Lecture Series 2013


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Lecture Series 2013

  1. 1. HootSuite University: Lecture Series2012 saw over 30 lecture series by industry leaders added to the HootSuite Universitylibrary. These 20-30 minute presentations provide social media education for all levels oflearning across a wide variety of topics.Additionally, HootSuite University has partnered with top social networks to delivereducation directly from LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Klout and more.Students learn through concise, effective video webinars highlighting best practices,case studies, and insight from thought leaders in the social space.As there is a lot of content to sift through, this document provides you with a briefsummary of each lecture series to help you determine which ones you should view orconsider adding to your curriculum.In addition to our lecture series offering, there is also the HootSuite Courseware with 75videos and Social Media courseware with 4 separate courses.Good luck building your syllabus!Most Popular Lecture Series, 2012: • The Shift to Social Business (Michael Brito, Edelman Digital) • Do you have Klout? Understand & Grow Your Online Influence (Joe Fernandez, Klout CEO) • How Real Estate is Leading the Way in Social Media (Katie Lance, Katie Lance Consulting) • 4 Tips & Tricks for Effective Social Media Management (Susan Murphy, Jester Creative) • 5 Best Practices for New Facebook Pages (Taylor Loren, HootSuite) • Tactical Tips & Tricks for Social Media Success (Josh Ochs, MediaLeaders) • 5 Key Steps to Engaging Followers on LinkedIn (Andrew Kaplan, LinkedIn) • Redefinition of Traditional Media Models (Todd Defren, PR-Squared) • How the Best Brands Tell Stories Using Tumblr (Ari Levine, Tumblr) • Social Media for Event Marketing (Lorien Henson, HootSuite) • The New Social CMO (Ian Wolfman & Mark McKinney, imc²) • Building a Powerful Community on YouTube (Ryan Nugent, YouTube)
  2. 2. Education by Social NetworkHow the Best Brands Tell Stories Using Tumblr (Ari Levine, Tumblr)Learn tips on sharing and amplifying your content, engaging with Tumblr’s thriving community, andtelling your story to grow your brand.Building a Powerful Community on YouTube (Ryan Nugent, YouTube)Learn the importance of building a community on YouTube, how to create and curate powerfulcontent, and tips for measuring success.5 Key Steps to Engaging Followers on LinkedIn (Andrew Kaplan, LinkedIn)Learn how to grow your business on LinkedIn from the guys who know it best, and explore bestpractices for driving business through Company Pages.How to Strategically Grow Your LinkedIn Network (John Hill, LinkedIn)Your LinkedIn network can be a valuable resource, but are you leveraging the potential of youronline rolodex? Build your network before you need it.Do you have Klout? Understand & Grow Your Online Influence (Joe Fernandez, Klout CEO)Klout is today’s standard of influence on the social web, and represents a person’s ability to makean impact and drive actions online.Klout for Business: Leveraging Influence for Your Brand (Joe Fernandez, Klout CEO)The second installment of our two-part interview series focuses on how brands can zoom in oninfluencers.Becoming a Social BusinessThe New Social CMO (Ian Wolfman & Mark McKinney, imc²)Learn the 5 key steps to guide your marketing and community teams in growing your brand, whilestaying ahead of your competition.Redefinition of Traditional Media Models (Todd Defren, PR-Squared)Gain insight into the balance between traditional and new media marketing models, and how tomake them work together for your business.The Shift to Social Business (Michael Brito, Edelman Digital)Learn how to engage your social customers, and integrate social media across your organization.Selling Social to the CEO (Greg Verdino, Verdino LLC)In this practical lecture series, learn hands-on strategies and tactical tips for getting yourorganization, and your C-Suites, on board with social.The Business of Social (Matt Switzer, HootSuite)Learn how to scale social to meet the needs of any enterprise business by exploring differentbusiness models adopting and managing social, and how to activate legions of advocates whoare passionate about your brand.
