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Sql server2008


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comparison between SQL Server 2008 and Oracle.

Published in: Technology
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Sql server2008

  1. 1. Business Intelligence (BI) Deliver Drive Intelligent Deliver Your relevant Actionable Data Platform Data Information Insights Connect to Design Predict data intuitively outcomes Scale for Personalize Integrate the the data enterprise experience Deliver Manage Embed through your data insights office
  2. 2. VM Live Migration1 2 Host cluster Shared Storage iSCSI, SAS, Fiber
  3. 3. 12GB 12GB VS. 7.5GB 7.5GB Live Live Migration Migration 1 1 1 1 Host cluster Host cluster • Remember Shared Storage Shared Storage iSCSI, SAS, Fibre iSCSI, SAS, Fibre
  4. 4. Maintainer First Public Release Latest Stable VersionOracle Oracle Corporation 1979 11g Release 2DB2 IBM 1983 9.7SQL Server Microsoft 1989 2008 R2 (v10.5)Sybase ASE, Sybase 1987 15.0Adaptive Server Enterprise Windows support Mac OS UNIX OSOracle Yes Yes YesDB2 Yes Yes YesSQL Server Yes No NoSybase yes No Yes
  5. 5. Referential Integrity Transaction support Unicode InterfaceOracle Yes Yes Yes GUI and SQLDB2 Yes Yes Yes GUI and SQLSQL Server Yes Yes Yes GUI and SQLSybase Yes Yes Yes SQL Max DB size Max table size Max Row size Max Column per tableOracle Unlimited 4 GB* Block Size 8KB 1000DB2 512 TB 512 TB 32677 B 1012SQL Server 524258 TB 524258 TB Unlimited 30000Sybase Unlimited 16 EB 65530 B 65135
  6. 6. Maximum maximum Maximum Binary Maximum Binary Value Character value Value size column name size sizes sizeOracle unlimited 4000 B 128 bits 30DB2 2 GB 32 GB 64 bits 128SQL 2GB 2 GB 126 bits 128ServerSybase 4GB 4 GB 64 bits 128 Indexes support Parallel QueryOracle R Tree, Cluster Table, Expression, Yes Reverse, Bitmap, Full-text, PartialDB2 Expression, Reverse, Bitmap, Full-text YesSQL Server Expression, Reverse, Full-text, spatial YesSybase Reverse, Full-text -
  7. 7. Partitioning brute-force protectionOracle Range, Hash, Composite, list yesDB2 Range, Hash, Composite, list NoSQL Server Range NoSybase Range, Hash, List No
  8. 8. SQL Server 2008 provides a comprehensive and scalable BIplatform that lets you: Unlock your data silos Deliver relevant information to users through Microsoft Office Drive insights within your organization through powerful reports and comprehensive analytics Part of Microsoft’s End-to-End BI offering: Complete and integrated Pervasive delivery through Microsoft Office Enterprise-grand and affordable Affordable solution compared for the long term compared with others
  9. 9. IS SQL Server 2008 R2