Masterpiece chapter 2-3


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Masterpiece chapter 2-3

  1. 1. Welcome back to Falling to Masterpieces, an artistic alphabet legacy. Thecurrent heiress is Anjolie (above) named for Anjolie Ela Menon, the artistthat created the art in the background of the cover page. The title (of thechapter and of the art piece) is Mahatejasvi, which is Hindu for “very brightperson”, which I thought appropriate for a chapter in which we’ll see thekids grow up and enter college. Now away we go!(Erratum: last chapter I said Bazille was Romance/Knowledge. She isactually Romance/Fortune. Now you know.)
  2. 2. A birthday in the Masterpiece house is once again preceded bythoughts of Corwin.
  3. 3. I forgot to take a good face pic of Bassano as a teen. Sorry. Bassano here isa very good big brother, though. He and Botti are besties who share aroom. When they were the same age, they would play together everymorning when they woke up, before the school bus came. Now they danceand chat together. He’s a very sweet teen. His aspiration isFortune/Popularity with the LTW to be a Cult Leader.
  4. 4. Oil grew up and also acted like agood big brother, even though heand Acrylic aren’t related. It’s hardto tell in these pics, but Oil has avery angular face. He’s aninteresting looking cat. Acrylic andOil have a great relationship thanksto all the interaction they had askittens and now that Oil likes to lookafter Acrylic.
  5. 5. Bellini continues to be a one-woman noogie show, although she’sbranched out from just annoying her sister to picking on customers.This teen was a friend that Bellini brought home from school, butthat didn’t stop her from ending up face down in Bellini’s arms.
  6. 6. With three kids as teenagers, Idecided it was time to start shippingthem off to college. Botti will catchup soon enough, but this will allowme to focus on her a bit.
  7. 7. Acrylic grew up just a day after Oil and, no surprise, he’s the same darkbrown color that Pastel was. In fact, they look almost exactly alikeexcept for different eye colors.
  8. 8. We got a genie lamp. I’ll confess . . . I was kind of nonplussed by thegenie. Anjolie and Corwin both wished for a few extra days inadulthood, and we left the lamp on the porch with the third wishunused. Maybe the beauty wish could have helped Anjolie when shewas younger, but she’s stayed faithful to Corwin since their marriage.
  9. 9. Botti always spent a lot of time withher siblings, so now that they’re outof the house she has to amuseherself more often. Her studyingpays off and she reachesscholarship-level in all her skills, soall that’s left is going to school andplaying.
  10. 10. Finally her birthday comes around too, and for once, theparty is just a small affair with no customers around to thinkof Corwin. Happy birthday, Botti!
  11. 11. Botti grew up very beautiful, in my opinion. She rolled Romance/Popularity with the LTW to be Captain Hero. Huh? I didn’t know romance sims could get that want. Weird. And yes, that makes two romance sims in this generation. Anjolie must have really rubbed off on the kids.Botti had just enough timeto change clothes and hairand whine about beingtired before she too wason her way to college.Baby Botti no longer, she’snow ready to join herolder siblings.
  12. 12. The four Masterpiece children moved into a dorm together. I think they allmade the transition to adulthood very nicely and are lookin’ good.
  13. 13. Bassano befriended the Greek house placeholder (a formercheerleader) and it wasn’t long before he was moving in his siblings,too. Now all four of them are part of the house and we can move onwith college.
  14. 14. There’s a jukebox in the entry hall of the house and it provides for muchhilarity. None of the kids have danced much before now and so areextremely goofy rocking out to the jukebox. Bellini is especially funnyconsidering the faces she pulls. So serious!
  15. 15. While pledging, Botti and Bazille completed a good amount of researchand so came into the house with nearly full study bars. Bassano and Bellinihave to catch up, but soon everyone is passing.
  16. 16. The four of them all go to their first class together, and then startrolling wants for majors. Bassano is in economics – no surprise for afortune sim. Bellini is taking history and both of the romance girls arein psychology. They may change later for more appropriate ones fortheir LTWs, but for now I let them stick with what they rolled wantsfor.
