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Ad for Collecting Graduate Literacy Narratives


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Ad for Collecting Graduate Literacy Narratives

  1. 1. We’re collecting stories about reading, writing, and working collaboratively in our graduate English department at Purdue! <br />Stop by and share yourstory. You might:<br /><ul><li>Describe your reading or writing practices as an English graduate student.
  2. 2. Share a story about how you became initiated into graduate practices.
  3. 3. Share a story about the kinds of collaborating you do in graduate school. 
  4. 4. Share a story about cohort-life—from studying together and preparing for prelims to facing the job market and presenting at conferences.
  5. 5. Share a story about online interactions you share with your colleagues.
  6. 6. Describe how you get and give support in graduate school.</li></ul>Food<br />provided!<br /> Tues. Feb. 15th Anytime between 11:30am-1:30pm HEAV 320<br />Contact Katie Taylor ( or Don Unger ( for more information.<br />