Task 2 and 3


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Task 2 and 3 of BTEC Level 3

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Task 2 and 3

  1. 1. Task 2 By Tayler Davies-Lewis
  2. 2. This is Abuse Aims & Purposes – The purpose of this advertisement is to catch peoples attention and raise awareness of domestic abuse. This Is Abuse aim their campaigns at young people who may be in a abusive relationship. This advert uses rhetorical questions to get the reader to question their own situation and then use the helplines provided if needed. Techniques – This is Abuse have used a positive rhetorical ‘Does your boyfriend tell you you’re pretty?’ and then used the statements that someone may call their partner in an abusive relationship for example ‘Pretty Ugly’. This catches the readers attention and then may think about whether it applies to them. It is also used in the other advert but aimed at the other person in the relationship. I think this approach is good and used a playful font and play on words to catch the readers attention but they are also talking about a serious issue at the same time. The background, location and colours used are all dull which reflects the mood of the advertisment. Impact – It is clear and gets to the point. It provides help to victims in an abusive relationship.
  3. 3. Barnardos Aims & Purposes: The purpose of this advertisement is to raise awareness and campaign for child cruelty. Barnardos want to bring this to the publics attention as they want to improve the lives of children in our society. It is clear this problem is increasing in our society. Barnardos have researched this as they have the following statistics. ‘There are currently 3.5 million children living in poverty in the UK. That’s almost a third of all children. 1.6 million of these children live in severe poverty.’ Techniques: This advertisement grabs the attention of the audience as it is extreme and eye catching. The young child is the image looks vulnerable and is making eye contact with the audience would then evoke emotion from them and make them more likely to donate. The dull colours connote sadness and fear. Also the plain background makes the young child stand out so that’s what the audience would focus on. The simple statement gets straight to point and is used on other advertisements which sticks to a theme and is easy to recognise. Impact: Barnardos tell you were your donations go and how they are helping their organisation. ‘Together the people below have raised over £15,000 through innovation, ingenuity and sheer determination!
  4. 4. Smoke Free Aims & Purposes – The main purpose of this advert is to bring a national and even global change. It is trying to change the attitude of people that smoke especially when pregnant. The main aim of this advert is to stop people from smoking and also to prevent people smoking during pregnancy. Techniques – The colours used are full and dark to represent the mood of the advertisement. It also represents to death and illness that smoking can cause which is the message they are trying to get out to the audience. The statement used says ‘EVERY CIGARETTE HARMS YOUR BABY’. This is simple and is very clear. The capital letters imply how serious the issue is and grabs the audiences attention even more. It is used to stand out and make people read it then think about what they are doing. Impact –