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Digital Devotee | Social Media Customer Service Platforms Comparison Dec 2012


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Over the past year there’s been a lot of growth in the social media customer service area. There are a number of tools on the market you can use to coordinate, answer and report on customer inquiries in the social media space. We’ve seen groups like Salesforce buying up to add to its existing Service Cloud while leaders like Zendesk continue to do great work. If you’re looking to do more advocate style communities think about Lithium and if you’re headed to China SNS then check out CIC‘s beta of IWOM Cooperator.

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Digital Devotee | Social Media Customer Service Platforms Comparison Dec 2012

  1. 1. Social Media Customer Service PLATFORM COMPARISONDecember
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA CUSTOMER SERVICE PLATFORM COMPARISON CHANNELS Cost / yr Setup Fee Summary Self Social Social Email Website Phone Mobile Live Chat FAQ Self Service Communit SLA Multi- CRM Post-sales Corp Group Website 5 operators Setup Intl China Templates FAQ y Reponse Reporting language integration support near HK FAQ Trad Chinese possibleZendesk USD3,540 n/a Leader in social media customer X X Renren if X X X X X X X X X X X Australia, independent Plus pkg service arena with long history and using simple only need 3rd advanced Philippines robust tools for enterprise clients. HootSuite party like w/ Zendesk Olark to www.good + Olark App embed in USD2,640 FBDesk USD2,940 n/a Strong social media customer service X X X X X X X X X X X California Salesforce player best for small to medium coming need 3rd not UI + Olark clients with limited integration to 2Q2013 party like USD2,640 other Salesforce tools. Olark for multichatService USD8,100 undisclosed Enterprise level customer servicing X X X X X X X X X X X X X Australia, Salesforce Enterprise tool that integrates with all other not CTI Philippines, India p/service-cloud/overview/ Edition Salesforce tools for optimizing sales recom integration leads. mende (2 biz days (+ fees for d response unless many eg Note: Their structure makes it hard to purchase Premier knowledge buy bundled services smoothly. plan for 15% cost base & mobile Expect long sales/implementation of Enterprise periods with many extra costs. Edition) p/crm/editions- pricing- service.jsp)Lithium USD1,250 USD10,000+ Experienced community building X X X X X X X  X Singapore independent platform with usual servicing tools not UI plus advanced community advocacy / support tools.IWOM USD15,600 n/a Established monitoring group in X X X X X X Simplified X Shanghai CIC http://cooperator.iwommaster.cCooperator China added social servicing tool with planned planned for planned for planned for planned for Chinese with Kantar om/index.jsp SINA(beta) Fortune 500 clients trialling. Tool also weibo, for Jan Jan 2013 Jan 2013 Jan 2013 Jan 2013 some English allows publishing to multiple Tencent 2013 used accounts. Major update to Weibo functionality scheduled for Jan 2013 (WeChat/ Renren/D ouban soon)