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Masterpiece chapter 2-1


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Masterpiece chapter 2-1

  1. 1. Welcome back to Falling to Masterpieces, an artistic alphabet legacy. Didyou enjoy the super creepy cover page background? This round’sbackgrounds and chapter names are from the works of Anjolie Ela Menon,the namesake of the heiress, and will not all be totally freaky. Just this one.Wanted to make a good first impression and all that.Anyway . . . the heiress is Ms. Anjolie Masterpiece, pictured above, aromance sim with high standards.
  2. 2. When last we left, three of the ten children of gen. A were in collegetogether, close to graduating. Anjolie and her brothers Andy and Arthurdid extremely well in college and graduated with 4.0s. First though,there’s time for a few last things they need to get wrapped up beforecollege ends. For Andy here, that includes dancing awkwardly whilebeing stared at by two different girls. Smooth, Andy.
  3. 3. Arthur’s final business has to do with his sweet red-headed boyfriend, Aaron.After a night out on the towntogether, Arthur veryawkwardly proposed toAaron. Awkward is kind of arunning theme with theseguys. Anyway, Aaron washappy to accept and now thetwo are engaged to bemarried! Andy has beenengaged to his sweetie, Prof.Lora, since the first semesterof college. Only Anjolieremains a free agent.
  4. 4. Anjolie’s got plenty on her plate right nowwithout worrying about settling down.There will be time for that later when shereturns home. For now, most of Anjolie’slife revolves around romancing as manyguys as possible for her LTW. As so oftenhappens, this also earns her a place in theSecret Society. Unfortunately, sinceMasterpiece Hall is a Greek house, formerdates have a tendency to return unbidden,though usually they show up dressed.
  5. 5. After graduating with honors, Anjolie made full use of the time aftergraduation to finish up her LTW. According to my count, she had onlywoohooed 19 sims when the game informed me she had completed herLTW, but who am I to complain? When she rolled up her next LTW (to have20 lovers), she was able to fulfill it immediately with one more lover, thehandsome gentleman pictured here. Two LTWs under her belt, Anjolie wasfinally ready to leave college.
  6. 6. “I choose you . . . I guess.”All throughout college, Anjolie rarely had more than the barest chemistrywith her lovers, no doubt due to impossibly high standards. Corwin, a CAS-made college townie, was one exception. They have two bolts togetherand Corwin is pretty okay looking (I should know, I made him ;) ) so he willbe the next father in the Masterpiece family. Before these two returnhome together, let’s take a look at the (many) spares.
  7. 7. First-born Avery had movedback to Blank Canvas to bewith his family, leaving sixother spares. Together, theydropped out and decided tofound the MasterpieceCommune. Due to personalexperience and concernsabout the overpopulation ofthe sim world, they have alldecided to remain childfree.Instead they get to livetogether in a giant house andnever be played! Hurray! Mona Lisa, the superbuggy servo, joined them because I was too worried about her to bring her back to the main house. Top row, L to R: Artemisia, Augusta, Aubrey Bottom row: Antoni, Andrea, Alphonse Have a nice life, spares!
  8. 8. Andy and Arthur get a bit moreattention since they were actuallyplayed through college and havegrown on me quite a bit. Arthur inparticular is a favorite of mine,because he is just so cute andgoofy. His first action in his newapartment was to set himself inthe time-out corner and write inhis diary. Of course. Obviously.Once he felt comfortable leavingthe corner, Arthur invited Aaronover and asked him to move in.The two knowledge sims then gotto gaining a few skills beforemoving forward with their life.
  9. 9. A private backyard wedding preceded the birth of their son, Edward.
  10. 10. Edward is well-cared for byhis two fathers. He grew intoa wonderful boy: smart, cuteand dorky like his dads.
  11. 11. Edward welcomed Andy when he moved into the other half of theduplex that Arthur’s family lives in. Since Andy and Arthur became soclose during college, I thought it’d be fitting if they raised their familiesright next door to each other.
