail • Religion & Spirituality Podcasts - Link to Religion and Spirituality Podcast Category Page. - Link to The Catholic Insider Podcast - Link to The Vatican Radio Podcast - Link to Zencast Podcast - Link to Rachels Choice Podcast - Link to Consciousness: The Inside Story Podcast • Interlude Music - "Love Survives" by Lovespirals from The Podsafe Music Network • Politics Podcasts - Link to Politics podcast category page - Link to Left Right and Center Podcast - Link to Sen. John Edwards Podcast - Link to Governor Schwarzeneggers Weekly Radio Address Podcast - Link to the Presidential Weekly Radio Address Podcast - Link to the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Podcast - Link to the CNN News Update Podcast - Link to the Newsweek On Air Podcast - Link to the CBS News Face the Nation Podcast - Link to ABC News: The Afternote Podcast - Link to Slate Magazine Podcasts - Link to Shelley the Republican Podcast - Link to Democrats are Lost Podcast - Link to The Radio Factor with Bill OReilly Podcast
  5. 5. - Link to The All RNC Podcast - Link to The Democracy Now Podcast - Link to The Mother Jones Radio Podcast - Link to The Progressive Radio Show Podcast - Link to Radio Nation Podcast - Link to THIS IS HELL Podcast - Link to The Air America Podcasts • Interlude Music - "Ecstatic (Radio Edit)" by Lovespirals from The Podsafe Music Network • Philosophy - Link to Philosophy Podcast Category Page. - Link to DebateGod Podcast - Link to Awaretek Podcast • Self Development - Link to Self Development Podcast Category Page. - Link to NPR: Health & Science Podcast - Link to KCRWs Second Opinion Podcast - Link to The Health Report Podcast - Link to The NBC5 HealthWatch Podcast - Link to The MommyCast Podcast - Link to the Gay Parenting Show Podcast - Link to Dr. Alan Rubins HealthCast Podcast - Link to the Intraspectus Podcast - Link to the All in the Mind Podcast - Link to the Sound Medicine Podcast - Link to Strengthcast - Link to the Motivation to Move Podcast - Link to More Hip than Hippy Podcast • History Podcasts - Link to History Podcast Category Page. - Link to Speeches and Historical Audio Podcast - Link to History According to Bob Podcast • Outro - "Our Nights" by Lovespirals from The Podsafe Music Network - Link to the Podcast Directory • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Dec 13 2005 3:04 AM • Updated: Tue, Dec 13 2005 5:57 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisNarnia Mania
  6. 6. By jbischke on Audio and Video Learning If you havent spent the last couple of months in a cave youre probably aware that Disney is releasing their latest projected blockbuster The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe today. The Chronicles of Narnia was originally a seven-book series written by C.S. Lewis. I fondly remember reading these as a child. Id have to check with my parents but Im pretty sure I probably read them all.If youre a Narnia fan youll want to check out a couple of things weve put together hereat The first is our C. S. Lewis Author Page. Weve collected everyaudio and video title from or about C.S. Lewis that we could find. One of my favoritesinclude the The Chronicles of Narnia CD Box Set which contains unabridgedrecordings of all seven Narnia books for a very affordable price ($52.50). Anotherinteresting title is a reading of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe read by MichaelYork.If youre interested in learning more about C.S. Lewis or delving into some of his non-Narnia material there are a couple of things you may want to check out. You can startwith our free reading of the C. S. Lewis Wikipedia entry where youll learn more aboutthe man behind Narnia. Then you can move on to The C.S. Lewis Signature ClassicsAudio Collection, a collection containing The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce,The Problem of Pain and Mere Christianity.If youre heading to the movie this weekend drop a quick post in the forums and let usknow how it was.Have a great weekend everyone!Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Fri, Dec 9 2005 7:07 PM • Updated: Fri, Dec 9 2005 7:22 PM • Email This • Clip/Blog This1,000 Registered Members!By jbischke on MiscellaneousWe cracked the 1,000 member mark tonight (1,002 at last check). A minor milestone nodoubt but kinda cool nonetheless.If you havent registered yet you can do so here. Registration is free, takes only a fewseconds and allows you to do a bunch of stuff like post to our forums, rate and review
  7. 7. titles and more. So go register and join the Audio Learning Revolution today!Updated: I just found out that we also crossed the 10,000 title mark on the site this weekas well. Right now were at 10,082 and counting. Lots of options for you to get yourLearn Out Loud on. :)Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Fri, Dec 9 2005 8:59 AM • Updated: Fri, Dec 9 2005 9:12 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisLennon Out LoudBy jbischke on Miscellaneous Today marks the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon, one of the most influential rock musicians in history. Very few people have had a bigger influence on their craft than Lennon. For more background on Lennons life and untimely death, check out the John Lennon Wikipedia entry. And check out Zaadz for some Lennon quotes. We dont have a lot of Lennon titles on our site but for those curious in learning more about this incredible man here are a few you might be interested in listening to. The Beatles and The Beatles - Two biographies of the samename but by different authors. The first is the newly released and highly anticipatedbook by Bob Spitz. The second is an older title (originally published in 1968 andrevised in 1996) by Hunter Davies published by Blackstone Audiobooks.John - A biography of John Lennon written by his first wife Cynthia and published byRandom House Audio. An unabridged version is also available.Lennon wrote an array of amazing and innovative songs and his "Imagine" has alwaysbeen on my short list of favorites:Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhoodof man Imagine all the people Sharing all the worldYou may say that Im a dreamerBut Im not the only oneI hope someday youll join us
