September 2011 Newsletter


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September 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. I hope everyone had a great summer, and that you’re back in the swing of things! Ready for football games I hope! Volume 1, Issue 4 September 2011 Talking with Taylor New Homestead Exemption changes - Keep Yourself Updated! The application process for a homestead exemption in Texas is about to grow more complex. Earlier this year, Texas Legislature approved new standards of mandatory disclosure for any kindSeptember of homestead exemption. Starting Sept. 1, those new rules go into effect. Prior to Sept. 1, a homestead exemption was relatively easy to obtain; a property owner simply filled out an application.Overview Now, home buyers will have to follow new rules and provide more proof that they are eligible for the claimed exemption. Homestead Exemption In order to receive a homestead exemption for property tax purposes, applicants must now provide Changes a copy of their TX driver’s license or TX state-issued ID and a copy of vehicle registration receipt with their application. In addition, the addresses on each of the documents must be the same as theSchool Districts address for which the homestead exemption is sought.9/11 - 10 year The new requirement that takes effect on Sept. 1 is required for any one of the several ways property Memorial owners can qualify for a residential property homestead. These include: General residential exemption; Over-65 exemption; Disability exemption; 100% disabled veterans exemption; Extension of exemptionTaylor’s Treats for a surviving spouse; Exemption for a manufactured (mobile) home. Source: To avoid any confusion, will be updated with these new requirements on Sept. 1, and will help Cong with all questions! ratul on y our ation Harv Kayl succ a Ro essfu l mo s Moving? Concerned ilchu ck, a wbu ry, K ve! nd A at About School Districts aron ie Pars for your child? ons is a national website, providing beneficial resources parents of all ages. The feature that I use the most for my clients is the review and rating overview. While not all schools have too many reviews yet, it still helps parents out who are not familiar with local school districts. Visit the web site (signing up with Great Schools is free!), pass the word around, write your own reviews, and take advantage of this site! The reviews are mainly from other parents, which is one of the best tools to researching any school for your child. Great Schools also provides state test scores, community involvement and volunteering ideas, homework help and activities, parenting dilemmas and challenges, a mobile app, and even gets in to prepping for college.
  2. 2. Taylor Skidmore Direct: 281-728-6806 Texas Realtor® Email: 8817 Louetta Rd. Web: Spring, TX 77379 Blog: Sunday, September 11,2011 We probably all know that this September 11th will be 10 years since the US was attacked. But,in case you havent heard, over the past 10 years many decisions, plans, and controversies have aroseas to what to “do” with Ground Zero. It was finally decided that the new World Trade Center willhave 5 new skyscrapers, a National September 11th Memorial and Museum, a transportation hub, a retailcomplex, and a performing arts center. The Memorial will have two reflection pools in place of the twooriginal twin towers, each etched with all 2,980 victims from the attacks of Feb. 26, 1993 and Sept.11, 2001 - These pools and the forever-engraved names will be revealed on the 10 year Anniversary of9/11. As for the rest of the grounds, the museum will open next September and progress on the 5 sky-scrapers are still in effect. The anticipated 1 World Trade Center (Building 1 of the new 5) will bethe tallest in America - To read more details and updated progress, visit As for the 10 year anniversary this September, these major stations will airtheir own tributes on Sunday evening: 7:00 pm:. Making the 9/11 Memorial (History Channel) 7:00 pm: 9/11: 10 Years Later (CBS) 7:00 pm: 9/11: In Our Own Words (MSNBC) 8:00 pm: 20/20: 9/11 Anniversary (ABC) 8:00 pm: The Space Between (USA) 9:21 pm: Twin Towers (USA) Local Restaurant Spotlight: New Food Pyramid? My favorite restaurant to share this month is It’s not so much a pyramid anymore’s a plate. Half of our Cluckers. For those of you who don’t live in meals are supposed to be fruits and veggies, and the rest is protein, the Tomball or Cypress area, Cluckers is a grains, and dairy. That’s right, no burger/wings/almost-anything sports bar. The sweets...sad day. It also is supposed Cypress location is more convenient for me, to keep us focused on portion control - so they definitely get my business. I always like one of the best habits to get into. So to order fried pickles (If you still haven’t tried without further ado, here is the “new these - You must at Cluckers!), crunchy chicken food pyramid” - What’s your take on it tacos with spicy ranch, and curly fries. Their and have you started following these regular fries aren’t bad, but the curly ones are portions? much more crunchy. Stop by for a yummy happy hour, wings for a football game, or just a quick lunch!