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Music video synopsis

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Music video synopsis

  1. 1. Music Video Synopsis. Song title: “Going For The Oscar” Artist: Better Left Alone First Verse: The band (aged 18-19 years old) are at the Oscars award ceremony (in an auditorium/theatre) and the lead vocalist (18 years old) is selected for the “Best Soundtrack” award. The lead is making his award speech, personally to the audience. The rest of the band are in their seatshe thanks the audience; they’re quiet and introverted in comparison to him. Chorus There is a flashback of an argument between the lead and his girlfriend (17 years old) in greyscale, representing this is a memory, as the colour scheme represents the past. The girlfriend follows a clingy, attention seeking, “gold digger” stereotype, and she’s been caughtcheating on the lead- this is shown through the argument as it will be hinted with another male sat on the girlfriend’s bed: an indication that he is the boy she has been sleeping with. The “other male” looks awkward and doesn’t know how to act whilst the couple argue, and his physicality clearly shows this. The lead may point at this “other male” a lot, perhaps the girlfriend stops him going to hit the “other male”. The girlfriend is screaming in the leads face which is shown with emphasised facial expressions/movement, perhaps slow motion, and he shouts back essentially telling her to back off and leave him alone: “shut your mouth and sit back down” - the lyrics of the chorus will evidently show this as he says these lines. As she has previously attempted to split the band up and this cheating is the last straw for him. Second VerseWe see the ex-girlfriend in the audience at the Oscars, wearing “Better Left Alone” merchandise, indicating she is still clingy and emphasising that she hasn’t changed, and wants her ex- boyfriend: the lead, back. ChorusThe chorus floods back in and a spotlight goes on to the girlfriend and on to the lead vocalist as he aims the lyrics at her: he is basically telling the girlfriend that she is beneath him (social status) and that she needs to back off as he can do better. Middle eight During the solo in the song, a split-screen of the lead as himself, and another of him as hisconscience appears: shown in different clothes or different colours to emphasise this. The leadis thinking “what did I do wrong? What did I not give her for her to betray me?” and contrast is shown with him and his girlfriend in the image: one screen side shows his emotions on stage, the other his conscience: him and his ex-girlfriend and memories of how they were together.The lyrics and facial expressions display his emotions (hurt) as he mouths the lyrics to show that the girlfriend always put him down and made him feel worthless/unwanted. The girlfriend cannot stop his decisions; as she tries to speak up from the audience, the lead directs lyrics towards her; “so shut your mouth and sit back down”. Chorus The lead & the band leave the event to an after party venue, singing the final chorus. The shotcuts to him about to enter the after party. This scene shows himself cutting away any emotional
  2. 2. and physical bond between the pair as he leaves his ex-girlfriend who tries to enter the venue outside: two bouncers physically prevent her. Showing the ex-girlfriend to be upset andshocked, he sings the final lines to her, before turning away with someone else and walking into the venue. We see the ex-girlfriend in shock and crying, taking the hint.