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VAT Registration Procedure and Steps


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VAT Registration Procedure

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VAT Registration Procedure and Steps

  1. 1. VAT Registration Procedure Taxpro advisories private limited
  2. 2. Registration is the process of obtaining certificate of registration (RC) from the authorities under the VAT Acts. A dealer registered under the VAT Acts is called a registered dealer. Any dealer, who intends to carry on the business of purchase and sale of goods in the State and is liable to pay tax, cannot carry on the business unless he is registered and holds a valid registration certificate under the Act. VAT Registration Kerala
  3. 3. Steps for VAT Registration • Log on to the website • Click On the E-registration column • From the instruction sheet we can get the guidelines about application process, location details and documents should submit for registration etc. The move on to „next‟ button you will get the „e-registration Information‟ page.
  4. 4. • Read Tool tips, if the internet browser is not Mozilla Firefox, please download it by clicking appropriate button. • On the „e Registration information‟ dealer should enter page details such as PAN, location, name of business, name of applicant, status of applicant and Act. • After the information on the “e Registration Information” page is entered, the dealer should click “next”.
  5. 5. • E-application under MVAT Act will open • Request Id Generation- Request id will be seen on the top left corner of the page with red letters. Once the request id is generated it is not possible to edit „e registration information‟. So the dealer makes sure that the data entered in the „e registration information‟ should be correct. Please note down the Request id and PAN.
  6. 6. • Information in the form should be completely filled either by entering in the relevant fields and then “submit” button should be clicked. In case a dealer has opted for CST also, then the CST e-application form will open. The data in the field‟s common to both VAT and CST shall get populated for the ease of the applicant. Read More about VAT Registration
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