  8. 8. Overdrive) are offering some very cool innovations in the spoken word audio world.The funny thing is that this is a bit of deja vu for Apple. They built a walled gardenaround the Mac back in the 80s and we all know how well that turned out for them. Imcertainly not anti-Apple. I love what Steve Jobs has done with the iPod in terms ofpromoting portable media. I just think weve moved passed the days of only allowingcontent to work with your player or your software. People dont want that. The era ofdarknet is over. The era of lightnet is upon us.So what does all of this mean? First of all, if Apple doesnt start changing their tune(sorry, bad pun...) soon I think that the relatively more open platforms are going to winout. I dont know a better tip-off of that than this recent blog post from Chris Anderson,editor over at Wired Magazine. Like him, Ive come to the conclusion that my nextportable device probably wont be an iPod. Itll probably be something like the ZenMicro pictured above.Second, if the open platforms start to gain more ground than the rules change a lot. TheiTunes/iPod/Audible dominance in the spoken word audio market changes significantly.Certainly Audible is somewhat insulated because their service works with many non-iPod devices, but they will face increased competition. Hey, thats what happens whenmonopolies are dissolved.I loaded up on all the Bob Dylan songs I could find earlier this evening. I really enjoyedbeing able to go back through all the old stuff that I would never have bought on iTunesbut were now a click away with Rhapsody. The one that seemed most apropos for theoccasion? Well, it goes a little something like this.The line it is drawn The curse it is cast The slow one now Will later be fast As thepresent now Will later be past The order is Rapidly fadin. And the first one now Willlater be lastYup, the times they sure are a-changing... I just hope that Jobs and the gang realize thatbefore its too late...again.Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Thu, Dec 8 2005 5:08 AM • Updated: Thu, Dec 8 2005 6:01 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisAudio Learning "Lens" on SquidooBy jbischke on Audio Learning
  9. 9. The Squidoo site went public today and our lens on "Audio Learning" is in the Top 100 (#10 as of this writing). Heres the link: is a hot site (I love how their colors match ours!) and its a great idea. SethGodin and the gang have done it again!Kudos to Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion for the heads up (although I do disagreea bit with his assessment of Squidoo). • Keep New: • Posted on: Thu, Dec 8 2005 12:18 AM • Updated: Thu, Dec 8 2005 12:25 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisR. I. P. CDs Part 2: The Spoken WordBy jbischke on Audio LearningAidin Vaziri, music critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, has a great article up (thanksto Corante for the link) entitled R.I.P. CDsConsider the alternatives to compact discs: iPods, satellite radio and hours of free orcheap digital music to download legally. Begone, bright discs and pesky cases! Begone!(thats a mouthful huh?). He focuses on music so let me offer a quick companion articlecovering the spoken word. You might want to read his article first to get the fullcontext:10. iTunes - As much as I sometimes get frustrated that Audiblecould be so much more than it is, I have to admit that they do a lot right. Theyve got agreat selection, affordable pricing plans and a lot of free stuff. Plus, they basicallyinvented portable spoken word audio and for that I thank them profusely.9. The Teaching Company - Yup, The Teaching Company finally offers digitaldownloads. This is a very cool development because lugging around their voluminouscourses can be a bit cumbersome. Only a smattering of courses are available fordownload but well hope their entire catalog is made available soon.8. Nightingale-Conant - Another newcomer to the download world. Well never knowbut my guess is that Nightingale-Conant has single-handedly added billions (I dontthink Im exaggerating here) to the worlds economy through the people it has helped toinspire and to educate.7. IT Conversations - I love, love, love what Doug Kaye is doing here. And youre onlygoing to see more of it as his Conversations Network gathers more steam. Ive said itbefore and Ill say it again: Doug Kaye and the Conversations Network will change the
  10. 10. world. You heard it hear first.6. Net Library and Overdrive - Free audio book downloads for everyone? How cool isthat! Sure its the Windows Media format (not compatible with iPods) and sure youhave to have a library account and sure they expire just like regular library books butdid I mention that these audio book downloads are free?5. Learning Languages On Audio - I cant tell you how cool it is to be able to learnSpanish when youre walking to the store or pick up a bit o Italiano when yourerunning on the treadmill. While a lot of this stuff is still available only on CD publisherslike Pimsleur (Simon & Schuster), Berlitz and Living Language have made a goodchunk of their foreign language material available for download.4. Podcasts - A year ago I didnt know what a podcast was. Now I think Id have a hardtime living without them. There is so much good stuff out there and I think were onlyscratching the surface of what well see eventually. Personally the podcasts that are mymust-listens include IT Conversations, Diggnation (from the guys @, a newfavorite Venture Voice and our very own Zaadz Daily Wisdom Podcast.3. Audio Cassettes - For some reason I still love the good ol cassette. Sure