Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 17


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Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 17

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vermachtnis legacy, a family that is never lacking in kids. This chapter will be following the new heiress of generation 8, Veronica, in college, and then taking a look at all of the spares’ families. Three of Veronica’s siblings dropped out, and the other two – Valerie and Vanessa – will be joining her at the Greek house as soon as all three can get pledged.
  2. 2. The first order of business is getting Veronica into Urele Ara Hoh. Debbie, the placeholder, hits it off with Veronica pretty quickly and Veronica is soon pledged and moved in. Amusingly, when I first played Debbie, Veronica’s grandmother, Lexie, and her intended spouse, streaker Chris Phelps, were still hanging around in the background.
  3. 3. Debbie influences Veronica during her pledge period to talk to Chris, and they seem to do okay. I’ve been trying to get Chris in the legacy for a few generations now, but at first it was hard to catch her, and now that they know her, it’s never been the right time or sim. However, once I am in control of Veronica again, I realize that she and Chris have zero chemistry. They can have nice conversations, but that’s not enough for a spouse of my legacy sim. Even with Lexie playing romantic music in the background, nothing was stirring. Oh well, there’s one more chance to get Chris married in – to one of Veronica’s future children.
  4. 4. I briefly considered using the matchmaker ball, but since I try to play this legacy as old-school as possible (minus keeping score, of course), I decided against it in the main line, although I used it for spares. Instead, Veronica makes a short call . . . “HELP! EMERGENCY!!! FIRE! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT SINCE WE ARE NOT USING THE MATCHMAKER BALL. FIRE!”
  5. 5. “. . . and that’ll be a considerable fine. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” “Thanks for the lecture, but you’re not really hot enough.” “What?!” “I said, ‘Yes sir! My apologies!’”
  6. 6. “. . . and I hope you’ve learned your lesson. We don’t want any more false alarms from you.” “Wow! Nope, I won’t be calling the fire station again.” “I’m glad I impressed upon you the seriousness of your actions.” “Yeah, that was definitely it. So, I won’t call the fire station, but can I call you sometime?” Looks like we may have a candidate!
  7. 7. After her spate of false alarms, Veronica focuses on getting her sisters pledged and moved in.
  8. 8. Veronica then focuses on her LTW, which is to have 20 best friends. She starts by calling all the people she already knows and befriending them, then she picks random people from the college directory. Unlike her mother, who was terrible at phone conversations, Veronica has the gift of gab and makes friends easily.
  9. 9. One of the people she’s been calling is the good-looking firefighter, Ericka Enriquez. By the first time they meet in person as friends, there’s definitely a fire burning, but no firefighter could have quenched it. Ericka and Veronica have three bolts and greet for the first time by making out.
  10. 10. Ericka and Veronica’s relationship is a whirlwind romance. They had chatted on the phone for quite a while before Veronica invited Ericka over, so everything seemed to happen quickly.
  11. 11. Vanessa has met a significant other of her own, meanwhile. His name is Randy, and they too hit it off quickly.
  12. 12. Valerie meets a fellow that she gets along with well, a guy named Zeeshan. They greet amicably and start their date.
  13. 13. The date is interrupted by Chris trying to lure Zeeshan away by flaunting her goods.
  14. 14. Zeeshan is undeterred, and the date goes swimmingly. By the end, they’ve fallen in love, and all this dating stuff has made Valerie hungry, lol.
  15. 15. “What do you mean you’re as cute as a ladybug? That doesn’t even make sense. And anyway, who told you that?” “Well, the controller seems to think I am. Cute, that is. I added the ladybug part.” “You’re weird.” “Maybe, but I’m cute, too!”
  16. 16. Meanwhile, Valerie paints a portrait of Veronica for the library, and Vanessa instantly celebrates a photobooth woohoo by selling flowers. She’s been working on a few more snapdragons.
  17. 17. Here’s the finished portrait, along with Sasha’s and Palmer’s. There’s room for one more above the bookcases – the last sim that will ever go through Urele Ara Hoh.
  18. 18. It’s the second semester of freshman year and Veronica is working hard at making friends. The glasses see a lot of duty, as does the phone.
  19. 19. “I’m so glad you could come on this date, Ericka. Ever since I met you after that false alarm, I knew there was nothing false about us . . . you’re perfect for me, and we’re perfect together. Will you be my wife?” “Oh my god, Veronica, is that a ring?! Yes, yes, of course! You’re right. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else!”
