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Tawi Customer Onboarding Process


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Tawi Customer Onboarding Process

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Tawi Customer Onboarding Process

  1. 1. TAWI CUSTOMER ONBOARDING PROCESS ii ‘i L Client . . tawl l Client nquiry l ciieni Review 3. " Setup & ‘N Confirmation Approval l‘ Billing ll Testged y ""t9Q"3tl°" Perform Live E 3.". & &Samp| e i ‘ t- & T4 _' ‘"9 ' Account " 8; iiAaintenance) Client ‘ K J —> Requirements """’ Elicitation Send copies of _ a Product Guide(s) TaW' 0 Developer Guide(s) C793"! Wofk . SLA Templates Order Request a Terms Of Service a Sample Contract a Quotation Perform Live Integration/ Sign Off 7 A Mobile Order Short Network Code/ Sms Operator Mask/ Airtime