Social Media - Where's Your Foundation?


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This presentation was given at the Social Media Marketing Conference here in Hong Kong ( It describes the things you need to do before you launch a presence on social media...Where are your influencers? What are they saying? How will you engage them? What will you do when issues arise?

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Social Media - Where's Your Foundation?

  1. 1. CLICK TO EDIT MASTER TITLE STYLE Where’s your foundation? Social Media Marketing 04 February 2010 Taura Edgar Your innovation. Our influence.
  2. 2. Who WE are Communications specialists • Public Relations • Public Affairs • Analyst Relations • New Media Practice Groups Austin Brussels Beijing • Consumer Boston London Hong Kong New York Munich • Corporate Shanghai Portland Paris • Digital San Francisco Singapore • Health Care Seattle • Public Affairs Washington, DC • Social Innovation • Technology For 25 years, we have been at the forefront of strategic communications thinking and have applied our theories on behalf of some of the technology, bioscience and consumer sectors’ most innovative companies. Innovation CommunicationsSM is Waggener Edstrom Worldwide’s global expertise that uses communications to facilitate the adoption of new ideas Your innovation. Our influence.
  3. 3. Let’s talk about… Where do your influencers live? What should you do before you talk to them? Who should talk to them? How will you talk to them? Your innovation. Our influence.
  4. 4. Why should your boss care about a long term Social Media plan? That’s where your customers are. Think Hong Kongers don’t use Twitter? They do. Think 40–somethings don’t use Facebook? They do. Think they’re not talking about you on They are. Your innovation. Our influence.
  5. 5. Twitter Stats Twitter is like the old fashioned water cooler, where people can gather to shoot the breeze on whatever topic is on their minds and gathers influential groups interested in same Top 100 have topics. 395,086 followers Top 10 have 302,785 followers top top 100 10 have have 4,154 7,165 Top has 98,113 followers Top 100 HK twitterers average joining date is 20 months ago Your innovation. Our influence. Source: Twitterholic Jan 2010
  6. 6. Facebook Stats Facebook has mass appeal and helps people looking to reconnect with old friends and family members or find new friends online; the mashup of features like email, instant messaging, image and video sharing. More emphasis on deep connections HK HK male <17 female Facebook Facebook users users 18-24 1,165,580 1,320,160 25-34 35-44 45-54 55< Your innovation. Our influence. Source: Check Facebook 03 Nov 2009
  7. 7. Plan your community…. Discuss/Uwants Stats 1,444,000 over 1.75 Monthly million HK Reach Unique registered 37% Users members over 1.5 800,000 million unique users ranks discuss registered per day in Top 5 in HK members Source: Jan 2010 Source: ComScore Top Properties in Hong Kong by Unique Visitors Aug 2009 Your innovation. Our influence.
  8. 8. What do you need to get ready? Do you know what your customers want from you? Do you know what you want to achieve? Your innovation. Our influence.
  9. 9. Listen up! Before you do anything else…LISTEN! Listen and Research Plan Do Establish a monitoring program that can inform you plans and watch your community grow later Your innovation. Our influence.
  10. 10. Plan your community…. Define objectives and find ways to measure its progress Create a responsive process so teams are empowered to act quickly Remember the needs of the community and prepare to participate Create a community policy, focusing on the desired behavior Prepare for costs and benefits Establish clear lines of responsibility and ongoing processes Source: Forrester - Online Community Best Practices Feb 2008 Your innovation. Our influence.
  11. 11. Know your community objectives…. Listening Talking Energizing / Support Embracing Evangelizing Quality generates Put customers first Know when to Involve your best insights Understand who engage & when to customers key influencers are back off Engage Benefit from Customers can community WOM by support each Work with the Recruit members in creating content other by using community to members as active dialogues members will online social build better standing focus share on their networks & products and group profiles & send tools like forums services to friends & wikis Host sponsored groups Allow users to let them pose Listen to share relevant these customers problems & customer’s content often turn into Create relevant receive answers needs / (profiles, blogs, brand advocates media focused from other complaints video, RSS, of company on needs of members photos) community Source: Forrester - Online Community Best Practices Feb 2008 Your innovation. Our influence.
  12. 12. Who should make up your team? Build a group who can research, plan, post and evangelize your social media activities Your innovation. Our influence.
  13. 13. What do you need in your team? Enthusiasm! Seek out people in the organization that are already enthusiastic social media users – they’ll bring you passion and some technical experience. Perspective Find people from a lot of different areas of the company to make sure you have a balanced plan…business, communications, personality all need to be in the mix. Innovation Look for those who are thinking ahead and are ready to be flexible! Your innovation. Our influence.
  14. 14. What Does a Social Media Team Look Like? Your innovation. Our influence.
