Trouble in Eggsville


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A book I wrote about someone killing Humpty Dumpty. I was the detective and I had to solve the case.

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Trouble in Eggsville

  1. 1. Tragedy InEggsville By Emerson.
  2. 2. When I heard that HumptyDumpty of Eggsville died, Irushed to the scene of the deathimmediately. I found out he hadfallen of a wall. I thought it wassuspicious he had fallen as he isknown as the best wall balancerin the whole of Eggsville. I toldthe king this and we concludedhe was pushed of the wall. Theonly question was......who did it?
  3. 3. When I got to the scene of the death,I took yolk samples, looked for fingerprints and looked at the wall. I sawholes in the wall. Bullets most likely! Ithen spoke to the kings horses,kings men, Humptys friends,acquaintances and enemies. One ofhis enemies called Jack (relative ofJill) looked suspicious and wouldntlook me in the eye so, so far I think itwas him. Then I had a brainwave tocheck the banks security tape, andthis is what it revealed...
  4. 4. It looked like a muscular man,who looked like Jack,pointeda gun at Humpty while hewas on the roof. Then,Humpty jumped on the walland landed safely. Jack thenshot the wall and it shook andHumpty fell down. I showedthe police and they still didnot arrest Jack, so hereswhat I did next.......
  5. 5. I looked at Jacks house and he hadmany chickens so I guessed he likedeggs. Hmmm. I took a finger printsample and it seemed his finger printswere on a gun and Humpty Dumptysshell so he must have tried to stealHumpty to try cook him. He might havealso gone crazy because recently Jackfell down a hill and broke his crown andpossibly hit his head. He got 1000 hourscommunity service and life in prison forthis treacherous crime.
  6. 6. The end!!