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Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 22


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Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 22

  1. 1. Welcome back! Are you ready for the last chapter and the race to the final birth? After that we’ll have a short catch-up session. In the meantime, let’s see where we left off. Heir Yuri had graduated college – the last sim in the legacy to do so – and we saw all 10 of the spares get married and produce kids. Now Yuri is back at the main house with his beloved, Chris the streaker.
  2. 2. Yuri, you’ve seen the goods plenty of times. Don’t go getting surprised now! Chris and Yuri do a little catching up outside.
  3. 3. Ericka was at work when Yuri moved home, and she won’t get back until 6, so the wedding will wait till tomorrow. Still, Yuri and Chris get a headstart on trying for baby since that’s really all that’s left to do in this legacy. The wedding is just a formality, really.
  4. 4. Yuri and Veronica work on producing the last pair of paintings in the legacy.
  5. 5. “What do you mean you’re pregnant already? You kids haven’t even gotten married.” “That’s happening tomorrow. We have plenty of time. Aren’t you excited for another grandchild?” “Well, yeah, this will be my 20th. I’ve had that want locked forever.”
  6. 6. Here’s the finished portraits. I think Yuri and Chris make a lovely couple. It’s hard for me to believe this legacy is almost over, considering I started it in 2005 (I think?) and am just now finishing it! This family has always been there, even when I wasn’t playing, and they were waiting when I got back. I’m really happy to be finishing, but I’m going to miss them, too.
  7. 7. Ericka and Veronica help Chris get ready on the day of the wedding. She makes a beautiful bride, don’t you think? She likes to dress conservatively when she’s not streaking, and this was the most covered-up wedding dress I have. It’s based on an “elven” dress mesh, hence the long sleeves.
  8. 8. The guests arrive for the party. Breaking the dress code are my simself in blue and Carrie the former placeholder in black. The rest of the kids – Yves, Yasmine, Yuliana, Yvette, Yvonne, Yantse, Yanichel, Yumi, Yates, and Yews – show up in green to match the wedding’s colors. We didn’t need many non-family guests since the kids are pretty much a party in themselves.
  9. 9. The guests proceeded to act like . . . well, sims. It took quite a while for them to settle down, and Veronica got distracted and started doing hang loose at various people, which didn’t help matters. Once I directed her back towards the wedding, the seating process progressed more quickly.
  10. 10. Finally everyone is sitting down and not popping up distracting thought bubbles, just long enough for one picture of Chris walking down the aisle.
  11. 11. Chris and Yuri look so happy getting married, but Chris’s sleeves clipping through everything detracted from the beauty a little.
  12. 12. Even Alison the dog came out to wish the happy couple well. It was a very nice wedding.
  13. 13. Veronica, Ericka, and Chris all got points for the wedding, but Yuri was just thinking about where his next sandwich was coming from.
  14. 14. This picture is here to show you Alison’s queue. She was a little low on social since everyone had been busy getting ready for the wedding, but boy did she come to the right place to fill it up! Everyone wants to pet or play with her.
  15. 15. Welcome to the family, Chris, and may I present the generation nine couple: Yuri and Chris Vermachtnis!
  16. 16. This is one of the few sim parties I’ve seen that actually looked like a party. Instead of scattering to the wind to play with instruments and video games, the guests danced and drank together and actually socialized with each other. I guess it helps that the vast majority of them are related. On that note, this qualified as a family reunion, but Veronica unfortunately did not have that want at the time. Meanwhile, the new couple snuck off for a rousing round of . . .
  17. 17. . . . chess! You knew I was going to say chess, right? Since Chris is already pregnant, I let them roam free during most of the party and this is where they ended up.
  18. 18. Chris did her thing and Yuri did his thing at the party.
  19. 19. Meanwhile, Alison was apparently having her own dog party outside.
  20. 20. The party wound down and things went back to normal . . . or whatever normal is for this family.
  21. 21. This is what a naked sim getting her first bump looks like. Congrats, you two, generation 10 is on the way!
  22. 22. Yuri! Watch where you’re putting your hands! This isn’t that kind of story! “I’m just rubbing her belly . . .” Sure you are.