theyre bulkyand all but I love being able to carry them from place and place and always have themremember where I am. A cool thing about cassettes too is that you can find oldermaterial from people like Wayne Dyer on eBay that isnt available anywhere else.2. Free Audio - I love to pay for my audio but I also like free stuff. Like free speechesfrom Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Like free audio books such as Common Senseand As a Man Thinketh. Thats good stuff and the more I save on this stuff the more Ican spend on other stuff right? (I think I just set a world record for number of timesusing the word "stuff" in the same sentence...)1. Audio CDs - Wait...wasnt this supposed to be about the death of the CD? Yeah, Iguess it was but I have to admit that there is still a lot of stuff that I listen to on CD. Asfar as I know the Sony rootkit wasnt installed on any audio books so spoken wordlisteners are in the clear. And most cars only have CD players which means that CDsare often the best option for many people.The bottom line is that it doesnt matter whether youre listening to a download, a CD ora cassette. The important thing is that youre listening. There are more choices out therethan ever before. So get busy and start Learning Out Loud OK? :)Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Wed, Dec 7 2005 6:27 AM • Updated: Wed, Dec 7 2005 7:12 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog This
  11. 11. Another re-design and a DRM primerBy jbischke on Audio Learning Just a day after we announce Audibles new re-design I notice that Simply Audiobooks now has a brand new site and that they are selling downloadable audio books. Therescertainly a lot going on in the audio book space. This brings the number of major audiobook sites that have undergone significant re-launches/site re-designs in the last coupleof months to three:, and Simply Audiobooks.Simply Audiobooks is selling downloads using the Microsoft Digital RightsManagement (DRM). Unfortuately this means that they wont be compatible with theApple iPod. Heres a quick primer on audio book DRM (for those that care):-Digital Rights Managements or DRM refers to the technology that makes it difficult toillegally copy or share an audio book. For instance, you might be able to listen to anaudio book youve purchased on two different computers but not on three. That wouldbe an example of DRM in action.-Apples DRM is called FairPlay and they do not license it. The only company that canuse Apples DRM for spoken word audio is and that arrangement is inplace through 2007. What this means is that if you are looking to purchase an audiobook with DRM you must go through Audible. Of course if the audio book does nothave DRM (e.g., an MP3 file purchased here at LearnOutLoud) then you can play it onthe iPod with no problems.-Microsofts DRM is called PlaysForSure. Anything you purchase with the MicrosoftDRM attached does play for sure...unless you happen to have an Apple iPod. This isdefinitely a downside of the Microsoft DRM since 75%+ off all portable media devicesare iPods. The companies utilizing the PlaysForSure DRM include,Simply Audiobooks and Jiggerbug.-While DRM does offer protection to publishers and content producers it isnt withoutits downside. There can be compatability issues and other usability problems such as notbeing able consume your legally downloaded content as you would like to. Theres alsoan additional cost to implementing DRM.Anyway, Ive probably told you more than you ever wanted to know about DRM so Illstop for now. If youve got any thoughts or questions about DRM lets continue thediscussion in the forums.Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Dec 6 2005 11:41 PM • Updated: Wed, Dec 7 2005 12:46 AM
  12. 12. • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisIn Todays Audio Learning News...By jbischke on Audio LearningA few quick newsworthy audio learning-related items to pass along:AmigoFish Launches - Dave Slusher has launched AmigoFish, a new service to helpyou find podcasts youll like based on your ratings of podcasts youve already listenedto. Its about time something like this came out. Im very surprised that Slusher beatYahoo, Odeo, Podcast Alley and others to the punch on this. I hope he does well with it.Its definitely a much-needed service that becomes increasingly valuable as more peopleuse it.New Audible Re-Design - has unveiled a fairly significant site re-design.I dont what to make of the new look. I think I liked their old site better. It was moreinviting. And adding to "Beta" moniker to their logo is just a bit too trendy. If you havea brand new service youre launching telling everyone its still in Beta is kinda cool butIm not sure you need to do this just because youve redesigned your site...Bookchips to Be Available in Airports - Audiofy announced a deal with AirportWireless Rental to make their Audiobook Chips available in airport stores. This makes alot of sense as its a great way to business travels and others to grab portable audio tolisten to while in the air. I think theyll do real well with this.Zaadz Daily Wisdom Podcast Launches - OK, one internal item of news. :) Today westarted sending out the Zaadz Daily Wisdom Podcast, a daily podcast of inspirationalquotes and teaches. Check it out when you get a chance. We think youll dig it. Tosubscribe go to or search the iTunes directory for"zaadz".OK, thats the news and I am outta here!Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Dec 6 2005 7:01 AM • Updated: Tue, Dec 6 2005 7:18 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisE-Magazine #7 - December 2nd, 2005By jbischke on Miscellaneous