  20. 20. Their happy moment is interrupted by the waiter dumping Veronica’s order all over her.
  21. 21. “To us!” “Hear, hear!” “I love you.” “I love you more!” “I love you most!” “Sigh . . . I could just sit here forever, staring into your eyes . . .”
  22. 22. “. . . on second thought, maybe we should go inside.”
  23. 23. Bad things finally stop happening on the date, and Veronica and Ericka spend an enjoyable evening dancing inside the club. By the end of the night, they’re locked in each other’s arms, slowly swaying and staring into each other’s eyes. This is true love.
  24. 24. The next day after the date, Veronica works on making friends with my simself. Unsurprisingly, she is rather attracted to the video games. I like the Vermachtnises to know simRoxy because she makes a horrible guest at weddings and it’s really funny to me how antisocial she is, despite having some nice points.
  25. 25. “Oh my god, what happened?” “It’s ok, great-great-uncle (?) Marc. Chris just spent another evening playing pinball all night. She does this all the time.” She does, too. Chris regularly passes out at the Greek house. Girl doesn’t know her limits.
  26. 26. Veronica continues to make best friends, including the first firefighter, great-great-uncle Marc, and some bunny man. Totally normal lineup, that.
  27. 27. In between dating and making friends, Veronica does manage to do some work, too.
  28. 28. Some police officer and Carrie Vermcachtnis, the first alien born in my game and the daughter of a second-gen spare, also befriend Veronica.
  29. 29. Finally, while considering the newest set of friendship glasses in the house, Veronica makes her 20th best friend with someone who apparently ran away before I could get a picture of them AND I missed the aspiration points and only captured the influence points. Go me. Regardless, Veronica is permaplat and it’s only the first half of sophomore year! Her next lifetime want is to have 6 grandchildren, which will definitely happen, even if it is a while away at this point.
  30. 30. Even though heiress Veronica has been getting most of the attention, Valerie and Vanessa have been keeping busy. Valerie has become very enamored of the house mascot, Winnipeg the womrat. Vanessa, on the other hand, prefers more productive uses of her free time and does a lot of crafting.
  31. 31. Once Veronica reached her LTW, not much else happened except for some dates with Ericka, so I rushed through the rest of their college career. I have some plans for Veronica, and they involve a long generation, so I was ready to get it started. The three girls graduated summa cum laude, Valerie and Vanessa in art, and Veronica in philosophy. Congrats, girls!
  32. 32. All three of the girls grew up into two different colors of the same top. I found that very amusing. Now let’s check in with all the spares . . .
  33. 33. Vanessa moved into a little place and immediately invites her boyfriend Randy over. To my great annoyance, he tells her what a cool girl she is and that he wants to set her up on a blind date. What? That is not good boyfriend behavior, Randy. Vanessa declined, and moved Randy in and proposed to him instead. Thankfully he didn’t offer to find her a different fiancé and try to weasel out of it.
  34. 34. Vanessa and Randy had a very flowery wedding right outside their house.
  35. 35. Despite Randy trying to pawn his girlfriend off on some unsuspecting person, they make a good couple and were very happy together.
  36. 36. Randy brought home the flu from work, and it isn’t long before Vanessa has it too. Unluckily, she also is pregnant, and she was sick for most of her pregnancy, so she mostly stayed in bed or on the couch as much as possible.
  37. 37. Both parents finally got healthy in time for the babies to be born. That’s right! Vanessa went and had twins. They are a boy named Jacob and a girl named Jennifer.
  38. 38. Jacob and Jennifer grew into cute little toddlers. Jennifer got her father’s blond hair. I’m again rushing through this part because of the plans I have for Veronica, so each spare will be limited to one pregnancy.
  39. 39. Here’s Jennifer and Jacob as children. They definitely have the sleepy-looking eyes that Vanessa has passed down from her father, Prof. Hayden, but like their good- looking parents, they are very cute.
  40. 40. And that’s the end of Vanessa’s story.
  41. 41. When pleasure sim Valerie moved in, all she wanted to do was play computer games and slack off. With a little nudging from me, she invited Zeeshan over and moved him in. He quickly proposed, and Valerie was happy to accept.
