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The Discreet Charm of Machine Translation


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Machine Translation (MT) can provide a direct impact to the profit of professional translators and small and medium-sized LSPs. While still many think that MT is limited to Google or Bing, there are cost-effective solutions in the market that can be used in many situations to increase the speed, reduce the turnaround time, and improve the consistency (quality) of our jobs. In this session, we will cover the most important topics needed to successfully train, improve, measure, and price MT systems, even with the small Translation Memories (TMs) that are common among the translation industry. Together with processes, we will cover the available tools in the market, so that it is easier for freelancers and small LSPs to both increase the bottom line and diversify the operations thanks to exploiting new business opportunities.
Presentation at Elia Together (February 12th 2016)

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The Discreet Charm of Machine Translation

  1. 1. #eliatogether The Discreet Charm of Machine Translation Diego Bartolome (@diegobartolome) tauyou <language technology> Insert your logo here 11-12 February 2016, Barcelona
  2. 2. and others
  3. 3. 80+ clients 20 countries +3B words in 2015(for Post-Editing + high-quality gisting) All language pairs
  4. 4. 50%
  5. 5. performance demanded in high end markets performance demanded in low end markets sustaining technology disruptive technology
  6. 6. 1. Decision on strategy of engine 2. Training of first version 3. Objective quality evaluation 4. Implementation of post-editing rules 5. Estimation of translation speed 6. Change Translation into MT post-editing 7. Implementation of linguistic feedback 8. Update of the engine
  7. 7. The Discount
  8. 8. Error Reports
  9. 9. Subjective feedback most common errors→ Detailed report of repetitive mistakes Time-wasting errors
  10. 10. New Business Opportunities
  11. 11. 1500+ post-editors in tauyou database TAUS Post-Editors Directory/Certification SDL Certification iting-machine-translation
  12. 12. #eliatogether Change before you have to (Jack Welch) Thank you! “Developing our Connections”