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Breathe: Alleviating Security Privacy Concerns of Social Media


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A presentation given to Adrian College in June 2012 on mitigating privacy and security risk in social media.

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Breathe: Alleviating Security Privacy Concerns of Social Media

  1. 1. + Breathe: Alleviating Security/Privacy Concerns of Social Media By: Taylor Hulyk Social Media Director, re:group Follow me! @taylorhulyk @regroupinc
  2. 2. + You want me to what?
  3. 3. + A couple of ounces of validity to that fear… With opportunity always comes risk. The key is proving the following equation to upper management: OPPORTUNITY > RISK 1) Conduct a risk assessment 2) Create a social media policy 3) Adopt a workflow/response strategy 4) Train competent people in social media management 5) Monitor!
  4. 4. + Risk Noun Exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous choice. Risk is comprised of tangible threats that will challenge the integrity of your social media program. Social Media Super Hero
  5. 5. + Example of Risk Assessment
  6. 6. + Policies, guidelines, codes of conduct
  7. 7. + SM Policy Contents • What you can do • What you can’t do • When you can do it • What you’re encouraged to do • What you should defer to the social media representative • Organization’s perception of social media • Disciplinary actions if violation occurs For tons of social media policy examples, head to
  8. 8. + Workflow Identify who will comprise your social media team. Even if they aren’t actually the people who will be interacting with customers online, they will be accountable for assisting the social media manager in issue remediation and content development. STEP 1: Identify your social media team. STEP 2: Cement the infrastructure.
  9. 9. + Who’s going to do what, when? Your customers will keep you on your toes. Every day, they’ll come up with a different issue, a different compliment, a different way to shoot the breeze. And, as a social media manager, it’s your job to be ready for all of them. ENTER: SOCIAL MEDIA RESPONSE STRATEGY Happy Confused Angry
  10. 10. + Air Force Social Media Response Assessment You might have seen this before. That’s because it’s probably the best visual social media response diagram out there. *Notice the shading in the background. Each shade indicates a different phase of the assessment: Discovery, Evaluate and Respond.
  11. 11. + Training You’ve got everything in place. Your policy, workflow and response strategy, and you’re almost ready to start building a content strategy. But before you dig in deep, you need to tell everyone how the heck they work this thing called social media.
  12. 12. + Monitoring • Who’s talking about you? • Who’s talking about your industry? • Who’s talking about your competitors?
  13. 13. + Monitoring Options These are aggregation tools that organize all of your social media subscriptions in one place. Examples: iGoogle, NetVibes, Google Reader, Bloglines, etc. These are automated search tools, in which the software automatically performs preset searches without the manual search time. Some also include social media management and measurement. (Beware, these can be pricey!) Examples: Radian6, Sysomos, Engage121, Awareness, Meltwater Buzz, Sprout, etc. RSS Dashboards Monitoring Software
  14. 14. + SWITCHING GEARS: Social Media Privacy Tips for Personal Use
  15. 15. + Facebook Privacy Settings Facebook privacy settings are probably the trickiest of the bunch…especially because they get changed so frequently. To the left is the page where you can control your privacy to the extent that Facebook allows you to. Access by clicking the tiny arrow on the upper right-hand portion of your screen and then clicking “Privacy Settings.”
  16. 16. + Twitter Privacy Settings Twitter privacy settings are rather straight forward. You can access them by clicking the person icon on the top right-hand side of your screen and then selecting “Settings.” In this menu, you have the option of “protecting your tweets,” which means making them visible only to people you give access to.
  17. 17. + LinkedIn Privacy Settings LinkedIn is very straight forward in terms of tweaking privacy settings. You can control which people can see your profile when they search, the visibility of your activity feed, your public profile, etc. You can access your privacy settings in the top right-hand menu labeled with your name. Then select “Settings.”
  18. 18. + Cookies Noun Messages, or segments of data, containing information about a user, sent by a Web server to a browser and sent back to the server each time the browser requests a Web page.
  19. 19. + Google & You On March 1, Google combined 60 owned privacy policies into one.
  20. 20. Questions? @taylorhulyk @regroupinc