  13. 13. Special Holiday Edition: Holiday Gift Ideas + Daily Wisdom Podcast + Weve Been Dugg Holiday Gift Ideas Audio books make great holiday gifts! Rather than giving someone abook they may never read or another piece of clothing to stuff an already full closet,why not get them something you know theyll use. Just about everyone has a goodamount of time in their vehicle and a well-chosen audio book is an excellent way to helpthem enjoy that time.Weve combed the Catalog at LearnOutLoud (rapidly approaching 10,000 titles) to pickout a few titles that make great gift ideas. Here are some of our recommendations:The Chronicles of Narnia CD Box Set - By now youve probably seen the commercialfor Narnia, the new Walt Disney movie that will be released in a couple of weeks. Thismovie is based on the Chronicles of Narnia series of books by C. S. Lewis. This box setcontains all seven unabridged recordings (31 discs in all!) at a very reasonable price.Freakonomics - If youre the type who views economics as a boring and stuffy subject,Steven Levitts bestseller Freakonomics will shatter those myths. Levitt offers aninformative and enlightening look at society through the lens of an inquisitiveeconomist. Highly listenable and a great gift for just about anyone on your list. Othersimilar titles include two from Malcolm Gladwell: Blink and The Tipping Point.Titles that are religious or spiritual in nature and that make great gifts include JoelOsteens popular new audio book Your Best Life Now, Eckhart Tolles classic ThePower of Now and the The King James Bible read by James Earl Jones (we like to referto this one as the "King James Earl Jones" Bible!).Finally, a great audio book that just about everyone will enjoy is David McCulloughs"Biography of a Year" 1776. Its also available in an abridged version here. If youreinterested in getting a little taste of 1776 for free, check out the free WGBH productionof David McCulloughs presentation Biography of a Year: 1776.Thats just a small sampling of whats available. We have over 2,000 titles discounted20-40% off. Visit our On Sale Section to find that perfect holiday gift.Weve Been Dugg and Deliciouszed...It was a pretty exciting week here at LearnOutLoud headquarters. We ended up on thefront page of technology news site which led to prominent placement onsocial bookmarking sites like and Furl and brief write-ups on Lifehacker(dont worry, its a site about personal productivity, not hacking...) and Yahoo! News.We experienced traffic levels that were almost 10 times the norm which explains a bitof the sluggishness that you may have noticed.Welcome to all of the new people who visited and those of you who subscribed to ournewsletter and are reading it for the first time. Its great to have you onboard at the start
  14. 14. of the Audio Learning Revolution!Zaadz Daily Wisdom Podcast To Launch MondayOn Monday well be launching the Zaadz Daily Wisdom Podcast, a daily podcastconsisting of inspirational quotes from philosophers, psychologists, spiritual teachersand optimal living gurus along with related commentary. The Zaadz Daily WisdomPodcast is hosted by Brian Johnson, Philosopher & CEO of Zaadz, Inc. Its a greatpodcast to subscribe to and listen to first thing in the morning or on your way to work.Some of the individuals profiled in the first month of the Zaadz Daily Wisdom Podcastinclude Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Martin Seligman, Socrates andMarianne Williamson.Weve had a chance to preview the first months worth of episodes of the Daily WisdomPodcast here and youre in for a treat. Weve reviewed thousands of podcasts and wehavent come across anything like what Brian has put together. To subscribe to theZaadz Daily Wisdom Podcast go to or search theiTunes Directory for "zaadz". While youre at it head on over to and checkout their hot new site.Announcing the Winner of the Nano ContestWere proud to announce the winner of our Nano contest which is Brad Rhoads ofWinfield, IL. Brad won by linking to us from his blog here. Congrats Brad!Titles Under $10A few titles under $10 from our Sale Section:The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (CD for $9.80, Cassette for $9.10)Acres of Diamonds (Digital Download for $2.98)The Magic Story (Digital Download for $1.98)Unlimited Power (CD or Cassette for $9.80)Latest Resources, Articles and Blog PostsResources: • Sounds True Publisher PageArticles: • Recording a Lecture or • How to Become an Audio Learning Junkie, Part One • Bono Out Loud
  15. 15. • Wiki Out Loud: Wikipedia Entries on Audio • The "Tepping" Point Part One and The "Tepping" Point Part TwoVisit our blog at: and participate in the Forums.Happy Holidays!Happy holidays everyone! Cherish the time you have with your friends and family.Count your blessings. Remember the important things (hint: its not stuff...) this time ofyear.Best wishes,The Staff • Keep New: • Posted on: Fri, Dec 2 2005 9:31 AM • Updated: Fri, Dec 2 2005 9:41 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisAudio and Video Learning Around the WorldBy jbischke on MiscellaneousSo I popped on in to Google Analytics tonight to check on our stats and found the mapof our vistitors fascinating. Each of the dots on the map represents a city from where atleast 30 people came to our site in the last week. Where did we receive the most visitsfrom? Taipei. 710 visits this week. Gives me chills just thinking about people in Chinafiring up their web browser and listening to audio and video learning content, improvingtheir English skills, etc.I exchanged e-mails today with a sweet lady from China who explained to me how
