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Ensuring a Successful Bid Process


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Condominium Associaitons hire a management company to work with the board of directors in providing the best service from outside vendors. The role of the manager and the management company is to obtain bids, review, and provide recommendations to the board of directors.

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Ensuring a Successful Bid Process

  1. 1. Jeffrey M. LoganTaylor Management Company AAMC & AMO
  2. 2. Ensuring a Successful Bid Process
  3. 3. The Process
  4. 4. Step 1Define the Product or Service Needed.
  5. 5. What Kind of Project? On-Going Service or One-Time Project? Capital or Operating Cost?Gutter Repairs Drainage Work Resurfacing Landscaping
  6. 6. The Process
  7. 7. Timing is………everything! SNOW SEASON IS APPROACHING July/August: Specs to Board for review August: RFP’s to vendors September: Obtain bids and call in vendors if Board is looking to interview October: Decision made and contract signed
  8. 8. Creating the RFPBe Specific!A specific RFP:•Generates fewer questions frombidders•Ensures bids are tailored to yourneeds•Specify documents to be included(licenses, proof of insurance, etc.)
  9. 9. Creating the RFPState a deadline!State DAY, DATE AND TIME ofdeadline that bids must be receivedby.Questions? Ask an engineer…..
  10. 10. Distributing the RFPDistribute to as many vendors as possible…..You WANT a competitive process!Use Your Resources: Websites, Email,US Mail, etc.
  11. 11. The Process
  12. 12. Reviewing Bid Analysis with the BoardBe fair and impartial – emotions and friendshipsmust stay out of the processListen to each Board member’s concern/questionsGuide with facts, don’t make assumptionsBoard members’ concerns/questions are thefoundation of the interview processTake your own notes
  13. 13. Power By Numbers?The lowest number doesn’t always win the job.
  14. 14. The Process
  15. 15. Making a RecommendationThe Board makes the final decision based on your notes from: The Bid Analysis Review The Interviews The Reference ChecksThe job of Community Management is to: Educate the Board Guide the Board Assist the Board Prepare the Board
  16. 16. Interviewing the Finalists How Many is Enough? Don’t overwhelm - keep it simple Qualifications? Can speak confidently about history with type of project/work Can estimate timeline based on scope of work Can explain workplace safety program, OSHA compliance Knows names of employees Can communicate with Board well = “a good fit”
  17. 17. The Process
  18. 18. Did you check references? Really? All of them?Even ones that weren’t given?
  19. 19. Good References Mean…. Projects done to code Leaking Roof, fixed 3 times
  20. 20. The Process
  21. 21. Nice Work?
  22. 22. Management Involvement and Oversight• Keep record of all change orders to match with invoices• Review and match invoices with bid and/or change orders before approved or submitted for payment• Have regular status meetings with contractor during active work• Inspect work frequently• Managers Calendar• Always keep the board informed• Remember: You are not a project manager or an engineer. Bring in other experts as needed.
  23. 23. Nice Work!