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  2. 2.  Taufiq Alahi Anik 142011112  Nusrat Jahan Farha 142011017  Farhan Ahmed 142011033  Jonayed Ahmed 142011165  Kazi Shaira Fatima 142011079  Our Group Members are-
  3. 3.  1) What is your designation and what are your responsibilities? Company: Hosaf Group Name: Md. Imtiaz Bin Quasem Designation: Head of Marketing & Acting CEO  Analyzing competitor activities  Staying up to date with market with profit  Must have a keen knowledge about trends and act on them to match the recent market  In short the marketing managers responsibilities involve supervision, marketing, profitability, reporting, purchasing, maintenance and other duties as requested by management
  4. 4.  2) How did you get into management? How long did it take to be a manager after you started your career? Started career in 1996 as a IT System Analysis. Joined USAID as a System Analysis in 2000 In 2006 joined Grameen phone as a Manager In 2011 he became the General Manager in Grameen phone Joined Eyeball Networks as a Country Manager in 2011 In 2012 he joined BRAC as a senior IT Manager In 2014 he joined HPE group as a marketing head and now he is acting CEO in charge. He started his journey in the field of marketing in the year 2006 so it takes almost 10 years to be a manager.
  5. 5.  3) Can you describe the Organogram of your organization and your Career path?Where would you like to be in next 5 years? Sales Manager Advertising Account Manager CEO Junior Accountant Vice President Human Resources Recruitment Manager Recruiters Benefits Administration Vice President Marketing and Sales Account Executives Production Line Employees Custodian Production Floor Supervisor Maintenance Supervisor Plant Manager Junior Accountant Chief Accountant Vice President Manufacturing Vice President Finance
  6. 6.  people fails for some specific reason in an a marketing officer I think that instant decision, time, costing, government policy, political environment are the main thing for this managers usually fail to manage an organization  4)What do you think are some of the most common ways people fail at management in an organization?
  7. 7.  5) How do you recruit employees for your organization?What do you look for? (Degree/ Experience/ Smartness/ GPA/ University, Reference, Other)Recruit employees by reference CVs or personally dropped CVs on their HR department Smartness Knowledge Ability to think out of the box Behavior Confidence but not over confidence Capability to handle situation Responsibilities
  8. 8.  6) How do you define “Success” as a manager? Success is hard to get and once you get it its hard to keep. Hard working, proper planning, missions and goals with new ideas brings success Patience
  9. 9.  7) How do you handle subordinates when they make mistakes?What actions do you take? People make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. The main thing is to realize your mistakes, analyze them, and then try to change your behavior to avoid making them again in the future. But that is easier said than done. When trying to improve, the first step is final then You have to realize your own mistakes. But more importantly, think about whether you, as manager, have made these mistakes yourself. I have made a few of these mistakes as a manager. The effects they can have on employee motivation can be waste.
  10. 10.  Early in my career I worked with a great fellow product manager, “Hossain Ahmed” who became a lifelong friend. As both our careers progressed, “Hossain” used to tell me that no matter what new jobs or roles we took on, we could always go back and be product managers, and that it would be fun. I still agree with that thought in many ways because I don't think I ever stopped thinking of myself as a product manager, no matter what role I actually play in a company.  8)What is one of the important personal lessons or experience that guides you as a manager?
  11. 11.  9) How do you motivate your employees? Do you have any incentive package in your organization?  Bonus  Skilled based pay  Job enrichment  Reward Yes, We are motivating our employees. I have an incentive package in our organization. Such as :
  12. 12.  10) What are the differences between academic theories and realities of Management in Bangladeshi organizations?  Academic theories system all students are not interested any field work. They are not interested to talking any lower class people because they have ego.  Field work is very important part for management. But most of the students are not interested in field work, this is our Realities of Bangladesh organization. This reason ,this organization choose which type of employee who have smartness and experience.  There are many difference between a academic theories and realities of Management of Bangladesh organizations. Such as:
  13. 13. Do you have any question…???