  12. 12. And raising a family is exactly what’son family sim Andy’s mind. Ever sincehis long-ago engagement, he’s beenwaiting for college to end so he couldget back to the main neighborhoodand start fulfilling some wants. Hewas so eager to get married that Prof.Lora never made it in off the streetbefore they were hitched. It wasn’tlong before she was expecting, andAndy was thrilled.
  13. 13. Andy and Lora ended up having two pairs of twins. The older two, Korraand Katara, looked wildly different from each other, with Korra inheritingLora’s small eye shape and Katara favoring the Masterpiece line. Theyounger twins, Toph and Mai, are identical however, and both have a lotof Andy’s features. I dressed them in different colors to tell them apart.I love that this family has another pair of identical twins in it.
  14. 14. Back at the main Masterpiece house, perma-plat Anjolie was finally spurred onto get moving on legacy business. In the middle of the night, she quickly invitedover, proposed to, and then moved in Corwin.
  15. 15. Corwin is a popularity/fortune sim with the personality 4/3/7/3/7. Amusingly,Anjolie’s third LTW is the same as Corwin’s first: become Hall of Famer. Sincehe was a college townie, the game assumes that he graduated but he doesn’tactually get the benefits of graduating, so unlike Anjolie, Corwin has to work hisway up to superstardom from the bottom.
  16. 16. Corwin’s early attempts to socializewith Hiery and simRoxy didn’t gowell at all. They just didn’t havemuch in common to talk about atfirst. A long familial hang-outsession brought their relationshipup to friends, but just barely.
  17. 17. “Who’s that guy our daughter’s marrying?”Evidently, even though they spent hours together the previous daysocializing, Corwin didn’t make much of an impression. This becamea bit of a theme with him – people are always surprised when Corwinenters a room and pop up thought bubbles about him.
  18. 18. Once his identity was confirmed, Corwin said his vows and became Corwin Masterpiece, spouse of generation A.The marriage obviously made the family-mindedelders happy, but Anjolie also got points due topicking up a secondary family aspiration sincegraduating college. She both feared and wanted herwedding. The want registered first, and since shewas already perma-plat, didn’t do anything beforethe fear knocked her down a little. She regained theaspiration quickly though.
  19. 19. Oh yeah, this guy’s gonna fit in just fine. Immediately after changingback to normal clothes post-wedding, Hiery and Corwin raced over toplay together at the swing. Totally grown-up behavior there, guys.
  20. 20. Once Corwin could be distracted from the swingset, he and Anjolieleft on a honeymoon to Takemizu. After arriving, they went on adate that devolved into repeated dirty jokes before getting moreserious.
  21. 21. “Hey man, nice hat.”“Thanks, dude! Right back at ya.”
  22. 22. “Ugh, I know exactly what you two are doing back there. Itdoesn’t matter how many times you check side to side, I’mstill standing right here and I will still hear the whole thing. Iam not getting paid enough to put up with this.”Sorry shopgirl! You know those randy romance sims – theyjust have to have their public woohoo.
  23. 23. The rest of the vacation went well. Thecouple delegated tasks so that Corwinlearned the dragon legend and Anjolielearned teleportation. The rest of thetime they basically spent on dates, onperpetual good-date-and-woohoo highs.
  24. 24. And, like the vast majority of my post-Bon Voyage sims, the coupleconceived while on vacation. Generation B is officially on the way!
  25. 25. Yay Charcoal! You beat up a wolf. Good job, kitty.While Anjolie and Corwin arrived home, Charcoal got into a fight butwas able to win it, sending the wolf packing. Tough cat.
  26. 26. Now that everyone’s home, we can get back to some of the routine.Everyone except Hiery has skills to gain and promotions to earn. Yes,simRoxy still hasn’t reached the top of her career (journalism) due to theextremely small number of days she actually went to work as an adult.Meanwhile, the newlyweds are both striving to become Hall of Famers.Anjolie has a leg up on Corwin due both to her boost from college and herlarger collection of skill points.
  27. 27. Soon Anjolie’s pregnancy is showing, but that doesn’t mean she can’tcontinue to work towards her next promotion.“This doesn’t look very dignified. I’d prefer you not share it.”Too bad. Keep running!
