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This is a very brief introduction to present Prudential's services as well as my commitment to my clients.

If you are interested in selling your home, read this introduction, and then call me for an extensive presentation, explaining every detail invoin listing your home!

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Listing Presentation Introduction

  1. 1. Nobody’s Sold more homes in Houston than us! Because your home represents one of your largest investments, selling your home for all it’s worth is the most important function we can perform. When you enlist us to sell your home, you get the skills, experience and commitment of a highly trained professional and a world-wide brand that stands behind them.Inside this issue Prudential GARY GREENE, REALTORS®, our entire sales force of 1,000 agentsYou are our priority! in the Houston Metropolitan area and our nationwide affiliates are committed to seeing you succeed. We offer a Rock Solid real estate experience and move-Our Guarantee and related services that save you time and money.Commitment To YouWe’re Houston based We work hand-in-hand with you ...Real Estate Professionalsworking for you 1. Identifying Your Goals a. Assess your needsPromotion & Packaging b. Learn more about your propertyYour Internet Marketing c. Review the home selling processExposure 2. Marketing Your PropertyYour Media Marketing a. Identify where buyers come from in yourExposure neighborhood b. Use our marketing skills to attract themFine Homes Marketing 3. Establishing a Pricing StrategyNational & International a. Conduct a Home Price EvaluationAdvertising b. Collaborate on how to price your home to sellOnline Seller’s Advantage 4. Preparing Your Property to Sell a. Identify what will help your property sellHome Service Connections b. Introduce the concept of stagingLocal Market Exposure c. Take multiple, quality photos for marketing in print and on the web Our Guarantee & Commitment To You Our Commitment is given to you in writing and empowers you to control the extent of our relationship. We guarantee our performance to reinforce your confidence in us. Our Goal is to provide a results-oriented real estate experi- ence that will achieve the highest price possible for your home with the least inconvenience to you and your family and in a time frame that meet your needs. Our Guarantee To You: If, during the listing period, you feel that I do not perform to this standard, you may talk with my manager and if your concerns can not be satisfied, Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® will release you from the listing. 2
  2. 2. Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors®is a Houston-based company.In 1963, Gary Greene started GARY GREENE, REALTORS® in Houston.Over the years, the Gary Greene name grew in prominence as its of-fices grew throughout the metropolitan market. Today, the companyis locally owned and operated by Mark Woodroof and Marilyn Eiland,Partners. Gary Greene, the founder, is still associated with the company.Prudential GARY GREENE, REALTORS® is a growing force of over1,000 REALTORS® in the Houston area with a huge Prudential networkof brokers that generate referrals nationwide.Prudential GARY GREENE, REALTORS® has listed more homes, soldmore listings, closed more buyer sales and closed more transactionsthan any other company in Houston. Owners/Partners Mark Woodroof & Marilyn Eiland Our Professional Sales Force — Working For You . . . When you select one of our professionals to sell your home, you enlist ALL of us to find a buyer for your home. Our experienced professionals are Rock Solid in the process of: • Promotion • Packaging Staging & multi-photo marketing • Pricing • Negotiation • Risk Management • Home Services • Transaction Management • Your Trusted Advocate before and after the sale We’ll skillfully put a customized marketing plan into action and mobilize our world-wide brand to find the right buyer for your home. It’s all about getting you where you want to go! 3
  3. 3. How We Promote and Package Your HomeAccording to the National Association of Realtors®Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 99% of all homebuyers used the Internet to find a home in 2010. Thisfigure has climbed steadily over the years and wasa mere 47% in 2000.The Internet has become the most importantmedium to find a buyer for your home.The same survey shows that features most importantto a home buyer are: a. Viewing multiple pictures of the property b. Rich detail of the homeTake advantage of our built-in home buyer network! www.GaryGreene.comAbsolutely thousands of Houston home buyers We guarantee the best online packaging and webhave visited our web site and registered to receive positioning online! We will provide complete detail ine-mail alerts when new listings come on the market MLS of your home’s features and together with tantaliz-and match the search criteria they have selected. ing photo-marketing, buyers will be motivated to make an appointment to personally VIEW your home. Multi-Internet Marketing Exposure The minute we enter your home as a new