  16. 16. grateful she was to have found Heres a bit of what she said:maybe its main idea is not to practise ones listening, but obviously its a big potentialbenifit to english learner, especially who want to improve their listening.The potential for audio and video learning and podcasting is amazing. It can open upnew worlds for people in places like China. And there will be an incredible demand forESL and other english language programs in these countries. Likewise there will be alot of demand for programs to learn languages like Mandarin. A prime example of thisis the fact that the third most popular podcast on Yahoos podcast directory isChinesePod, a podcast out of Shanghai that teaches Mandarin Chinese through dailyaudio lessons.The most apropros sign might have been the title that my new friend in China originallye-mailed me about. What was it?The World is FlatYes, indeed it is.Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Fri, Dec 2 2005 7:29 AM • Updated: Fri, Dec 2 2005 8:03 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisPodcast HistoryBy LOLSeth on Podcasting I decided to take a hand at recording my own Wikipedia entry today. The results, for better or worse, can be found here with my rendition of Wikipedias entry for Podcasting. I was astonished to see how much the definition and history of podcasting had expanded over the past few weeks (then again, just look at how much Wikipedia itself has grown in the last year). I keep up with podcastings development on a daily basis so I have an incrementalknowledge of whats happening and what might happen. When you actually step backand take stock of whats changed in this sphere over the last few months, you see theincredible strides the medium has made.Personally speaking, Ive never had such direct access to an emerging technology muchless known at the moment that I was actually taking a small part in its development.Thanks to podcasting I basically got a crash course in how the internet of the 21stcentury works. We started doing our own shows at LearnOutLoud last February andthat seems like a million years ago now. Back then we didnt know if anyone was
  17. 17. OK, so less than 48 hours ago Im bitching about how options for video learning aremore limited than for audio learning because of the lack of ability to "space shift." Withthe iPod and other portable MP3 players that are out there, audio is almost entirelyportable (with the exception that its still a pain in the ass to connect iPods and MP3players to many vehicles). Video on the other hand is much less least untiltoday.Apple just announced their brand new video iPod at their "One more thing..." event inSan Francisco. They have a cool new commercial that allow you to see the new iPod.Check it out:New Video iPod CommercialI just wandered down to the Apple Store here in Santa Monica and unfortunately theydont have any video iPods in the store yet. Id love to see the quality of the video first-hand. Im also curious to see the screen size and try to gauge whether this is a viableplatform for viewing and what type of video content might work best on the video iPod.Regardless of whether the video iPod takes off, I think that this will be the day thatpeople will look back on and point to as the beginning of the portability of video.Imagine what this allows me to do. I can take some video content, throw it on my iPodand watch in anywhere. On the train on the way into work in the morning...hooked up tomy PC or laptop...through my new hi-def television (OK, wishful thinking there...).Just as the original iPod (and other MP3 players) made music and spoken word contentportable (do you remember the days of lugging cases of CDs around with you?!), I thinkthat the new iPod will absolutely do the same thing for video. DVDs? What are those? Ithink as soon as a few years from now people might be asking that question.Its a brave new world and were glad to be a part of it. Were excited to bring youeducational and self-development video content in the coming months. So when you doget that brand spankin new iPod for the holidays make sure yall come back here to fillit up!Before I go, here are some more cool links related to the new iPod:"One more thing..." Special Event Video
  18. 18. Engadgets First Impressions of the new iPodHow to get your own videos onto the iPodDiscuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Thu, Oct 13 2005 12:00 AM • Updated: Thu, Oct 13 2005 12:03 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisHelp us Change This!By jbischke on Audio LearningTheres a cool website called that Ive been a fan of for quite a while.They invite authors to write "manifestos" that propose new ideas and ways of looking atthe world. In the past theyve had some pretty cool manifestos from the likes of TomPeters, Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin.I have a proposal listed on their site right now. It would be a manifesto about audiolearning and its ability to revolutionize peoples lives. If you have a minute (it wonteven take a minute), please cast a vote for the proposal at the following URL: more votes the proposal gets, the more likely that it will be turned into a full-blownmanifesto.Thanks in advance for helping to support the Audio Learning Revolution!Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Wed, Oct 12 2005 3:57 AM • Updated: Wed, Oct 12 2005 4:04 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisPodcast Show Notes: Oct 11th, 2005By LOLSethAudio Learning Revolution Podcast for Oct 11th, 2005 • Intro Music - "Warning" by DJ Lennoxx from • Introduction
  19. 19. - Direct Link to the show - Link to Feeds for Audio Learning Revolution podcasts - Link to Podcast Directory - Comments or Questions about the Podcast directory E-mail - Promo: Link to Animal Voices Podcast.• Interlude Music - "Fast Jazz and Funky" by Larry Seyer from The Podsafe Music Network• Science Podcasts - Link to Science Podcast Category Page. - Link to The Naked Scientists Science Radio Show Podcast - Link to Disaster News Network Podcast - Link to Slacker Astronomy Podcast - Link to Science@Nasa Podcast• Social Science Podcasts - Link to Social Science podcast category page - Link to NOW - PBS Podcast - Link to the Here On Earth podcast - Link to A Time for Choices Podcast• Interlude Music - "Run Rabbit/The Chase" by BRAIN BUCKIT from The Podsafe Music Network• Sports & Hobby Podcasts - Link to Sports & Hobbies Podcast Category Page. - Link to Winecast Podcast - Link to Grape Radio Podcast - Link to Wine Making Radio Podcast - Link to Crushing Grape Podcast - Link to Endurance Radio Podcast - Link to General Aviation Weekly Podcast - Link to Rockets Away! Radio Podcast• History Podcasts - Link to History Podcast Category Page. - Link to Speeches and Historical Audio Podcast - Link to History According to Bob Podcast• Interlude Music - "Watcher of the Skyline" by m7 from The Podsafe Music Network• Misc Podcast Categories - Link to Languages Podcast Category Page. - Link to Very Vocabulary Podcast - Link to Literature Podcast Category Page. - Link to Crackle Back Short Stories Podcast• Outro - "El Puente Closing Theme" by Larry Seyer from The Podsafe Music Network
