Ci 350 unit plan wednesday


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Ci 350 unit plan wednesday

  1. 1. Wednesday Analyze Learners The students that I will be teaching are in the tenth grade and all on a tenth grade reading level. A group of 23 students: 10 being male and 13 being female. There are 5 Caucasian students, 5 African American students, 5 Hispanic students, 5 biracial students, and 3 Asian students. Five students have mild attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. One student has as orthopedic impairment, cerebral palsy. One student has a moderate to severe hearing impairment. State Objectives The tenth grade students will apply reading skills and strategies to inform, to perform a task and to read for literacy experience by: identifying and using cadence and scansion to develop independence as readers by using Twitter to discuss with the class through our class Twitter. To see if students grasp the concept of cadence each student will find an example in t he text The Kite Runner and tweet that to our classes twitter with the hashtag #MsBruerKiteRunnerUnit. The activity for scansion will be to do the same thing through Twitter, but to find examples that they think are correct of scansion through The Kite Runner. To see if students have grasped the concept of cadence and scansion, will together check tweets and say why or why something is not correct, and correcting identify the two literary themes throughout our text. Select Methods, Media, and Materials For this lesson the internet thought computer or through smart phones, Twitter, text Utilize Media and Materials The internet is necessary for Wednesday’s lesson because my class will need to be able to access Twitter. I think that using Twitter in the middle of this unit plan is good so that the way students are learning is a little different and I think that using twitter for educational purposes will want students to perform better and what to get the answers correctly and to do exceptional work because their friends will see. I believe that this exercise will be good to use social networking because that is what students know is technology. Why not bring a lesson into their comfort zone? Require Learner ParticipationLearner participation is crucial just like every other day in this unit plan because students will need to tweet and respond to their peers about whether or not they agree with each other’s examples of cadence and scansion. Evaluate and Revise This specific lesson, will be easier to evaluate students on their personal understanding of cadence and scansion because through the hashtag that will be used to keep all of our classes tweets in a bundle together will allow me to see what students are understanding on a more individual level. If I see that a student is not quite getting the material, I can tweet
  2. 2. them and reference them to a website or more cleared examples so that they can be reassured. And to maybe not single anyone out I can just tweet in general as a reminder and maybe have students tweet me back to let me know if that site or reference was helpful for them and let them know that they need more help or still do not get something that they can tweet me for help! Cadence is a regular beat or rhyme or the way a person’s voice changes by gently rising and falling while he or she is speaking (Literary Devices). Scansion is the analysis of a verse to show its meter (Literary Devices).