  3. 3. Organize your Social Business (Ben Watson, HootSuite)Learn what it takes to get started with organizing your social business, from educating andempowering your teams, to understanding measurement and ROI.The Collaborative Organization (Jacob Morgan, Chess Media Group)Explore the 5 key principles surrounding business collaboration that will help you achieve successand avoid failure.Social Media Best PracticesTactical Tips & Tricks for Social Media Success (Josh Ochs, MediaLeaders)In this step-by-step Lecture Series, learn powerful techniques, tips and tricks for businesses, andunderstand how to increase your company’s bottom line through social media.5 Best Practices for New Facebook Pages (Taylor Loren, HootSuite)Take a walk through the features, capabilities and perks of your company’s Facebook page.4 Tips & Tricks for Effective Social Media Management (Susan Murphy, Jester Creative)Save time and get your life back by managing your social media efficiently.Where Context Meets Content (Gary Vaynerchuk, Vayner Media)If content is king, then context is a religion. Key takeaway? Let the deer have the shotguns.How to Use Social Video to Drive Results (Cameron Uganec, HootSuite)Learn about the importance of conflict in your stories, key principles that impact social video, andCameron’s 10 secrets to social video success.Return on Influence: Personal Power on the Web (Mark Schaefer, Grow)Explore case studies and real business examples of leveraging online influence, and learn how topull the right strings to create ambassadors for your brand.Science of Social Media: The Design and Engineering of Contagious Ideas (Dan Zarrella,HubSpot)In this lecture, explore the myths of why and how people behave online to help you increase yourreach and create contagious ideas.5 Decisions that Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty (Jeanne Bliss, Customer Bliss)Explore the 5 key decisions surrounding customer experience that will help grow your business.5 Advanced Tactics for Engaging your B2B Audience (Gord Hotchkiss, Mediative)Learn how to engage your B2B audience by understanding their online behavior, leveraging andtargeting your social media efforts, and building a bigger online footprint.Back to Basics: Creating a Content Strategy for Facebook (Laura Roeder, LKR Media)Learn how to create a simple, effective Facebook content strategy for your small business.
  4. 4. Elements of Perfection: A Social Media Case Study with Whistler Blackcomb (Amber Turnau,Whistler)In this presentation, we’ll watch how Whistler Blackcomb, host of the 2010 Winter Olympic andParalympic Games, executed and tracked its most successful campaign to dateThe Palms Hotel Case Study (Josh Ochs, MediaLeaders)This lecture demonstrates how profitable social media can be for businesses accustomed tomeasuring revenue through traditional channels.Social Media Education by DepartmentMarketing:Social Media for Event Marketing (Lorien Henson, HootSuite)Learn the social tools and tactical tips to effectively promote your event and increase attendees.Digital Defense: Online Reputation Management in the Digital Age (David Krejci, WeberShandwick)Learn what it takes to get a social media crisis management plan in place for your company.Be Local Everywhere: Growing Your Online Community (Dave Olson, HootSuite)Learn from HootSuite’s greatest storyteller, and get tips on international growth from the leaderbehind HootSuite’s ever-expanding Community.Social and SEO: Two Peas in an Inbound Pod (Eric McGillivray, SeoMoz)Learn how these essential teams can combine their inbound marketing efforts to create customerloyalty and ROI for your organization.Customer Service:Customer Service in a Social World (Sharad Mohan, HootSuite)Learn tactical tips and key takeaways on successful social support by exploring conversations onproduct vs. brand, humanizing the customer experience, and creating moments of awesome.Streamlining Social Support: Turn Conversations into Value (Don Baron, Get Satisfaction)Learn how to decrease the cost of your social support and increase customer happiness usingGet Satisfaction and HootSuite.HR:How Small Businesses Can Stand Out and Hire the Best People (Don Charlton, TheResumator)Learn about the importance of proactive hiring, how to find those passive job seekers, and how tobuild a great applicant pipeline.
  5. 5. Industry Specific EducationReal Estate:How the Real Estate is Leading the Way in Social Media (Katie Lance, Katie LanceConsulting)Learn how social media helps real estate professionals drive traffic back to their sites, sell morehomes, and build their sphere of influence.Finance:Social Media Security & Compliance in Financial Services (Amy McIlwain, Financial SocialMedia)Explore the importance of compliance through real examples of financial effectively leveragingsocial media.Higher Education:Teaching Social Media to Digital Natives (Dr. William Ward, Syracuse University)Explore the importance of teaching social media in the higher ed classroom, and how Dr. Wardeffectively integrated HootSuite University into his curriculum.Driving Admissions through Community Building: Best Practices for HigherEducation (Brandon Cork, Inigral)Escape the ivory tower and learn how to build an online community and drive admissions tohigher education institutions.