  20. 20. - Link to Audio Learning Revolution podcast page • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Oct 11 2005 11:50 PM • Updated: Wed, Oct 12 2005 12:04 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisSpace ShiftingBy jbischke on Audio and Video LearningI heard another great phrase today which got me thinking. Ive had to explain podcastingto more than a few people lately and one of the words I often use is "timeshifting"which is essentially the TiVo-like ability that allows you to listen to what you want,when you want. But for me that didnt really do podcasting justice. There wassomething else there...Then I heard the phrase "spaceshifting" today and it fell into place. You see its not justthat I can listen to what I want when I want. Its also that I can listen to what I wantwhere I want. With my iPod my content follows me around. I can be at the office or inmy car or out for a jog and Ill still have my same audio books and podcasts with me. Ithink thats one of the things Im most digging about podcasting and audio learning ingeneral.Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for video learning. With video, in most cases,Im still somewhat tethered. If its a DVD course I need to be at a PC or TV with a DVDplayer. Then I have to load up the DVD (usually takes a few minutes), figure out whereI am, etc. Its not the instant gratification that were coming to expect in our society.Let me give you another example of this. I was checking out Integral Naked tonight andwas a bit bummed that most of the content was video (I promised I would tell youwhy...). If all of the stuff was audio I think I would be stoked. Id download it all to theol iPod and that would be the end of it. But with video I honestly dont know if Ill findthe time to sit down and watch all of it. The files are short and since I have to be at a PCI cant just crash on my couch and watch it.Dont get me wrong. I love the potential for video learning. There are many things thatare so much easier to learn when you combine video with audio. But weve still got along way to go. I want to be able to load all my video content on a portable device andbe able to watch it on the device anywhere I am or plug it in to my laptop, PC, TV, etc.if I want a bigger screen. Give me time shifting and space shifting and then itll be off tothe races.Of course thats probably a ways off...unless Apple decides to go ahead and announcethe new video iPod at their "One More Thing" event tomorrow. :)Discuss this post in the LOL Forums!
  21. 21. • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Oct 11 2005 8:53 AM • Updated: Tue, Oct 11 2005 9:10 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisIntegral NakedBy jbischke on Audio and Video Learning David did a great job of highlighting some good sites for MP3 downloads of great authors and teachers a couple of days ago. Ill add one more to the mix: Integral Naked. Its an interesting collection of audio and video self-development material with interviews with such luminaries as Deepak Chopra and TonyRobbins.In Integrals own words:Integral Naked is a multimedia doorway to the world of integral awareness.Conversations, performances, live events-all involving the most influential, provocative,and important thinkers and leaders in the world. Often these are moderated by KenWilber, considered the most influential integral theorist today, and his colleagues atIntegral Institute.Its a $10 monthly subscription which is pretty cheap considering the wealth of material.I was a bit bummed that most of it is video rather than audio (more on that later...) butits still a pretty cool collection of content. I listened to a couple of interviews that Kendid with Tony Robbins today and was pretty impressed by what I heard.Definitely go check it out as youll have some more good stuff to stick into your iPod.(Kudos to my buddy Bri for the tip on this one.)Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Tue, Oct 11 2005 6:33 AM • Updated: Tue, Oct 11 2005 6:44 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisThe Dan Millman PodcastBy jbischke on Podcasting
  22. 22. Im proud to announce the launch of another new podcast. We just put the wraps on the first episode of the Dan Millman Podcast. Dan is one of our all-time favorite authors and an amazing teacher. For those of you who arent familiar with Dan, heres a brief bio: Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martialarts instructor, and college professor. His books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior,The Journeys of Socrates, and The Life You Were Born to Live have inspired millionsof readers in 29 languages.If youve read or listened to any of Dans book were pretty sure youll love the podcast.You can check out the first episode here: you dig it make sure to subscribe to the podcast using iTunes, Odeo or your otherpreferred podcatching apparatus. Wed love to hear your thoughts as well. Please feelfree to send feedback on the Dan Millman Podcast to, and dont forget to check out our Dan Millman author page. In addition to thepodcasts we have links to nine other audio titles and as well as his Peaceful WarriorWorkout DVD.Were honored to be able to bring you Dans podcast and we hope that you have as muchfun listening to it as we had putting it together.Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Mon, Oct 10 2005 7:07 AM • Updated: Mon, Oct 10 2005 7:15 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisMP3 Downloads of Great Lecturers & SpeakersBy LOLDavidWe just put up three new publisher pages for What Is Enlightenment?, The GreatLecture Library, & iAmplify: These are three great publishers that offer downloadable lectures from leading speakers in a wide variety of fields. What Is
