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Social Media Overview

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  • Blogs-Blogs are a type of Social Media platform which help you publish content on a regular basic, Blogs generally publish content in article form or list format. There are numerous platforms for blogging, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms.Wikis- Wikis are knowledge bases which are used to share large amounts of information, the most famous wiki is Wikipedia which cover thousand of topics. Wikis are also used for video game information sites, intranet corporate websites, or for product manuals. Micro Blogging- Micro Blogging platforms such as Twitter are used to share short burst of information with your followers. In Twitters case the limit is 140 charactersMedia Sharing Sites- These Platforms include sites such as YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. Media Sharing Sites are great for sharing visible content such as photos and videos, these site have helped business that are very visible share this visible content with their fans.Social Network Site- These sites make up the majority of Social Media Platforms, these sites let you network with people you may know or have a common interest. Facebook is the leading example of social networking site, when Facebook first started it was limited to college campuses. Another networking site is LinkedIn which helped employees, employers, and business network with each other.
  • Big 3 Social Media Platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Google +,95% of Marketers use Social Media for Business.85% of businesses who use Social Media report increased market exposure. The emergence of Social Media as a primary means of communication among people and businesses has increased the customer expectation of businesses, however, it allows a greater opportunity for business to create stronger relationships with customers.
  • Such top tech brands as AT&T, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft are assisting their customers via social media in addition to--and in concert with--traditional support channels such as online chat and phone support. Dell has a Social Media command center where staff monitor 24/7 more than 25,000 Dell related posts on the web, Dell uses Google Alerts to monitor the brands image online responding to the needs of it clients. The Tech companies have learned that that maintaining separate profiles for support and Marketing is a great way to serve the needs of their clients.
  • The opportunities for b2b technology companies like North Western Technologies is growing everyday with 39% of B2B report generating leads from Facebook, and 19% generating sales from the social network, B2C have far higher success with Facebook, with 67% generating leads and 39% generating sales.
  • Given the nature of North Western Technologies position in the industry as a software provider for business it would be ideal for NWT to be present on the following networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Each network presents a unique opportunity for NWT to interact with current clients and future clients. Facebook, will act as NWT Social Media Hub content from other Social Networks will be shared through Facebook. YouTube will provide the ideal network to provide an outlet for NWT in house videos covering Software Trainings, Help and How to videos. LinkedIn will cover the professional networking and lead generation aspect of NWT social presence, through the sharing how how to articles, industry related articles NWT can position it’s self as an industry leader and go to source for information.
  • Once NWT has determined the best networks to be present on and content generators have been selected the Process of generating content and setting up an editorial calendar. NWT is a good position to produce several types of content. Wikis- For each software solution NWT technologies offers a wiki should be created to offer support and help self guides.Video’s- NWT technologies can use videos in several ways, for each software solution NWT can create product highlight videos that demonstrate the software solutions. There can also be how to and training video to help customers with the software solutions they already have purchased from NWT.
  • Several personalities with in NWT should be identified as the key content producers to provide a human face for NWT. The ideal candidates would socially active, and knowledgeable about their area of expertise, as well as strong communication skills. The people chosen to represent NWT should work closely with NWT Social Media team and plan content around the needs of clients. For example we can look at past support tickets and identify common problems our users have and build are video and article series around these issues.
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  • Social media nwt t.ray

    1. 1. Social Media A Look at the IT Industry
    2. 2. Social Media Types and their uses Blogs Wikis Micro-Blogging Social Networking Media Sharing Sites
    3. 3. Emergence of Social Media Big 3 Facebook, Twitter, and Google + Marketers use Social Media for Business Increased market exposure Stronger relationships
    4. 4. How Tech Companies Use Social Media Customer Support Leads Brand Awareness
    5. 5. Dell’s Social Media Command Center • 24/7 Monitoring • 25,000 Daily Mentions Monitored • Tech Support
    6. 6. Social Media Opportunities for NWT Stronger Relationships Leads Brand Awareness
    7. 7. Where to be Active? Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Twitter
    8. 8. Content Planning Software Training Video’s Product Highlights How to Guides/ Articles Preventative Help Best Practices
    9. 9. Be Human • Human Identity of NWT • Thought Leaders • Experts
    10. 10. Sources Works Cited Anderson, Time. "Social Media Marketing in the Technology Sector." Guardian News and Media, 15 Aug. 2013. Web. 13 Jan. 2014. "B2B & B2C Social Media Leads & Sales By Channel [CHART]." EStrategy Marketing Trends RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2014. "Recent Research." Edison Research Learning To Love LinkedIn Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2014. "Tech Support Goes Social." PCWorld. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2014.