  17. 17. While they were out at class, I redid theGreek House. I was in a pretty flippantmood at the time so it’s not one of thegreatest houses I’ve ever built. Besidesbedrooms, there’s a study, an activityroom, and a whole music room for allthe instruments and the karaokemachine. Upstairs is a room forrandom items and the kitchen/diningarea. I ran out of money so it’s stillkind of sparsely decorated.
  18. 18. Botti is very musically-inclined. She’s the first one to get good at dancingand she spends a lot of time on the karaoke machine.
  19. 19. Bellini, however, is all about painting. We’ve got two easels and shehas paintings started on both of them that she autonomously workson from time to time.
  20. 20. Bassano has his fortune roots come out when he plays instruments.He’s always looking for tips.
  21. 21. Bazille isn’t into any of the creative toys they have. She’s moreinterested in socializing with her siblings and with the various studentsthat visit the house.
  22. 22. One of the kids picked up bowing from their parents and it’s spreadthroughout the house. For some reason, while ‘hang loose’ fills me withrage, I find bowing mildly amusing. It’s just less stupid, I guess.
  23. 23. Botti is very popular in the house. All of the older kids love their baby sisterand seek her out to spend time with her. Like when they were younger,Bassano and Botti are still very close.
  24. 24. Although they socialize with her pretty often, Bazille and Bellini’srelationships with Botti are not as high as they could be due to the agedifference. A long house meeting takes care of that, however, andeveryone is close friends with everyone else.
  25. 25. Amusing bathroom time! As the only playful sim of the generation,Bassano spends plenty of his freetime playing in the tub. Botti onthe other hand has become rather enamored of the medicinecabinet and just loves to brush her teeth. I guess having minty freshbreath is a good idea for a romance sim.
  26. 26. Bellini has terrible taste in men! Although you can’t tell from her meanie-pants expression, she has three bolts for this mascot, who is terribly uglybut is also a blond - her favorite. Just like with her highschool boyfriendSteven, Bellini falls for another ugly sim. I didn’t let her pursue therelationship, though. We’ll set her up with a better-looking blond.
  27. 27. What are you playing there, Bassano?“Oh, it’s my favorite game: Black Screen!”
  28. 28. “I wish . . . for a boy. Yeah. That would be great. I’d like for somehot guy to just stroll up behind me.”Good thinking, Botti. It’s time to get the kids paired off and Bottiis the first to start due to never rolling any wants except romanticones and consequently constantly having low green aspiration.
  29. 29. Botti’s wish came true and she got Edwin, anelf-eared redhead. He didn’t originally wearglasses but with them they have a three-boltattraction. It isn’t long before they’re sharingtheir first kiss. All of the romantic interests this generation are college townies that I created. I realize that Edwin and Corwin sound a lot alike but I just wasn’t being very creative when I named the first batch of townies. I rolled their aspirations for some variety and Edwin here is a pleasure sim (ugh!).
  30. 30. Shortly after sharing their firstwoohoo, Botti decides topropose to Edwin since shedesired it but didn’t also fear it.Amazingly, it’s a positiveexperience for her! Just likewith her LTW, Botti is not yourtypical romance sim.
  31. 31. Right after the proposal, Edwin decides to blab all about their woohoo.Bellini and the game club guy seem to be wondering if Edwin knowsBotti is standing right behind him while he divulges all their secrets.
  32. 32. Bazille is the next to find love. Her boyfriend’s name is Alan and they have a two-bolt attraction. Alan is also a pleasure sim (ugh!).Alan finds Bazillesuper hot and theysoon have their firstkiss as well. Theromance sims are nowtaken care of.
  33. 33. Another woohoo-undies proposal cements Alan’s place asofficially eligible for creating the next generation.
  34. 34. Found a better-looking blond for Bellini. Just what is that comboof thought bubbles supposed to mean, though?“I love playing games with Sebastian’s heart!”Hmph. I thought you were a family sim. No game playing here.