  23. 23. Enlightenment? features speakers that discuss the latest trends in spirituality,psychology, religion, politics, science, and other topics. For $10/month you cansubscribe to them and have access to all their streaming audio and video as well as theability to download all their audio content on MP3. Theyve got samples of all theirtitles and they offer a free one month trial that gives you access to all their content.The Great Lecture Library is a digital audio library of 1200 lectures and sermons fromover 600 speakers that have been recorded at the Chautauqua Institution over the past 35years. These lectures cover a vast array of topics and can be purchased a $5.95 perlecture or for an annual subscription fee you have access to all their lectures throughstreaming audio as well as a set number of audio downloads. They have a 15 day freetrial that gives you access to all their lectures through streaming audio.iAmplify features MP3 audio downloads from fitness professionals, lecturers, spiritualleaders, and self help speakers like Marianne Williamson and Barbara De Angelis.Users can browse through 24 different topics with downloadable programs on personalgrowth, yoga, parenting, and a wide variety of exercises. Once programs have beenpurchased they can be downloaded as MP3s or played through streaming audio.So check out these publishers for great original audio content that you can downloadand take with you. • Keep New: • Posted on: Mon, Oct 10 2005 2:05 AM • Updated: Mon, Oct 10 2005 2:43 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisLanguage Learning SoftwareBy LOLDavidSometimes when learning a language you dont want just the Listen & Repeat CDs ortapes because there are limitations to simply learning a language on audio. You cant seethe words youre saying which limits your understanding of how spelling informs thepronunciation of the language. You cant read or write the language at all with audiolanguage programs and that can be important when youre in a European city trying toread all those signs. And interactive language learning software can be a lot of fun sincetheres so many entertaining tests, exercises, and games you can play to learn thelanguage instead of just memorizing it through listening and repeating.
  24. 24. So in the case youre interested in obtaining CD-ROM or online software for languagelearning you should check out our recently added publisher pages for Rosetta Stone andTransparent Language. You can check them out by going Stone offers software in 29 languages with Level 1 & Level 2 programs thatyou can buy on CD-ROM or access through their monthly online subscription whichcosts $49.95 per month. Level 1 programs provide 92 interactive lessons and Level 2programs include 118 lessons. Through these lessons youll learn through 4 methods:1. Listening to native speakers speak their everyday language2. Speaking the language and making sure your pronunciation is right through speechrecognition that compares your voice to native speakers3. Reading exercises that link written language to real-life objects4. Writing exercises that check your spelling, syntax and punctuationTransparent Language has a more extensive offering of languages with over 100different languages to learn through their 7 product lines that are available on CD-ROMwith some of their titles available as online software that you can download. Theseproduct lines are all described in detail on their publisher page but basically they are aninteractive mulitmedia immersion into a foreign language teaching you how tocomprehend, converse, pronounce, read, and write a language. Their Complete Suitesinclude three of their software programs along with Linguaphones PDQ Talk which has4 audio CDs and a translation dictionary.Demos of their products are available online. For the online demo of Rosetta Stone clickhere. To download Transparent Languages free trial software click here. We featuremost of Rosetta Stones titles and Transparent Languages titles on our site so checkthem out. • Keep New: • Posted on: Sat, Oct 8 2005 7:10 AM • Updated: Sat, Oct 8 2005 9:04 AM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisCure for the Common CommuteBy jbischke on Audio Learning
  25. 25. Its starting to catch on. People are awakening to the fact that their morning commute doesnt have to be this dreaded, boring, tedious activity. Driving to work can be the one time during your day when you get to be selfish. You get to listen to what you want to listen to and learn about the things you might not normally have the time for. Its a great way to learn and develop personally and professionally.Kudos to the gang over at Simply Audiobooks for helping spread the gospel of audiolearning. Theyve launched a campaign called "Cure for the Common Commute" whichis both catchy and apropos.The common cold and the "common commute" have a lot in common. Many peopledeal with both and both are very annoying. There are some common-sense ways toprevent the common cold and likewise, there are some easy ways to prevent frustratingcommutes. We can think of over 8,000 of them in our Catalog. :) (Speaking of which,we added over 1,500 new titles to our catalog this week. Check it out!)One day we might figure out the cure for the common cold. In the meantime, findingthe cure for the common commute seems a little easier.Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Fri, Oct 7 2005 9:43 PM • Updated: Fri, Oct 7 2005 9:52 PM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisThinkArete: The PodcastBy jbischke on Podcasting Im proud to announce that weve got an exclusive new podcast up on Its called ThinkArete: The Podcast and I think youll really enjoy it. Its a daily podcast done by Brian Johnson, CEO and Philosopher and CEO over at Zaadz, Inc. For those whove never heard the word "arete" before (I hadnt until I met Brian), heres a brief description: The classic Greek philosophers had a word for the process of self-actualizing and striving to reach your highest potential. They called it Areté.(pronounced ar-uh-tay) In fact, Areté was one of the most important values in classicGreek culture. Guys like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle tell us that the meaning of life ishappiness and that the way to achieve happiness is to live with areté (aka excellence,striving to reach your highest potential). By looking at the universal truths taught byphilosophers, religions, and current psychological research, I think we can find the keys
  26. 26. Looks like we got a little write-up about our trip to Louisiana published in the Glendale News-Press today. I thought I would pass it along in case anyone is interested. Heres the link: Cross-country aid - Jet Propulsion Laboratory employee does his bit to helpvictims of hurricane devastation.Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Thu, Sep 22 2005 10:13 PM • Updated: Thu, Sep 22 2005 10:17 PM • Email This • Clip/Blog ThisMy "Broken Records"By jbischke on Audio Learning On my iPod and around my apartment I have several audio books that I would call my "broken records." These are audiobooks that Ill throw on somewhat continuously in the background when Im walking places, cleaning, making something to eat, etc. I dont necessarily listen to them in a linear, start-to-finish fashion. Rather Ill just pick them up whereever I happen to be and listen to them for 10 to 20 minutesor longer.With many audio books its hard to do this because there is some sort of sequencingrequired and if you pick them up mid-way through you dont really have the propercontext. And of course with many audio books you really dont have much need to listento them more than once. But my "broken records" are titles that I honestly dont feel Icould listen to too much. They serve as almost a kind of spoken word "soundtrack" formy life.So without further ado, let me present to you my list of broken records along with somecomments. I hope some of you will order these and allow yourself to become immersedin them as well. They contain timeless wisdom and are a great alternative to having theTV or radio blaring in the background during daily life:My Broken Records • Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hills classic on achieving financial success. What I love about this book is that there is so much in here that can contribute to success in all areas of life. It is a bummer though that hasnt put this title up. In the meantime, Ill stick with my cassettes... • How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegies classic tome on interpersonal relationships is a favorite of mine despite the somewhat cheesy title. Whats amazing is the fact that the vast majority of the advice in this book
  27. 27. is common sense and yet its rarely practiced by most people. • The Secrets of the Power of Intention, There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem and Its Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile by Wayne Dyer - Dyer probably consumes a good 20% of the space on my iPod. He has a magical voice and I truly feel that listening to him is a superior experience to reading his books. His live stuff is particularly good and there is so much incredible wisdom in here that, if youre like me, youll find yourself returning to it over and over again. • The Bible - I certainly dont listen to it as much as I should but I do find that having the Bible on my iPod makes it convenient for me to return to it when I have a few minutes waiting in line somewhere. (I dont know exactly which version is on my iPod so I just linked above to our super cool "The Bible on Audio" page where dozens of audio versions of the Bible and individual books.)I have a couple other broken records that run in the background as well during specifictimes of my day. Wayne Dyers 101 Ways to Transform Your Life wakes me up eachmorning from the stereo system in my bedroom. Pimsleurs Spanish I runs in mybathroom while Im taking a shower or brushing my teeth. Yup, Im pretty muchaddicted to this stuff...not that thats a bad thing.Feel free to let me know if youve got other suggestions for broken records. Id love toget your take on this.Discuss this post in the LOL Forums! • Keep New: • Posted on: Wed, Sep 21 2005 8:54 PM • Updated: Wed, Sep 21 2005 8:54 PM • Email This • Clip/Blog This32 GB iPod Nanos and a Podcast Directory on Your Phone?By jbischke on Audio LearningI spent the better part of the day today immersed in the future of digital audio and videoat the Digital Hollywood conference here in Santa Monica. I had a few cool chats withsome people on the inside of whats coming down the pipeline next. I had a particularlycool talk with the founder of Melodeo, a company that is bringing you podcasting tomobile phones. You can check out a demo of their "mobilcast" technology here. Its apretty cool technology and no doubt represents a part of the future for podcasting.Speaking of the future, last week Samsung announced that they will be doing a flashmemory chip that can hold up to 32 GBs of data. What does that mean? How about thepossibility of a 32 GB iPod Nano? How cool would that be? Devices will get smallerand storage capacity will get larger, the latter being particularly relevant as"videocasting" (the video equivalent of podcasting) grows in popularity. Heres a link to