Lesson 3


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Lesson 3 of 10 for the Beginners' Course on Islam.

Topic: Belief in the Books.

As Muslims, we belief in all the sacred books revealed to His chosen prophets and messengers. The books were sent as clear guidance with lessons for us to learn from, laws and obligations to be observed by the believers and a way how Allah communicates with His servants.

We also discuss about the Quran and how is it preserved till today.

Video in Slide no. 16 (Translation does not equal to actual text) has been taken out from Youtube as it breaches the copyright law.

You may wish to read some miracles mentioned in the Quran that I've written down in the 'Documents' area.

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Lesson 3

  1. 1. Beginners’Course on IslamLesson 3
  2. 2. taufiq07@hotmail.comLesson Outline Introduction  Recapitulate  Belief in the Books
  3. 3. taufiq07@hotmail.comRecapitulate:Belief in Allah
  4. 4. taufiq07@hotmail.comRecapitulate:Belief in Allah What are the description given by Allah Himself when the prophet was asked Who is He?  One and Only;  The Eternal and Absolute;  He neither begets nor is born;  And there is none like unto Him.
  5. 5. taufiq07@hotmail.comRecapitulate:Belief in Allah How do Muslims know Him then?  Through His creations.
  6. 6. taufiq07@hotmail.comRecapitulate:Belief in AllahHow do Muslims knowHim then? Through His Names and Attributes.
  7. 7. taufiq07@hotmail.com2nd Article of Faith:Belief in the Books
  8. 8. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:Introduction It means to belief in Allah’s word of guidance revealed to his Prophets and Messengers. These words were revealed for mankind as a guide so that they’ll be successful on this earth and the hereafter.
  9. 9. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:Introduction What is the purpose of these Books? Is there an objective for it to be revealed? As guidance for To Protect mankind Mankind
  10. 10. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:Questions Whatare the books revealed to mankind and are made known to us? To whom were they revealed to?
  11. 11. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books
  12. 12. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:General Content Good news and rewards of Heaven. Warning and reminders of hell. Commandments and prohibitions of the Creator. Prophesies and stories of the Prophets and Messengers.
  13. 13. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:Quran A Muslim believe in the sacred texts/ books revealed to the earlier prophets (peace be upon them). They believe that the Quran is the last revelation sent to mankind.
  14. 14. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:What is the Quran? The final revelation sent to His final messenger Muhammad ibn Abdillah (peace and blessings be upon him). Perfected, Protected & Preserved. “We have, without doubt, sent down the Message, and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)…” Quran, 15:9
  15. 15. taufiq07@hotmail.com Belief in the Books: What is the Quran? How Allah protects the Quran? The rights to study the Quran Memorization
  16. 16. taufiq07@hotmail.com Belief in the Books: What is The Quran? How Allah protects the Quran?  Translation does not equal to the actual text.  Why?
  17. 17. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:Proofs that the Quran is still the same More than 1.3 billion Muslims spread out all over the globe, all of them have the same Quran. All copies of the Quran from 1400 years ago until today are 100% the same. The Quran was memorized, written and passed down each time the verse was revealed.
  18. 18. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:Miracles of the Quran The Creation of Men. “Now let man but think from what he is created! He is created from a drop emitted – Proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs” Quran, 86: 5 - 7
  19. 19. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:Miracles of the Quran According to up-to-date embryological findings no one claims that semen comes from some tissue between ribs and the backbone. Semen is being produced in the testicles only. In fact testicles are created first in the lumbar area which is exactly the same place told in the verse.
  20. 20. taufiq07@hotmail.comBelief in the Books:Miracles of the Quran
  21. 21. taufiq07@hotmail.comEnd Thank you for coming. Any Questions?