Ci 350 unit plan friday


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Ci 350 unit plan friday

  1. 1. Friday Analyze LearnersThe students that I will be teaching are in the tenth grade and all on a tenth grade reading level. A group of 23 students: 10 being male and 13 being female. There are 5 Caucasian students, 5 African American students, 5 Hispanic students, 5 biracial students, and 3 Asian students. Five students have mild attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. One student has as orthopedic impairment, cerebral palsy. One student has a moderate to severe hearing impairment. State ObjectivesThe tenth grade students will apply reading skills and strategies to inform, to perform a task and to read for literary experience by: identifying and using Freytag’s Pyramid to develop independence as readers by completing a webquest that will educate students on what Freytag’s Pyramid and go into an in depth hunt for information to better understand Freytag’s Pyramid and when to use it and why it is applied to literature. After students complete the webquest they will then form a project presentation through PowerPoint that will answer all of the questions asked throughout the webquest. The PowerPoint will be how they submit their knew gained knowledge to me (this will make sure that they stay on task, making sure that they have something to submit to me and not they are just playing around. Select Methods, Media, and Materials internet, PowerPoint, text, examples Utilize Media and Materials The internet will be used to complete the webquest that I have created for students, in that webquest there are links to several websites where students are to get their information from. PowerPoint will be used so that students can create their projects which will consist of the answers to the questions asked in the webquest. The text will be used to reference and identify parts of Freytag’s Pyramid so that they can have more practice, and know when to identify it throughout independent reading not just in my class but throughout schooling. Require Learner ParticipationParticipation from students is important because without participation students will not be able to conduct a good representation of what they learned through the activities, examples, and webquest. Evaluate and Revise I will evaluate students understanding of Freytag’s Pyramid through the observation of the students Projects. The projects are to specifically compile the answers to the questions that have been asked through the webquest. If I find that students are missing the point of the project and I think they are not relaying answers that are justifying that they have new knowledge on Freytag’s Pyramid then I will construct a different approach to teaching Freytag’s Pyramid, like taking a secondary level book, and point out the points of literature through Freytag’s Pyramid and keep working the literature to higher levels until students can comprehend Freytag’s Pyramid. Freytag’s Pyramid
  2. 2. Exposition is the meaning or background information needed to understand the further reading of a text (Literary Devices.) Rising Action is the events leading to the climax (Literary Devices). Climax is the most interesting and exciting part of something: the high point (Literary Devices). Falling Action is the events that occur after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved (Literary Devices). Denouement is the end of a dramatic complication in literature (Literary Devices). I am going to introduce Freytag’s Pyramid as a five course dinner: Appetizer (to start of your meal/story to give you a taste of what your entrée/climax is going to be like) Soup (oh this is good I want to eat/read more) Main Entrée (the good stuff!) Salad (now that I’m finished, I have to get some veggies in my system, almost finished with my meal/reading) Desert (meal/reading is coming to an end)