  23. 23. That’s better. Chris had to change clothes because her previous outfit doesn’t have a pregnancy mesh. With clothes on, their interactions look much more innocent.
  24. 24. Yuri and Chris posed for a nice little couple picture up in their cheese-colored bedroom. I hope their kid’s cute, but these two are both pretty good-looking so it’s likely.
  25. 25. While we all wait impatiently for Chris to give birth, typical legacy life proceeds. But where is the mommy-to-be?
  26. 26. Well, she’s in bed most of the time. She was really exhausted throughout the pregnancy and only got up to pop again before going back to bed.
  27. 27. In a brief window of wakefulness, Chris spends more time with Yuri. Despite having romance as his secondary, Yuri is really excited about his baby.
  28. 28. “Someone has to wear the pants in this family!” “That’s really sexist, Yuri.” “No, you’re misunderstanding me. I just meant, between the two of us, at least one of us should wear pants at all times.” “Oh, well in that case, not it!”
  29. 29. These two are really into chess for some reason. They just kind of randomly started playing together during the wedding party, and now they do it all the time. This is also the only time Chris will talk about grilled cheese with Yuri, so he sneaks it into conversation every now and then.
  30. 30. Just a picture of Chris, taking a naked nap. She is so sleepy with this pregnancy!
  31. 31. When Chris wakes up from her nap, she alerts me that she is ready to give birth. Her comes generation 10! Ericka, Yuri, and Veronica were all on hand for the birth, plus some random townie teen that ran in off the street. You can just see him peeking through between Yuri and Veronica.
  32. 32. Ericka and Veronica got a cool 30,000 points each for having 20 grandchildren. Yuri got his first (and only) child, and the townie got a free show.
  33. 33. Welcome baby Zayne, the last Vermachtnis to be born. Unsurprisingly, he is S4 like both his parents, but he also has his daddy’s pretty green eyes. He has brown hair, which means that Yuri was never carrying red hair at all. Oh well.
  34. 34. I think Yuri and Chris would have made great parents if I were sticking around to play them, but I’m not. You know why? Because this legacy is finished, baby! Generation 10 is here, and I finally finished a sim challenge 9 years after I started playing. That’s . . . kind of pitiful, but let’s ignore that for now. Instead, let’s check out what Zayne would have looked like and then do a final farewell to the family.
  35. 35. Using cheats (which I can now use because the legacy is over!!!), I grew Zayne up stage by stage to see what he would have looked like. As a toddler he is very cute! He has his daddy’s big eyes, but he definitely has his mom’s nose. As a child, still cute! Then, when he grows into a teen . . .
  36. 36. BOOM! Chin! Chris is another one of those female sims that are hiding an extreme male face behind their pretty female faces. That kind of bothers me, but Zayne still has quite a bit of charm about him.
  37. 37. Here’s Zayne as an adult. As you can see from the side view, Chris is the female version of Kennedy Cox or maybe Ben Long. Anyway, as long as I look at him from the front, I think Zayne is pretty cute. Now that that’s finished, let’s check in with generations past.
  38. 38. The first step in my plan to celebrate the Vermachtnis clan was to resurrect all of the dead ones. They took turns resurrecting the sims they knew, all the way back to the founder, Asher.
  39. 39. The second step was to age them all down into adults, and the third step was to dress them so they didn’t look ridiculous. Like Max here, the aging down process left most of them with grey hair and random outfits. Not everyone gets to be a white-haired club kid, but Max is just lucky, I guess. I didn’t have CC at all for the original generation and only limited CC for a few generations afterwards, so I got to pick all new CC outfits for the earlier sims.
  40. 40. This is what 10 generations of Vermachtnis heirs and spouses on one lot looks like. Now we’re going to do a quick recap and take a look at all of the above sims, and then we’re through. You’re almost done reading! Hang in there!
  41. 41. Asher Vermachtnis was the first sim who I didn’t abandon after a few days. He founded a great legacy and lured in Christy, a townie, by talking about video games. Together they started building the legacy before even University was out! They had four natural children – named Daisy, Darcy, Devon, and Dallas – and two adopted sons named Clay and Lee. Asher was a knowledge sim who frequently missed out on momentous occasions by doing things like making the bed, and Christy was a family sim who ended up being crazy about grandchildren.