  35. 35. “Oh alright then. In that case, I’ll just propose!”Bellini is the first one to propose while fully-clothed and beforewoohooing her intended. Sebastian is another family sim sothey’re both over the moon about being engaged. They have athree bolt attraction.
  36. 36. Bassano soon follows his sisters’ example by having his first kisswith and then proposing to a knowledge sim named Angeline.They have a two bolt attraction.Weirdly, Angeline has the same outfit as Bazille and the same pjs asthe ones Bazille wore as a teen even though she was created longbefore Bazille was a twinkle in her parents’ eyes. Strangecoincidence or worrying behavior from a deranged Masterpieceadmirer: you decide!
  37. 37. Like most sims, all of the future spouses eventually end up in the musicroom, this time with Bazille and Botti. It’s not unusual to see partiallyclothed fiancés rocking out on an instrument.
  38. 38. Well this was interesting. Bazille and Alan woohooed in the photobooth, but Alan didn’t get out afterwards. He stayed in there longenough that I was worried he had glitched, but then several flashesinformed me that he was just taking pictures. By himself. Yeah.
  39. 39. We need a few more snapdragons for the new larger Greek house, soBellini draws the short straw and sets to work earning her badges.
  40. 40. Bassano has become quite the littlebookworm. It started with himreading while relaxing a few timeswhen he woke up before everyoneelse, but soon he’s picked up someenthusiasm for literature and hewalks around the house reading. Ithink it’s so cute! Just don’t walkinto any walls, Bassano.
  41. 41. Hey Edwin! It’s ok for Sebastian to check out his fiancée but youbetter behave yourself. You’ve got a very beautiful romance sim tokeep you occupied. Now knock it off!
  42. 42. Having the fiancés running around the house pretty often provides time forplenty of socialization. Sebastian makes friends with the other sims, butEdwin is all about Botti (when he isn’t checking out her sister). Botti andEdwin are head over heels in love and spend all their free time kissing andgoosing each other.
  43. 43. I think we have a few too many people sneaking around at night.Sebastian was here to drop off a rose, but the matchmaker gave usanother lamp. Great.
  44. 44. And a little more random dancing. At least now they’re good at it. Thekids are being very successful in college. They all have their futurespouses lined up and they’ve finished their first year with A+ grades.That means it’s time for an heir poll. Scroll through the next few pagesfor the details.
  45. 45. Bellini Masterpiece10/3/9/3/1Family/RomanceGraduate 3 Children from CollegeBellini is named for GiovanniBellini, a painter. She was queenof the noogies while a teenagerand once threw a water balloon ata complaining customer. She isattracted to blonds so much thatshe has frequently lusted oververy ugly blonds, but she is nowengaged to the much morepleasing-to-the-eye Sebastian.
  46. 46. Bazille Masterpiece5/3/7/3/7Romance/FortuneBecome Rock GodBazille is named for Jean FrédéricBazille, a painter. She’s a fairlyaverage romance sim with aninteresting mix of facial geneticsthat none of her siblings got.She used to pick on Bellini’steenaged boyfriend but she’smuch friendlier and more socialas a young adult. She’s engagedto Alan.
  47. 47. Bassano Masterpiece5/10/4/8/7Fortune/PopularityBecome Cult LeaderBassano is named for JacopoBassano, a painter. Bassano isthe only playful sim of thegeneration and has a delightfulpersonality. As the middle child,he’s always been great friendswith all of his sisters. As a teen,he was an especially goodinfluence on his sister Botti. Heis engaged to Angeline.
  48. 48. Botticelli “Botti” Masterpiece6/3/7/3/7Romance/PopularityBecome Captain HeroBotti is named for SandroBotticelli, a painter. As the babyof the family, Botti is adored byher older siblings and isfrequently sought out by them forsocializing. Her favorite hobby isbrushing her teeth. She isengaged to Edwin.
  49. 49. And that’s all for now. Once you’re done enjoying the PJ-dance-a-thon above, please head over to SiMania and cast your vote forheir of the Masterpiece legacy.As always, thank you for reading!