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  1. 1. ClickPodcasting Jamie Taylor
  2. 2. Pick your first article• Podcasting in the Classroom• A Little Help from My Friends: Classroom 2.0 Educators Share Their Experiences• Educational Applications of Podcasting in the Music Classroom
  3. 3. Podcasting in the Classroom • Benefits in the classroom• Podcasting can be used for lectures• Students can listen to the audio online• It can be used in any type of classroom• Its inexpensive and effective• Students can conduct interviews over podcastsFlanagan, B., & Calandra, B. (2005). Podcasting in the classroom. Learning &Leading withTechnology, 33(3), Retrieved from http://www.eric.ed.gov/PDFS/EJ728915.pdf
  4. 4. Continued… Convert Record your Upload your your blogHow to podcast on podcast to Create a URL into anmake a an audio an Mp3 weblog RSS 2.0 feedpodcast editing format with program enclosures
  5. 5. Continued… • I learned…• The benefits of podcasting in the classroom• How teachers and students can make podcasting effective• How to create a podcast• I will use podcasting in the classroom for teaching students and communicating with parents
  6. 6. A Little Help from My Friends: Classroom 2.0 Educators Share Their Experiences• Different teachers share their experiences with different technologies in the classroom• Blogs, social networking, podcasts, and wikis are some teachers choices• Teachers experiment with technology in the classroom and the students seem to enjoy itHargardon, S. (2007). A little help from my friends: classroom 2.0educators share their experiences. School Library Journal, 53(10).
  7. 7. Continued… The students Students really tried podcasts liked creatingfirst and then the podcasts teachers tried it Podcasting Students recorded Students have a monthly newsletters chance to be based on class events creative
  8. 8. Continued…• I would like to experiment with creating a podcast in the classroom• Students enjoy making things on their own• A classroom podcast will get students involved in monthly activities around the school, making them more involved• It might make students more interested in the classroom
  9. 9. Educational Applications of Podcasting in the Music Classroom• Students can subscribe to music podcasts and each week it will be delivered to their computer• Can use an IPod or an Mp3 player• Students can review over different podcasts at homeKerstetter, K. (2009). Educational applications of podcasting in the music classroommusicclassroom . Music Educators Jornal, 95(4).
  10. 10. Continued…• Pictures of composers and songs can be displayed on podcasts and blogs• Teachers can assess students on their knowledge through interviews
  11. 11. Continued…• Music can be hard to teach in the classroom because students can’t listen to different musicians• Podcasts can allow students to listen at home• It creates opportunities for students to learn about music and technology
  12. 12. Conclusion• Podcasting can be used in the classroom by teachers, students, and parents• Students can listen to podcasts at home or make them at school• It is easy and effective for teachers and students to use• It is a way to integrate technology into the classroom