  42. 42. Darcy was our first heiress. She was a fortune-minded sim that enjoyed buying things much more than she enjoyed making money. She was originally slated to marry Pao the mailman, but I wised up with the addition of Nightlife, and she married Leo the bartender instead, who was my favorite spouse in the whole legacy. Leo was another family sim, and he was a great dad who loved to make funny faces. Their children were Gabriella, Gordon, and Gage. That was the smallest generation in the whole legacy.
  43. 43. Gabriella, or Gabi for short, was the third generation heiress. She married her college sweetheart, Jessie the former newspaper boy. Gabi was pleasure and Jessie was romance, and both of them fooled around on each other quite a lot in college, despite the fact that they lived together. They each juggled several lovers then, but once married, they remained faithful and truly in love. They had five children: Jay, Joy, Jordan, June, and Julian.
  44. 44. June was the fourth generation heiress and the first one to make use of the same sex-pregnancy hack. She first married Edith the DJ. June was popularity and made 20 best friends in college, while Edith was knowledge. Unfortunately, Edith was scared to death by ghosts, leading to the relegation of all Vermachtnis graves to an off-lot cemetery. June, left with three little boys, later married Mary the gardener, who is a little displeased that she didn’t get to snuggle with June in these pictures. Edith and June had three sons: Mathias, Maxwell, and Morris. June and Mary had five children: Madison, Maria, Macy, Mickey, and Marc.
  45. 45. Maxwell, better known as Max, was a pleasure sim and quite an annoying one as well. He married former shop girl Madeleine, who was also pleasure after a reroll in college. They loved each other very much and wanted very stupid stuff. Together they had three children: Prescott, Penelope, and Paul. In addition, Max was abducted and had twin alien babies: Palmer and Parker.
  46. 46. Palmer was the sixth generation heir, meaning that Madeleine didn’t actually contribute to the gene pool. Anyway, Palmer is notable for collecting visitors in a backyard sim zoo including Malcolm Landgraab, who became his mortal enemy after his escape. Palmer was a dastardly soul who rolled saintly wants and LTWs, bravely defying my attempts to write his personality a certain way. He married the equally mean maid, Lexie. Lexie is notable for lusting after her son-in-law in her old age. Lexie and Palmer had five children together: Samwise, Sebastian, Sean, Sid, and Sasha.
  47. 47. The rise of the house of mean continued with seventh generation Sasha, who had no nice points at all like her father. She was a popularity sim and, in my opinion, the most beautiful sim in the legacy. She was at first going to marry her professor, Blake, but they had terrible chemistry so she married Prof. Hayden instead, and this actually worked out great because they made a really sweet couple. Like a good professor, Hayden was knowledge. They had six children: Vincent, Vance, Vanessa, Veronica, Valerie, and Victoria.
  48. 48. Eighth generation Veronica finally broke the streak with 10 nice points. She was a sweet sim who truly loved everyone. She was family, but wanted 20 best friends as her first LTW. She married Ericka the firefighter, who was my second favorite spouse of the legacy beside Leo. Ericka was fortune but secondary family, and together the two had 11 children! The names of the children were Yasmine, Yves, Yuliana, Yvette, Yvonne, Yantse, Yanichel, Yuri, Yumi, Yew, and Yates.
  49. 49. Lastly, we have the final couple, generation nine Yuri and his wife Chris the streaker. We didn’t get to see as much of them due to the nature of the legacy, but Yuri managed to finish a grilled cheese LTW in college, and Chris managed to run around naked most of the time. Together, they of course had only one child, and his name is Zayne, as I’m sure you remember from several slides back.
  50. 50. Speaking of Zayne, here he is with his portrait. While I don’t love his nose, he grew on me the more I looked at him, and I think he’s a fine finish to this legacy. That ends the wrap-up, and that ends the legacy, and that ends the chapter! Check the next slide for a final farewell, then come visit me at SiMania. Thank you so much for reading! I really love this family and I’m grateful that there are people out there that enjoy them too. Farewell!