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Going Paperless


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Marquise Taylor

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Going Paperless

  1. 1. Going PaperlessKeeping TreesAliveHow to save trees bymaking better choiceswhen it comes to paper“Every year,Americansthrow awayenough paperand plasticcups, forks, andspoons to circlethe equator 300times”.“The US usesapproximately 68million trees everyyear just oncatalogues anddirect mail (a totalof 82 billion piecesof direct mail andcataloguescollectively)”.GoPaperless !!!If everyAmericanhouseholdviewed andpaid bills online,it could reducesolid waste inU.S. landfills bymore than800,000 tons ayear!Using onlinemethods versuspaper cansave about 18.5million trees everyyear. Not tomention it canreduce the releaseof greenhousegases by 2.1 milliontons.Marquise Taylor
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