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MECKids: Who Are We?


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MECKids: Who Are We?

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  2. 2. Our Story<br />MECKids is the creation of Fran Dean Bishop, president and CEO of Aerobodies Inc, who conceived of MECKids in response to mounting requests from teenage girls and their moms for a “youthful” solution to fitness and weight management. One day a local student contacted Aerobodies Inc. seeking a weight management program for teens. She said “Ms. Bishop, I need something that works just for me that my mom can afford.” I really want to lose weight and get fit, can you help me?” That student was Lisa Perez, a former graduate of TC Williams High School. From Lisa’s request, the formulation of MECKids began.<br /> and My Equilibrium are members of the Aerobodies brand of companies. Founded in 1992 in Alexandria, Virginia, Aerobodies Inc. has become known for developing unique and innovative wellness programs that can be used in home or at your office. Through unique, innovative programs, the Aerobodies Team of professionals includes healthcare practitioners, lifestyle coaches, personal trainers and nutrition consultants. The Aerobodies portfolio of clients include: SAIC, USDA, Mandarin Hotels, Sallie Mae, Fannie Mae, Finra, The Smithsonian Museums, Alexandria City Government and Steptoe & Johnson.<br />
  3. 3. MECKids Product Description<br />MECKids Basic – is an interactive health, fitness and nutrition web-based software program providing health and fitness challenges and competitions along with tracking software for youth groups. The MECkids program also provides a social network component allowing students to network and connect with other students around the globe that have similar interests in health, sports, hobbies and exercise. <br />MECKids provides all the integration and benefits of the following:<br />Social Networking<br />Email and Bulletin Board Communications<br />Wellness Café for Video Retrieval<br />Creates unity and dialogue on health issues<br />Keeps students engaged in the process<br />
  4. 4. MECKIds Virtual Fitness Challenge!<br />The MECKids Virtual Fitness Challenge is a health & fitness contest lasting 60 days. The Challenge is comprised of many components including proper nutrition and movement . <br />Points Are Awarded Based on the EQ 5<br />Cardiovascular Exercise<br />Proper nutrition<br />Strength Conditioning<br />Flexibility<br />Stress Management<br />The objective of the contest is to motivate students to live healthier, more active lives. <br />AWARDS: Points will be awarded to each student in participating schools that successfully incorporate healthy lifestyle behaviors during the 60 days.<br />
  5. 5. MECKIds Corporate Sponsors<br />The MECKids Virtual Fitness Challenge has garnered sincere interest from the following individual and organizations. Sponsorships and partnering agreements are being solidified each day. <br />