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YouTube Marketing


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Basic information about YouTube and how to use it's features to market your small business at low cost.

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YouTube Marketing

  1. 1. Cate Lever, Brandon Akerman, Kyle Chamberlain, Taylor Vandecoevering
  2. 2. Kyle Five Take Aways• Breakdown of Users• Basics of a YouTube Account• YouTube Insight• Adwords Feature• Leveraging Your Business Through YouTube -Case Study
  3. 3. Kyle YouTube Beginnings• Created in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim• Purchased by Google in 2006• Localized in 25 countries and 43 languages• 3rd most visited website behind Google and Facebook• 2nd most popular search engine behind Google
  4. 4. Kyle Why Advertise on YouTube• 500 Million unique users worldwide each month• 3 Billion videos watched every day• Over 300,000 years of viewing every month• Around 400 Tweets a minute contain a YouTube link• Close to 17 million people have connected their YouTube account to a different social media site
  5. 5. Kyle Breakdown Of Users• Adult Males, aged 18-54: – 27.9 million male users – Interested in sports, cars, and stand up comedy• Adult Females, aged 18-54: – 34.7 million female users; reaches 20 million 35-54 year olds, which is more than Oprah’s website – Interested in fashion and “mommy” advice, among others• Teens, aged 13-17: – 21.6 million teen users – Interested in Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
  6. 6. TaylorBenefits of A YouTube Account • Upload their own videos • Comment on others videos • Rate videos • Designate videos as favorites • Create a brand channel • Subscribe to other members videos • Share videos • Befriend other YouTube users
  7. 7. Taylor The Power of Share• Link Video• Email Video• Embed• Social Networks
  8. 8. Taylor Subscribing• Account Updates• Email Updates
  9. 9. Taylor Brand Channel• Easiest way to engage with brand• Customize to incorporate brand• Moderate user’s comments• Limit accessibility to specific demographics
  10. 10. Brand Channel
  11. 11. Taylor Creating a Video with Value• Entertaining video: -People love to laugh.• Informative video: -People like to get the latest news.• Educational video: -People need to learn how to do certain things.
  12. 12. Taylor YouTube Insight• View detailed statistics about each video -Views and Popularity -Discovery -Demographics -Audience Attention -Community Engagement
  13. 13. Brandon Adwords• Customize Channels• Advertise in areas that are hard to reach• Lets consumers interact with ads• Pin-points demographics easier• Case study – Marines • 133 million people in 24 hours • More than the Super Bowl • More than Roots
  14. 14.