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9th & 10th commandment final


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a divine rule, especially one of the Ten Commandments.

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9th & 10th commandment final

  1. 1. The 9TH and 10TH Commandment
  2. 2. YOU SHALL NOT COVET YOUR NEIGHBOR'S WIFE (Ex. 20:17) This is a sort of 'internal' dimension to 6th commandment. God does not want only morally good actions but morally good hearts; not only to do good but to be good.
  3. 3. Moral Developments: 1.Modesty- Avoidance of sexually provocative action, speech or dress. 2.Purity- It refers to 3 areas: Charity, Chastity or sexual rectitude Love of truth and Orthodoxy of faith. 3.Humility- "I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh". At the same time, together with St. Paul, we affirm, "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me." This acknowledgment that by ourselves, we cannot overcome sin. 4. No Compromise- We should not compromise truth and demand total honesty in our lives. 5.Confession- A powerful weapon against any sin.
  4. 4. 6. Be positive- Do not wait for something and be passive in the face of temptation. We should fight not just defensively but offensively through fruitful activities. 7. Firm resolution- We should focus and give God everything. 8. Love- Not fear or disgust, is the antidote to overcome everything. 9. Devotion to the Blessed Mother- Image of holy motherhood will combat images of impurity. 10.Good always Conquers- in the end, no evil is victorious. Satan has been conquered definitively by Christ's death on the cross. This is our choice.
  5. 5. YOU SHALL NOT COVET YOUR NEIGHBOR'S GOODS Covetousness mans a "disordered desire". This could be desire for what we do not really need.
  6. 6. Issues for Discussion: •Capitalism- The market system where economy rests on the valorization of capital over labor. •Socialism- Private property has to be surrendered to the state; capital and labor should be equally distributed among the members of the state. •Marxism- The rule of the proletariat; abolition of private property and the state which becomes the vanguard of individual rights and ownership. •Anarchism- Total annihilation of the state and its rigid rules/constitution; laws are considered obstacles to progress. •Imperialism- The final stage of capitalism (Lenin). This is the phase where all capitalists unite and form one-solid alliance of power and national/international control, politics and economics.
  7. 7. THE END