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  1. 1. Memo To: Stephanie Anderson-QuinnFrom: Taylor Freeman Date: March 15, 2011Re: InterviewsMessage: I conducted an interview with two professional, both involved in the CriminalJustice System. One interview was conducted in person with Deputy US MarshalRodney Hartzell, while the second interview, which was also conducted in person, waswith Office Hubert Higgins. Both individuals gave well put together depictions of theiroccupations, and were able to give me an insight on how their duties are to truly becarried out, rather than the pleasant descriptions given by a recruiter. Also, being afemale, I have had a few situations were I have been told that I should choose anothercareer, whereas both officers gave me encouragement. I was told both the positives andthe negatives of the choice, but was not once discouraged. Also, both individuals werewilling to give truthful information, and did not have an issue answering any of myquestions. From the information gather by conducting the two interviews, I was able to
  2. 2. enhance my knowledge of both the local Criminal Justice System as well as the FederalAgencies.! The interviews revealed many similarities and differences of the two agencies,some obvious as well as some that the common citizen would not notice. Both of theindividuals provided an outlook of their occupations that most, including me, could havenever imagined. It was revealed that the jobs that they do is not as exciting as even thereality shows present them to be. Also, both jobs are difficult and is not meant for everyindividual.! My interview with Deputy Rodney Hartzell was one that was both entertaining aswell as informational. I have known Deputy Hartzell for a little over a year now, and trulysee him as a role model and good human being. During the interview, I was able todiscover more information about him that I had not previously known. Deputy Hartzell isa college graduate and has a Bachelor degree in Criminal Science. He has been anofficer and US Marshal for close to thirty years. His main title is Commanding Officer ofhis division, but he also is very involved with the physical action and task carried out bythe deputes under him. To become a US Marshal, one must go through a long processof training, including a extended stay at a camp in which they learn their duties andways to conduct themselves. The process to become a US Marshal is difficult and theindividuals must subject to many test, including background checks. If one is able topass and graduate, he or she will be stationed at an agency to work as a deputy.One ofthe chief goals of the US Marshals is to track down and capture fugitives whom havenot or cannot be captured by the local agencies. The job of the US Marshal alsoincludes tasks such as transporting prisoners from jurisdictions, serving in court rooms,
  3. 3. protecting judges, and conducting the witness protection program. The US Marshalcreation began over 200 years ago, with at least one agencies in almost every state ofthe United States. Each agency is responsible for the area in which it is located, but isgiven the right to carry out its laws in other areas, with permission and cooperation ofother agencies, depending on the situation and locality. As a US Marshal, DeputyHartzell has unlimited jurisdiction and travels to many city, and even countries, to catchcriminals. Although his job consist of much traveling, he is stationed in Toledo, OH.Rodney Hartzell first started as a police officer and also served in S.W.A.T (SpecialWeapons and Tactics) before becoming an US Marshal. He stated that he wanted tobecome involved in criminal justice because it felt right. He described his choice as adesire to change the world and capture criminals. He wanted to do good and had moreof an interest in Criminal Justice rather than Medicine or Law. He now says thatalthough the job includes positives as well as negatives, he could not imagine doing anything else and would recommend it to any one who showed the potential. He even saidthat he becomes excited when informed that someone is interested in becoming a USMarshal. He also finds it honoring that he is viewed by some people as a hero and rolemodel. He said that he is only doing what his job entails, but is thankful for all of theappreciation. He described the appreciation as what makes the difficult days worth thehassle.! Though my interview with Officer Higgins was not as personal as the one withDeputy Hartzell, due to my prior relationship with Hartzell, the interview was just asinsightful and I was able to develop a relationship with the officer beyond the interview.Officer Higgins has been serving, as of this year, for twenty years. He is in hopes of
  4. 4. being promoted to detective when promotions approach in the coming months. TheToledo Police Dept. is a division whose main goal is to protect and to serve the citizensof Toledo, OH. To become an officer, one is required to go through a training academyand graduate to become an official officer. Officer Higgins stated that he wanted tobecome an officer because of his family. He has many relatives whom were in thecriminal justice system, serving as officers as well as attorneys. He admits that when hefirst joined the service, he enjoyed the job, and it was much more than he could haveimagined. He says that now it has changed, even mentioning Senate Bill 5, and saysthat it has changed so much from when he first started. He says that now he is requiredto pay for many commodities that were initially taken care of. His occupations hasalmost become a job, by my observation. Even though he did have much to complainabout, he said that he would not do anything different. He enjoys the task that is givenand able to carry out. He also said that he would even recommend the job to otherpeople, offering wisdom, advice, and knowledge about the truth and difficulty to dealwith the everyday lifestyle.! Both individuals were encouraging. Doing the interviews, I was able to learn aboutthe agencies, information not given on websites or brochures. I also was learned someof the differences of the two jobs. The Marshals goal is to capture fugitives while theToledo Police Department focuses on protecting and serving the citizens of Toledo. Bothseemed to be proud of the work that they have done. Both of their occupations are toserve the public, and neither is nonprofit. They also stated that their jobs are morepolitical than one would imagine, although I was given the impression that Officer
  5. 5. Higgins job is much more political, especially since the overseers of the policedepartment are the political leaders of the city.! As for personal gain from conducting the interviews, I now have a clear vision as towhat the occupations truly entail. Although I have had much interaction with officers, Iwas able to gain a different perspective by asking questions about topics that are notusually discussed. I was given advise that was more personal than I have received fromany other officers from previous times. These two individuals deserve much respect andhonor for the tasks that they have completed. Deputy Hartzell has received manyhonors for his work and was also previously featured on a fugitive capture segment onlocal television regularly, after serving as an undercover officer. Also, as priorly stated,Officer Higgins is a candidate for a promotion to become a detective, and has servedpreviously in the Gang Task Unit as well as the Narcotics division. I am pleased withboth of the interviews, and I am thankful to both of the professional for taking the timeout of their busy career to help me get a better understanding of the two agencies.
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