  28. 28. Well. Looks like we’ve got ghosts, and not the usual kind. No, the sim usingthe bathroom here is actually Hiery, who returned from work invisible forsome reason. I don’t think invisibility is usually a perk of being Captain Hero.Perhaps the Llama Queen did something to him while he was chasing downthose robots. Changing clothes and taking a shower didn’t help him reappear,and I couldn’t force an error on him since I couldn’t click on him.
  29. 29. So I exited without saving.“And had to take another picture of me running while pregnant with adorky hat?”Yes. I did. For posterity. Hiery came home from work invisible again, soI used the batbox to force errors on the entire lot. After clicking “reset”about a hundred times, Hiery reappeared and everything was goodagain. Sheesh.
  30. 30. Now that she is literally barefoot and pregnant, Anjolie has threepersistant fears: throwing up, passing out, and bladder failure. Exceptfor that last one, she’s pretty much afraid of becoming her mother, Ithink. Luckily, simRoxy’s terrible pregnancy-related behaviors are nothereditary and Anjolie didn’t even get sick once with this pregnancy.
  31. 31. Things have been a little . . . ordinary lately. Also, the venue hasn’t beenopen in about half a generation. I’m sure the two are related, so Hiery (nowvisible again) reopens the venue for the first time in the new house. Thisshould be fun. *cackles*
  32. 32. Venue attractions include a poker table in the basement, instruments, the gamerreward pinball table, and of course, the special attractions. Such varied activitiesas getting bitten by cats while playing finger wiggle, dancing until you lose power,and staring at elders are all enjoyed by the customers.
  33. 33. It’s Carol! Do you remember Carol? She jacked my hairstyle then gotfood poisoning way back in the first chapter. Good to see you, oldfriend. Stay clear of any rotten food this time, will ya?
  34. 34. The business is only level two for now so the number of customers is low.With a bevy of strangers in the house, Corwin and Anjolie get ready for adifferent new arrival. Anjolie’s about ready to pop, and both of the soon-to-be-parents are happily expecting the baby. After the rushed frenzy of lastgeneration’s ten kids, I decided to let Anjolie and Corwin take their time, so Ididn’t cheesecake the pregnancy. We’ll just let nature take its course.
  35. 35. While the main couple try to preparefor the baby, the elders have plentyof time to themselves. Both Hieryand simRoxy are playful and like toautonomously tell dirty jokes, butneither of them likes hearing dirtyjokes from their spouse. They rejecteach other’s jokes and run downtheir relationship, requiring plenty ofsmooching to get it back to perfect. Ithink I see what’s going on here,guys. Very sneaky.Meanwhile, as elders, the two areconstantly taking inappropriate naps. It drives me crazy that elders napinstead of just going to bed.
  36. 36. The next morning, with a few customers also inattendance, Anjolie gives birth to the first baby ofgeneration B . . . who turns out to be two babies.Why does it seem like I only get natural twinswhen I don’t want them? Every single member of the family has been wanting this birth. Anjolie and Corwin’s wants have been locked ever since Anjolie discovered she was pregnant on their honeymoon. It’s no surprise the family elders desired a grandchild, though.
  37. 37. Welcome to babies Bellini and Bazille, both little girls with Corwin’sblack hair and eyes, and skintone 3.Giovanni Bellini was an Italian painter during the Renaissance. He isknown for a rich and colorful style with detailed shading. He was alsoa teacher to several other greats, including Titian.Jean Frédéric Bazille was an impressionist painter from France. Hiswork includes mostly landscapes and figure paintings. He died youngduring a battle in the Franco-Prussian War.
  38. 38. “Why did you make me have twins? I’m a romance sim.”B) I didn’t make you – you did it on your own. So, congrats on that, I guess.C) You have a secondary family aspiration. Right now you already want to cuddle one of them. You’ll be fine.
  39. 39. “Aww . . . someone forgot to dust the cat.”No, he’s just getting old, Hiery. Both Charcoal and Pastel are old now.I’m not going to bother with breeding kittens in this legacy. With thevenue up and running and the next generation newly born, there’splenty going on already.
