CI 350 Assure Method Assignment


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CI 350 Assure Method Assignment

  1. 1. Taylor Bruer Professor Harold Blanco CI 350 T-Th 9:30 a.m. September 5, 2013 ASSURE Method Assignment Analyze Learners: The learners consist of a group of 15 visually impaired students who just arrived from Russia. These students will benefit most by doing hands on activities. While teaching these students it is crucial to be simple yet vivid when explaining a concept. State Objectives: The visually impaired Russian students will be told in simple terms what the Fourth of July is. Students will grasp activities of the Fourth of July by using four senses: touching, hearing, smelling and tasting. The students will touch felt material with their hands making an American Flag, fireworks will be played to them on YouTube so they will be able to hear what fireworks sound like, and students will be given the candy, Pop Rocks, to eat as a demonstration of what fireworks do in the sky. The students will conceive popular activities that take place on the Fourth of July by the end of the week. They will have a better understanding of what the Fourth of July is and participate helping to understand some of the traditions that take place in one week with 85% accuracy. Select Methods, Media and Materials: While teaching this group of students YouTube and crafts will give them a sense of activities that take place on the Fourth of July. Utilize Media and Materials: The materials that will be used to teach these students are going to be molded around the four senses mentioned in the objectives. By doing this it will create an environment of experience. This is going to be effective because the students will be experiencing the activities hands on. Felt, beads, and stars will be used to demonstrate a model of the America flag, students will be able to touch the flag. First, a rectangular piece of cloth will be given to each student. Next, with beads, the instructor will place a backwards “L” in the top left corner of the cloth. Students will be able to feel the area and then will be instructed to place the 50 starts that they will have in the designated area that will represent the 50 states. Following, with beads again, the instructor will make 14 lines which will be where students will then be putting the 13 pieces of thick long felt that they will be given which will represent the 13 colonies. The finished product will be a model of and American Flag. YouTube will be used to play a video of fireworks being let off, so that students will be able to hear the fireworks.
  2. 2. Before coming to school I will light a firework. Once the firework is no longer active and has cooled down I will bring the firework in for students to smell what fireworks smell like. That way students can make a connection, “I know what fireworks sound like from yesterday’s lesson and now I know what they smell like.” The last lesson while consist of cookout foods: hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, pop, and other tradition 4th of July cookout foods. Require Learner Participation: By teaching this group of students, lessons will be taught through hands on activities. Creating an environment so that students may physically participate is a must. Evaluate and Revise: Each activity should be taught on a different day. This way I will be able to monitor how well the students are grasping the concept. Since the goal is for students to conceive popular activities that take place on the Fourth of July by the end of the week. Each sense that is going to be focused on can be divided into days. Monday: America’s Birthday Tuesday: Touch - American Flag Activity Wednesday: Hear - YouTube Fireworks Video Thursday: Smell – Smell of Firecracker Friday: Taste – Taste Traditional 4th of July Cookout Foods