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News script


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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News script

  1. 1. Man arrested aftersignificant drug findin Oldham. Isthere really apopular music scenein Oldham? Andwe have yourthoughts on theMetrolink due in2013. Hello I’mTayla with yourOldham Community Radionews Bulletin. Inthis Morning’s News,a wheelie binstashed with cannabiswas discovered atthe rear ofa Roundthorn Property.Police searched ahouse following Tip-offsfrom local Residents.Officers found Strett-readydrugs worth £25,000.Mobile phones andcash were alsoRecovered. A 27year old manwas arrested onsuspicion of cultivatingcannabis with intentionto Supply. PCGraham Turner ofEast Oldham NeighbourhoodPolicing Team said‘this is asignificant find asits very rarewe find drugsbagged and readyfor Sale.’ Wespoke to Lewis Wright,a mentor atOldham Sixth FormCollege about howdrugs have been
  2. 2. Affecting the youthin Oldham’s Community.In other News,Oldham’s music sceneseems to beExpanding, but arepeople really asinterested as theyused to Be?We spoke totwo local teenagebands that livein Oldham abouthow the musicscene has progressedin the pastfew years andhow they promotetheir band inthe Community.And finally wehave looked athow the newMetrolink system isaffecting Oldham’s Communityduring It’s Construction.The work isexpected to finallyfinish In Autumn2013 and willhopefully be moreefficient than thebuses And trainswe already Had.We Spoke toseveral local peopleabout how thework Has affectedtheir daily Routine.This has beenOldham Community RadioNews With Me,Tayla Adams.