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Thing Big: Creative Social Media Campaigns


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Together with Alissa Ramsay (MilliCare Textile & Carpet Care), Haley Connor (Pinot's Palette) and Deb Evans (Franchise Foundry), a presentation at the International Franchise Association's 2015 annual convention in February 2015 on creative social media campaigns for franchise marketing.

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Thing Big: Creative Social Media Campaigns

  1. 1. #ThinkBigSocial Panel Deb Evans, CFE Franchise Foundry Alissa Ramsay, CFE MilliCare Textile and Carpet Care Taylor Hulyk re:group Haley Hughes Pinot’s Palette
  2. 2. MilliCare Textile & Carpet Care • Celebrating 20 years as a franchise • 83+ Franchisees worldwide • Business to Business • Revolutionary Service • Research • Process • Skilled Professionals who CARE #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  3. 3. Challenges • Mature network • High profile clientele • Co-Branding • Target demographic • Community service private and personal • Network participation • Starting from scratch #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  4. 4. Objective • “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” • Communicate our culture of generosity and care • I Care. We Care. milliCARES. – Employees – Communities – Environment – Facilities – Relationships #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  5. 5. Internal Example #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  6. 6. Benchmark • Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving • IFA’s Franchising Gives Back • Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  7. 7. Campaign • Definition of CARE • #milliCARES • Month of CARE • Feature stories from the network • Client testimonials • Case studies • Video, photos, long and short stories #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  8. 8. Results #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  9. 9. Meet re:group! #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  10. 10. Introducing Pet Supplies Plus • Pet Supplies Plus is the third-largest retailer of pet supplies in the United States. • It is the largest pet supplies franchise, with over 300 locations in 25 Eastern states. • It’s known as “America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store.” #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  11. 11. The Problem #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  12. 12. The Opportunity To unveil opportunity, always ask yourself these questions: • What are we trying accomplish as a business? • How can we support that using social media? • How will we track performance? • Think about things like: – If I were a customer, why would I shop with us? – What makes us better or different than our competitors? – What do we want to communicate? #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  13. 13. The Solution #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  14. 14. Your Pet is a Star #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  15. 15. Be Our Neighbor Contest #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  16. 16. New Year’s Resolution Pet Shaming Contest #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  17. 17. The Results #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk With these three initiatives alone, we collected over 6,000 neighbor photos to support ongoing social content creation efforts. Also led to: • Social community growth (i.e. You will get regular content from our brand that will encourage purchasing behavior at our stores) • Brand awareness (i.e. We have stores; you should come to them!) • A focus on “neighborhood”—a brand value (i.e. We care about you!) • Highlighting emotional connection between neighbor and pet—making them the foundation of the brand (i.e. You and your pet are what matters to Pet Supplies Plus; be our neighbor…for life!)
  18. 18. Pinot’s Palette • An entertaining night out where you Paint, Drink and Have Fun. • Over 100 studios across the USA • Entrepreneur Magazine – Franchise 500: 2014/2015 – Fastest-Growing: 2014/2015 – Top New: 2013/2014/2015 #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  19. 19. Game Changers • Local studios utilize social media platforms • Facebook rules – Only 2% of a business’ “followers” actually will see posts – Engagements will increase visibility #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  20. 20. Increase Engagement Local Level • Market Research – what is your customer talking about? • Inclusive- include the customer in the decisions making = Mascot naming contest #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  21. 21. Social Media Contest • Nationwide contest, Third party app – Wishpond • Advertised through social media and email • Driving engagement locally and nationally • Phase 1: Submit a name • Phase 2: Have others vote on your name • Winner received 2 free seats, a shirt and wine tumbler
  22. 22. Results "The coloring on the pig made me think of marks from a paint brush. I just love Pinot's Palette and I adore pigs! What a great combo!" - Ramona Beshvan, Chicago "As with an incredible, rare work of art, this little cutie is "Priceless". - Amber Lucas, San Deigo “Pinot's is all about giving us ordinary people a chance to be an artist and making us feel like we did our own masterpiece! " -Liz Simon, New York #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  23. 23. • Increased engagement by 300% for new studios • Increased engagement on average 75-200% • Execution & Cost – Wishpond App ($150), Animoto ($10) Results #ThinkBigSocial: @DebCE, @AlissaRamsay, @HaleyCHughes & @taylorhulyk
  24. 24. Thank you! Deb Evans, CFE Franchise Foundry Alissa Ramsay, CFE MilliCare and Textile and Carpet Care Taylor Hulyk re:group Haley Hughes Pinot’s Palette