  40. 40. Like this! Standing around in the corner, in your underwear, byyourself. Good times. Definitely worth customer satisfaction points.
  41. 41. Bellini and Bazille got somemorning cuddles, but then boththeir parents had to be off forwork. Anjolie’s already perma-plat but Corwin still really needsto fulfill his LTW.With all four of the adults out towork, the nanny came, andpromptly picked a fight with acustomer, losing us a star. And Isat there helpless, unable to doanything about it but watch.(*$#&$ nanny!
  42. 42. “I’m home from work! I’m a family sim! I’m wonderful!”“Me too! Yay!”For once the showing off is warranted. Halfway through the elder stage,simRoxy finally tops her career. Having ten babies certainly slowed herdown, but she’s finally reached the top of the journalism track with allthe power, prestige and money that entails.
  43. 43. And so she promptly retires, of course. She didn’t want it, but I didafter seeing the nanny pick on my customers. SimRoxy is back in thenuturing business.
  44. 44. Mona Lisa loves to come dance at the house, but she always plays until shehas to go recharge. Luckily the cloud of probably carcinogenic energy raysdoesn’t bother the other customers, like Aubrey here.One of the benefits of having a home venue is that we see relatives a lotmore often than we would otherwise. All of Hiery and simRoxy’s otherkids stop by pretty often.
  45. 45. This is the first of many poorly laid out birthday pics. The kitchen, while aperfect size for the family’s food-related needs, is not conducive to greatbirthday pictures with the cakes so spread out. Anyway, just thought youshould know so you can brace yourself for all of the twins’ futurebirthdays.
  46. 46. Bam, bam! The twins spin into the air and come down toddlers. Let’scheck out how they turned out.
  47. 47. Aww! Both the twins are so cute intheir own ways. Bellini (top) hasCorwin’s eye shape while Bazillehas the eye shape Anjolie inheritedfrom simRoxy. Both of themturned out adorable, in my opinion.Bellini’s personality is 10/3/9/3/1.Bazille’s is 5/3/7/3/7.Looks like plenty of bed-making,noogies and running around inBellini’s future. Bazille, however,has almost the exact samepersonality as her dad, having onlyone more neat point than him.She’s got a very moderatepersonality overall.
  48. 48. Um, Rob, the girls are sleeping and there’s not even a stereo anywaynear the nursery. What the heck are you doing smustling in their room?Well? What do you have to say for yourself?“She started it.”
  49. 49. Oh. So she did.
  50. 50. ring ring“Hello? Oh, hi brother-in-law. Why yes, I do know where your servo is.Coincidentally, she’s in the same place she always is . . . you’d thinkyou’d know that by now. If it’s a day that ends in Y, Mona Lisa isprobably dancing.”
  51. 51. “Okay, Rob, that’s enough smustling. Even I’m over it now. Come on.”
  52. 52. With the nursery smustling session over, Corwin and simRoxy get startedteaching the twins their skills.“Why do I have to do this? I’m the only one without a family aspiration.I couldn’t care less if they walk and talk.”Because, Corwin, you’re their dad and you have the day off work. If youwould just go to work, I wouldn’t put you to work at home. Simple.
  53. 53. The elders get started on Anjolie and Corwin’s portraits. I’m tryingsomething a little different with the portraits in this family: they’reintended to show the sim in a pose that captures the essence of theirpersonality. Thus, popularity sim Corwin is pictured doing what hedoes most evenings: yakking on the phone. Anjolie’s shows her posingall pretty-like, like the romance sim she is, but simRoxy isn’t farenough in her painting for you to tell that.
  54. 54. Whoops! Looks like somebody forgot to turn the pose box off afterthe portrait painting session. That someone would be me, by theway. Just wanted to make that clear.
  55. 55. The two wavy-haired toddlers are learning and growing quickly, and I sit them down at the play table to make friends.Bazille had high relationships with everyonefrom birth, but Bellini’s are lower, whichmakes sense considering she’s mean. Bazilleconsiderd Bellini a friend almost instantly, butit took a bit longer for them to reach mutualbest friend status.
