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  1. 1. OUR INITIAL IDEAS: By Nicola Ho, Chloe King and Tayla Powell
  2. 2. CHOSEN SONG/GENRE• Our chosen song is Jason Mraz’s ‘Im Yours’ which fits under the soul/pop genre.• The reason why we have chosen this song is because our aim was to create a cool and calm atmospheric video, although the up-beat chorusgives it a diverse and fun feel.• Here is a taster of our chosen song:
  3. 3. CODES AND CONVENTIONS OF POP/SOUL GENRE:POP• The tone and hue of the lighting is bright• Theme is generally based on romance• Performing via dancing or in a narrative story that reflects the meaning of the lyrics• Pop music videos are usually fun and light hearted to appeal to a younger audience• There are not usually any instruments present as not many pop bands actually play their own instruments.
  4. 4. AND…SOUL• The majority have a narrative generally based on love/family• mono-tone colour scheme is frequently used• slow cuts and editing• no special effects• Usually instruments are incorporated into the video.From looking at this research we will:• Not use special effects – to make the video look realistic• We don’t want the colour scheme to be bright because our aim is to create a cool and calm atmosphere• We will include a instrument into our video, this will be a guitar• We want our music video to be based on a narrative story, almost as if it is a short film.
  5. 5. PLOT• Main character as well as the musician- boy• The boy and a girl will fall in love and it will be based on a romantic story but are afraid to admit their feelings to each other• Similarities to Jason Mraz’s video: it’s a lovestory and frequent use of montage• Differences: Ours is focused more on thelyrics, you will be able to see a key relation between lyrics and visuals.• We like the idea of our music video being a ‘short film’ therefore montage/flashbacks will be used commonly. In addition, we will use this to go back into the couples childhood.
  6. 6. BAND IMAGE:Instruments: The one and only instrument used is Clothing: His clothing follows a the guitar. This is strict colour scheme of dark something we want to colours which suggests he is a incorporate into our mysterious person, this links in music video because the with our plot because he is song is almost acoustic hiding his feelings from the girl. like and is the most This is something we would link predominate instrument in with the soul music genre we can hear in the audio. due to the colour scheme. His In addition to this, a clothing is very relaxed, almostguitar will create that cool like beach wear, the beach is a and calm atmosphere we location which we have are hoping to achieve, considered. plus linking it to the beach creates a cheery atmosphere. Appearance: The model in the photo is slightly tanned with scruffy blonde/light brown hair, he fits into the soul genre because he has a relaxed, quiet and timid appearance. The character we are aiming to create will have a similar appearance to this model because we want a character who is shy, yet creative and the guitar gives off an image to the audience that he composes his own music.
  7. 7. Thank you for listening.