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Introduction to occupational safety and health


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Introduction to occupational safety and health

  1. 1. Introduction tooccupational Safety and Health CLO 1: Describe the OSH regulations and compliance and how it will create safe working environment
  2. 2. Understand the occupational Safety and Health Occupational safety and health (OSH) is a cross disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment The goals of occupational safety and health programs include to foster a safe and healthy work environment
  3. 3. Understand the occupational Safety and Health OSH may also protect co-workers, family members, employers, customers and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment
  4. 4. History of OSH Evolution of OSH Legislation in Malaysia  1844 British legislation – specific safety and health  Piecemeal legislation and regulations for example transporting machinery on the train 1972 Lords Roben “Committee of inquiry” – Robens Report on OSH
  5. 5. History of OSH Factories and Machinery Act (139) in 1967 - Part II Safety, Health And Welfare – enforced 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act (514) 1994
  6. 6. Why Safety is so importance in the workplace? Give me your opinion ?
  7. 7. Major Safety Terminologiesi. Safe The condition of being safe from undergoing and causing hurt, injury or lossii. Hazard A hazard introduces the potential for an unsafe condition, possibly leading to an accident
  8. 8. Major Safety Terminologiesiii. Risk The probability or likelihood of hazard resulting in an accidentiv. Incident Undesired circumstance that produces the potential for an accident
  9. 9. Major Safety Terminologiesv. Accident An accident is unplanned event, which could result in to persons, or in damage to plant and equipment or Accident cost Accident cost includes medical payment, compensation, overtime for replacement workers, production delays, product or material damage, training of replacements, accident investigation cost, building or complex damages, equipment damages and business interruptions.
  10. 10. Types of accidentsThe most frequent accidents in the workplace: Fall and crushing Manual handling Workplace traffic accidents
  11. 11. Can you find hazards in this picture?List all the hazards that you see in the picture 
  12. 12. The End