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Updated Content

  1. 1. HootSuite University: Updated Content for 2013In early 2013 HootSuite University will be updated with all new HootSuite coursewareconsisting of 75 brand new videos. This course is comprised of engaging videomodules, useful worksheets, and two online exams.The content is being updated for the first time since August 2011 to reflect majorchanges in the dashboard, a better video and production quality, and stronger examquestions.New to the content is the addition of Best Practices videos in levels 2 and 3, whichdive into strategic ways a business can manage their HootSuite dashboard. Also new isthe optional worksheets that students can utilize for their learning.In order to become HootSuite Certified, students must complete the exams for theGetting Started with HootSuite & HootSuite Pro modules. The HootSuite Enterprise levelprovides students with additional strategies but it is important to note that students willnot have access to all of features as they are not Enterprise clients.The social media courseware will remain the same, and includes: • SCMD 110: Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles • SCMD 120: Introduction to Social Media Across an Organization • SCMD 121: Introduction to Social Networks for Organizations • SCMD 140: Growing an Online CommunityAdditionally, the HootSuite University Lecture Series has grown significantly in 2012, and now hasover 30 webinars from industry leading professionals.Good luck with building your syllabus!
  2. 2. Getting Started with HootSuiteHOOT 100: Getting Started • What is HootSuite? • Adding Social Networks • Adding Tabs • Adding Streams • Exploring HootSuite Organizations • Navigating Your User Profile • Publishing Messages • Attaching Photos & DocumentsHOOT 110: Listening • Monitoring Search Streams • Utilizing Twitter Lists • Monitoring Advanced Streams • Creating Job SearchesHOOT 120: Engaging • Exploring HootSuite’s App Directory • Using Plug-in Apps • Shortening Links • Scheduling Messages • Using the HootletHOOT 130: Collaboration • Collaborating with HootSuite Conversations • Assigning Messages • Sharing Team Streams • Creating DraftsHOOT 140: Analytics • Creating Custom Reports • Analytics • Social Network Analytics • Google Analytics
  3. 3. ! ! HootSuite Pro HOOT 210: Listening • Advanced Search Tactics • Filtering Messages Instream • Archiving Messages • Creating Geo-targeted Searches • Utilizing the HootFeed • Best Practice: Listening Tactics with HootSuite Apps • Best Practice: Monitoring Multiple Channels • Best Practice: Discovering Your Audience HOOT 220: Engaging • Scheduling Bulk Messages • Utilizing the Publisher • Using RSS Feeds • Best Practice: Engaging with Influencers • Best Practice: Creating & Curating Content • Best Practice: Amplifying Your Messages HOOT 230: Collaboration • Organization Permissions • Team Permissions • Social Network Permissions • Best Practice: Managing Your Organization • Best Practice: Managing Social Customer Service • Best Practice: Executing Marketing Campaigns HOOT 240: Analytics • Creating Custom URL Parameters • Twitter Profile Analytics • Reporting Facebook Insights • Google Analytics • Analytics
  4. 4. ! ! HootSuite Enterprise This content is not tested at this time and completion is not mandatory for certification. However, you may want your students exposed to some of the Enterprise Best Practice videos. HOOT 310: Listening • Best Practice: Social Compliance & Global Relay • Best Practice: Monitoring Your Brand HOOT 320: Engaging • Using a Vanity URL • Targeting Messages by Facebook Language • Tagging Team Member Posts • Best Practice: Engaging Content • Best Practice: Going International • Best Practice: Enterprise Digital Marketing Campaigns HOOT 330: Collaboration • Limiting Permissions for Team Members • Best Practice: Governance • Best Practice: Super Admin Strategies • Best Practice: Team Admin Strategies • Best Practice: Optimizing Your Dashboard Setup HOOT 340: Analytics • Post Tagging Analytics • Team Member Analytics • Best Practice: Web & Social Analytics with Webtrends & Adobe Site Catalyst • Best Practice: Creating Compelling Reports HOOT 350: Security • Utilizing Secure Profiles • Using Single Sign-on and HTTPS • Best Practice: Social Media Security