  42. 42. They had a quiet little wedding in a corner of their home.
  43. 43. Here’s the happy couple. Zeeshan has the same face as Sinjin Hues, so I’m interested to see how their child turns out.
  44. 44. Valerie again wanted to goof off, dancing her pregnancy away, but she eventually gave birth to a little girl that they named Alexis.
  45. 45. Alexis grew into a pretty cute toddler.
  46. 46. And a pretty cute child. She has Zeeshan’s mouth and nose, but they don’t look so bad on her.
  47. 47. That’s how Valerie’s family ended up.
  48. 48. Debbie the placeholder moved in with Vincent when she dropped out of Academie Le Tour. They’re both romance sims, so they hit it off very quickly and they were soon sharing a first kiss and a proposal.
  49. 49. They had a quiet ceremony, but the wedding didn’t exactly go as planned. Vincent decided to be difficult and roll a fear of marriage right before they got married. Grr. Thank goodness this isn’t the main house.
  50. 50. Vincent and Debbie make a cute couple. They got pregnant right away, and they avoided rolling any fears of the baby. However, I didn’t like their house and I had them move to a new place.
  51. 51. Upon the move, they both rolled a fear of having a baby, and while playing catch outside, with the welcome wagon in the background, Debbie gave birth, realizing both parents’ fears. These two are just determined to be difficult.
  52. 52. Regardless, they had a very cute son who got Sasha’s red hair (yay red hair!). His name is Calvin.
  53. 53. Calvin unsurprisingly grew into a cute kid. He is very active and playful and gave his parents a lot of trouble, especially considering they weren’t thrilled to have had him. Nonetheless, they loved him very much.
  54. 54. That’s how Vincent’s family came to be.
  55. 55. Victoria met a cute gearhead named Clarence, and the two shy things flirted awkwardly for a while before falling in love.
  56. 56. Clarence let his ponytail down and put on some normal clothes, and surprised Victoria with a ring. They wasted no time in tying the knot.
  57. 57. Somehow, in their quick courtship, they avoided ever kissing. Not really sure how that happened, and apparently the wedding kiss didn’t count, so they had their first kiss after their wedding. That’s weird, but a little cute.
  58. 58. Here’s Victoria and Clarence. Like Vanessa’s husband Randy, Clarence has a Remington face, so I expect cute kids.
  59. 59. Victoria quickly got pregnant and went into labor three days later, despite never putting on a maternity outfit. That flat stomach is definitely no indicator of how pregnant she was because . . .
  60. 60. . . . they had triplets! Their son is named Tommy and the girls are named Rachel and Mary.
  61. 61. Mary, Tommy, and Rachel grew into very cute kids.
  62. 62. Victoria and her family lived happily ever after.
  63. 63. Finally we’ve come to the last spare. Vance met a vacation sim named Marissa, who was very, very pretty.
  64. 64. Vance and Marissa got off to a great start and soon had their first kiss. As soon as they fell in love, Vance knew Marissa was the one and proposed to her.
  65. 65. They had a quick summer wedding in the backyard.
  66. 66. Vance is pleasure and Marissa is romance, so they get along great. They also make a very cute couple, in my opinion.
  67. 67. Marissa soon get pregnant, just like nearly every spare’s wife out there, and Vance was elated to meet their child. Marissa, despite being a romance sim, was also happy. Good job, Marissa. “Well, I am meeting someone new. That makes me happy.”
  68. 68. “Okay, now I’m unhappy.” The romance sims in these spare families are giving me such a tough time this go-around.
  69. 69. Yay! Triplets again! Just what Marissa wanted, I’m sure! To be fair, I would guess that most women in labor with triplets are not completely ecstatic.
  70. 70. They had two boys named Theodore and Tyreese, and a little girl named Tessa.
  71. 71. Theo, Ty, and Tess grew into adorable children, though I think the boys have an edge on their sister.
  72. 72. Thus concludes Vance’s story, and the end of our look into the lives of the generation 8 spares.
  73. 73. Check back next time to see what big plans I have for Veronica and Ericka. Also, although I didn’t know it last chapter when she was adopted, I finally found out the new puppy’s name – it’s Alison. Alison, Veronica, Ericka, Sasha, Prof. Hayden, and Lexie will all be waiting to entertain you next time with the Vermachtnis family. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check in at SiMania!