  15. 15. Gather a big group of Get people from all Include people from all interested colleagues customer facing levels of the •Eventually it should be part of departments management everyone’s day-to-day so good to see •Membership, marketing, PR, •From those on ground who know who is already active advocacy, communications, customers to higher ups how know publications, education, HR strategic direction of organization Engaging staff in your plans Figure out how to List out an inventory of Find people who have collaborate existing social media already use certain social •Each person will be responsible for activity sites listening and monitoring, and •Include experiments and member- •Easier when you don’t have to train reporting back particularly interesting generated stuff going on along with everyone from scratch! conversations or activity going on the owner Set rules so everyone Create a good content Use reporting to knows how they can strategy measure success engage and respond. •Key to be able to repurpose content •Include quantitative anecdotal from different places in easy, feedback (e.g. Tweets, posts) and •Create issue handling process, shareable ways. Team should always qualitatives like new fans/posts stats incorporate this into your existing know when there’s new material crisis communications plan worth sharing Your innovation. Our influence.
  16. 16. Assign and Online Community Manager to… Facilitate Spend time sifting through discussions to make sure people are getting answers Create Produce blog posts, discussion topics, tweets, videos and more to make sure that the community has the information they need to feel engaged Evangelize Get out and talk to people! Spread the word in existing communities that compliment yours, identify the influencers and invite them. Evolve Topics change, software changes, people change – all that requires changes to the community. Strategic thinking should plan what the next move in these areas is, what the community should look like in a year, two years. Your innovation. Our influence.
  17. 17. People will talk about you Your innovation. Our influence.
  18. 18. How will you talk back? Thought about what you will say and who will say it? Do these things before launching:  What kind of mentions should you respond to? • Influencers are the ones to watch: • Good and real = quote and thank • Bad and real = outreach and problem solve • Bad and false = outreach with facts and references  Who will respond? • Assign team members to common issue areas in advance  Prepare some standard responses to common situations  How soon do you need to respond? • The answer should be today Your innovation. Our influence.
  19. 19. Be ready to Know your community objectives…. handle the good and the bad Your innovation. Our influence.
  20. 20. What do you need to pay for? Your innovation. Our influence.
  21. 21. Costs to consider... Time is your biggest investment but don’t forget these: Staff Programming Community Manager Facebook Applications for customer service pages, Project Manager contests, etc Designer Blog creation/customization (e.g. Wordpress) MarComms PR Monitoring Writer Subscription monitoring service to track mentions Creatives Videos for YouTube, Facebook Twitter background Facebook images Your innovation. Our influence.
  22. 22. Case Studies Your innovation. Our influence.
  23. 23. HP| Powerto Change Campaign HP Power to Change Challenge To ignite a global environmental movement, HP had created a microsite and widget. They needed to drive traffic to these sites, engage online influencers in meaningful conversations and raise awareness of HP’s environmental credentials. HP Staff: MarComm Mngr Solution PR Mngr HP engaged us to outreach online influencers, run a campaign blog and engage the target audience through strategic use of social media. WE Staff: Acct Dir Success Acct Mngr The campaign exceeded all of its stated objectives for HP. The response from the online Project Manager community has been overwhelmingly positive. Acct Coord Writer Designer Your innovation. Our influence.
  24. 24. Microsoft | Windows 7 Blogger Event Challenge Microsoft Hong Kong needed to communicate the impressive, new features of Windows 7 to consumers before the launch of the product in October 2009. MS Staff: Solution Waggener Edstrom Worldwide devised a blogger MarComm Mngr outreach strategy based on a fun event that would PR Mngr enable influential bloggers to experience the features of Windows 7 in a compelling way . WE Staff: Success Acct Dir The event had the desired effect, with 16 of the 25, Acct Mngr previously skeptical , bloggers posting highly positive blogs about Windows 7 and establishing the first Acct Exec outreach between Microsoft and Hong Kong Acct Coord bloggers, establishing the relationship for future Writer opportunities. Designer Your innovation. Our influence.
  25. 25. ZUJI |Fantastic Friday Campaign ZUJI Fantastic Fridays Campaign NEED SUCCESS • Increase awareness of ZUJI’s online auction service • ZUJI Facebook group saw its registration jump by 400% in the • Project an image of fun, creativity and convenience second month. • Drive awareness of ZUJI’s social media engagement and responsiveness • To date, the number of registered members of the group has • Persuade target audience that online travel shopping is reached approximately 4,100 and is growing each week. beneficial to the consumer • The journalist group attracted more than 50 bids from a member group of more than 100. SOLUTION Social Media • 20 pieces of extensive coverage were generated by the first-tier dailies, magazines and online media within the first month of • Set up a Facebook group (Facebook is the most popular the launch. ZUJI Staff: social networking platform with ZUJI’s target market in Hong Kong). Mrktg Mngr • To attract users, on selected Fridays, ZUJI offers free tickets Web Coord and holidays for auction to members of the Facebook group. Designer • The auction is promoted on Twitter. • Group members bid for the item by posting on a Wall WE Staff: message containing the bid. Acct Dir Media Engagement • To generate media buzz before the public announcement, Acct Mngr ZUJI held a special preview auction exclusive to journalists. Acct Exec • A Facebook group for journalists was also set up. Writer Your innovation. Our influence.
  26. 26. INTELFantastic Friday Campaign ZUJI | Gateway to India Facebook Game Intel Staff: Mrktg Mngr WE Staff: Acct Dir Acct Mngr Acct Exec Designer Programmer Your innovation. Our influence.
  27. 27. Contact Taura Edgar Waggener Edstrom Worldwide 24F SUP Tower 75-83 King’s Road North Point, Hong Kong E: T: +852 2907 8823 Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Offices Asia: Beijing . Hong Kong . Shanghai . Singapore Europe: Brussels . London . Munich . Paris North America: Austin . Boston . New York Portland . San Francisco . Seattle . Washington DC Your innovation. Our influence.