  56. 56. “Masterpieces! Let me in! I know you have tasty babies in there! . . .Crap. I started off on the wrong foot, didn’t I? I mean . . . uh . . . forgetabout the little ones for a minute. I just want to play poker too, like allthe other people you let in. Come on, you guys let just anyone in, but youwon’t open the door for me?It’s because I’m a wolf, isn’t it? I hope you know that’s discrimination.Hmmph. I’ll come back for the babies . . . I mean, poker . . . later.”
  57. 57. “Why does Anjolie get to play poker with Antoni and Mona Lisa andI’m stuck on potty duty? She’s not at work now. Why can’t I relaxtoo?”Quit your whining, Corwin. Anjolie is working hard: she’s growinganother little baby. Yes, Anjolie is pregnant again (and back in comfypjs) now that the girls are almost children, and she gets to spend hermaternity leave goofing off with the customers while Corwin workshard with the girls.
  58. 58. The poker table is a magnetic attraction for customers. I always putone in my venues. It’s pretty darn attractive to members of the family,too, so if they aren’t given explicit instructions, I can usually find themdown here in the basement playing. Usually in their pjs too, but that’sjust because they’re lazy.
  59. 59. “Congratulations, Roxanne Masterpiece! You have played so manygames that I would like to invite you to . . . is that guy dead?”Nope. Just passed out. Most people know their limits but Antoni literallyplayed until he dropped. A different sort of gambling problem, but still aproblem to be sure.
  60. 60. The girls are adorable and they look super cute in their matchingdresses with the big skirts when they’re standing, but they don’t domuch for sitting pictures. Like their dad, both girls are serious sothey prefer the logic toy, but I make them put in some creativitytime too to keep them well-rounded.
  61. 61. “I’m so tired! I just want to go to bed! Waaaaaaah!”Ugh, I know you’re tired. That’s why I told you to go back to the blanketin the nursery several minutes ago. Unlike your sister, who is almostthere, you decided to sit and whine instead, Bellini. Whose fault is that?
  62. 62. “I see you’re pregnant again, mydaughter. Mind if I just rub your belly?You know how I feel about babies.”“Actually, I do mind.” *swats hand*Whoops! Looks like when I was makingsure that Corwin was on good termswith his new in-laws, I forgot to makesure that Anjolie’s relationships withher parents were high. Since she’sbeen away at college and they weren’tplayed, they still have highrelationships with her but hers havedecayed. She was quite nonplussed bysimRoxy’s overtures, so a long hang outwas in store for them. Not surprisingly,all simRoxy wants to talk about is thebaby. That woman has a one-trackmind, I tell you.
  63. 63. “Yay! I got a promotion! This means I can relax, right?”Nope. You’ve still got several levels to go before you can finish yourLTW. Back to the bookcase with you.“Aw man. Maybe I should get pregnant next time just so I can hang out.”Not happening.
  64. 64. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Charcoal, the world’s stupidestcat. Charcoal often “forgets” to eat for no apparent reason, regardlessof whether there are clean, full bowls of food on the lot or not. He’sconstantly giving me heart attacks because I see his portrait turn yellow,and when I click on him he has a red hunger bar. I am always terrifiedthat he is going to get himself and Pastel taken away by starving himself. I don’t know what his problem is, but I wish he’d knock it off.
  65. 65. “Honey, do you know why our girls are apparently making money butwe’re not?”“Baby’s first payday?”“We’re going to have to tax them. For living expenses.”“Of course.”
  66. 66. I tried to take a cute pic of the girls before their birthday butall that unruly hair kept getting in the way. Oh well, here’s thebest shot.
  67. 67. Yes, it’s birthday time for Bellini and Bazille, but we’ve also reachedthe end of the chapter. Tune in next time for more Falling toMasterpieces and discover what the girls grow up like, how Corwinand Anjolie’s next baby turns out, and watch more customer hijinks.Until then, make sure to visit me at SiMania. Oh, and turn the pageone more time . . .
  68. 68. “MASTERPIECES! Let me in! Or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll sitout here and cry softly to myself, feeling alone and friendless.Please. I just want to hang out!”Thanks for reading, folks!