listing in MLS, it is automatically aggregated to real estate web sites that have the most home buyer traffic. Multi-Media ExposureHomes rarely sell as a result of specific advertising featuring thehome. Advertising creates awareness and interest, which generatesweb site traffic, calls and appointments, resulting in a sale!Listing your home with us means opportunities to advertisewith the following: • - where consumers spent the most time online • - A Mobile Marketing Experience for Buyers • Neighborhood News of the Houston Chronicle • Houston Chronicle, Sunday Real Estate section • Fine Homes Magazine, for luxury properties • Local community newspapersPrudential Real Estate National Television ads and billboards areall designed to drive traffic to our web site to view your home. 4
  4. 4. Fine Homes—Portfolio Magazine Prudential Fine Homes International is a leading network in the representation of upper-tier properties. It provides refined marketing tools and connections to thousands of Fine Homes Specialists who have earned the respect of their affluent clients. While all homes deserve to be marketed by an expert, luxury properties may require exceptional marketing and exposure. Ask your professional sales associate if this program is right for your home. National and International AdvertisingNationally and Internationally, the Prudential brand nameis repeatedly reinforced in the most popular advertisingvenues including television, radio, magazines and newspapers.Prudential’s numerous media sponsorships generate almost800 million impressions per year.You can search for Prudential Real Estate properties on: We’ll keep you informed about activity in your market automatically ... Online Sellers’ Advantage . . . is an exclusive information system that aggregates viewer traffic and MLS data from a multitude of websites. Sent to you via email, you’ll know buyer traffic for homes in your price range in your neighborhood and zip code. Relocation Our corporate relocation You’ll also know what competing homes in your area: network brings 1. Received a contract qualified and motivated 2. Sold or buyers straight to your door. 3. Terminated Results? You’ll know what’s going on relative to your home in the market. 5
  5. 5. Our Home Services Make Life Easier and More in Control of the ProcessTime with your family, and time to enjoy your life is one of the most valuable assets in today’s busy world.Yet, selling your home often creates a “To-Do” list that takes away from the enjoyable aspects of living.Relax!You are in control and have these services at your fingertips on Home Services.Our online time-saving services include: • Utility connect and disconnect • Transfer, set-up or cancellation of newspaper subscriptions and much more • Moving and Storage • Temporary housing • Home Inspections • Gibraltar Insurance Services • Gibraltar Mortgage Services • Gibraltar Title Services Reliant Energy and Home Connections Reliant Energy makes moving easy and convenient for you. They offer excellent service and great plans. Reliant Energy has exclusive Realtor® Referral offers that best meet the needs of your new home. Graebel Moving Services A trusted relocation partner, Graebel delivers World Class service to Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® clients. As the largest privately owned and managed full service relocation company, Graebel brings total account- ability to each and every move. When you select Graebel for your move, you get the buying advantage of Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors®. You are under no obligation to use any of these services, however our business arrangement gives you more control over the results as apposed to an unknown entity. Find all of our Home Services now by logging on to and select the Home Services tab at the top. It will put more time in your life. We Highly Suggest A Residential Service ContractOffering a residential service contract on your home gives sellers several advantages: 1. It demonstrates the intent to sell your home in good working order. 2. It gives the buyer an avenue of restitution, other than you, should any coverage systems break down after purchase. 3. It puts your home on a more level playing field with new home sales offering one year warranties. 4. Seller coverage is also available, giving you a more cost effective risk management strategy.Give your home a competitive advantage. Our professionals will be happy to provide information onthe service contract. It’s a simple and a really smart selling strategy. 6
  6. 6. Multi-Market Exposure Our offices provide more marketing coveragewith 25 offices serving the Greater Houston–Galveston Areas 7
  7. 7. Results Matter. REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS This is merely a summary of the tools we put to work in selling your home. For more information or to receive a free Home Price Evaluation, please contact me at your earliest convenience. ®2011. An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Prudential is a registered8 trademark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Used under license. Equal Housing Opportunity.