Masterpiece chapter 2 2


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Masterpiece chapter 2 2

  1. 1. Welcome again to Falling to Masterpieces, an artistic alphabet legacy.Looks like the elders finally finished Anjolie and Corwin’s portraits, sohere’s the portrait wall in all its colorful glory. With that out of the way,let’s get started!
  2. 2. We left off with the not-so-exciting cliffhanger of whether or not thegirls would grow up. Surprisingly, they did! Amazing, right?
  3. 3. What’s not a surprise is that the girls grow up adorable. Bazille andBellini here continue to be little cutie-pies.
  4. 4. The girls, after enjoying their birthday cake, immediately set to skilling withthe one other person in the house that still needs to skill build. Corwin,like his wife, is still working to become a Hall of Famer, but there are a lotof skill points needed to get there that Anjolie already has but Corwindoesn’t.
  5. 5. The wolves have begun coming to the back door, still hoping foradmittance to the venue. Why else would they be coming? Even the LotPdoesn’t rate entrance, however, so they continue to keep watch fromoutside the house night after night.
  6. 6. Anjolie goes into labor with herthird child the night after her olderchildren age up. A beautiful littleboy named Bassano is born.Jacopo Bassano, originally namedJacopo dal Ponte, took his namefrom the region called Bassano delGrappa near Venice. An Italianpainter in the 16th century, Bassanois considered the first modernlandscape painter. Two of his sonswere also famous painters.
  7. 7. Bassano has a fun mix of genetics. Besides Anjolie’s brown hair andCorwin’s brown skin, he also has Hiery’s eyes.
  8. 8. In the days following their birthday, the girls continue skilling and beginmaxing stats. Normally I try to only skill to eight, so that if the kids turnout to be knowledge sims they can enjoy maxing their skills, but both girlskeep rolling wants to max certain skills, so I let them.
  9. 9. “Mr. Masterpiece! I see you in there smustling by yourself in the middleof the night! Let me in! I just want to party with the rest of you crazysims!”
  10. 10. Having a home venue has its ups and downs. One plus is thateveryone – including friends brought home from work or school –pays to hang out, increasing the net worth of the Masterpieces byleaps and bounds. The downside is that, for some reason, mygame thinks visitors can sleep on lots, so we are always having tochase customers, like Avery here, out of the fancy master bed.
  11. 11. “Why am I teaching homework? I’m the only one in the house without aprimary or secondary family aspiration and thus, the only one whodoesn’t really care about these things. What’s up with that, controller?”Oh, Corwin, you whiny thing, you. Because Anjolie and Hiery are working. We’ve been over this before. You do something useful, you get to relaxlater. You come home from work before everyone else, you get put towork at home. Simple.
  12. 12. While I was having Anjolie switch careers to pick up reward objects, sherolled the want to top the Education career. Not one to miss out on wantpoints, I signed her up and sent her to work. A few days later, she wasEducation Minister and racked up a sweet 15,000 points. Now she canconcentrate on becoming Hall of Famer, her third LTW.
  13. 13. Turns out that Anjolie needs a few skill points for that to happen! Unlikeher kids, Anjolie’s generation was rushed through the house and didn’tpick up a lot of skill points. She was too busy woohooing everything insight in college to study much then either, so she needs a few points toreach the top of the Athletic career.
  14. 14. Birthday time has come for Bassano, and with townies, grandparents andan uncle in attendance, the party gets underway.
  15. 15. Hiery instantly rolls up some wants for Bassano, despite never rolling any for the girls when they were this age. What’s up with that Hiery? You’re not discriminating based on gender, are you? “No, worse. Bassano’s my favorite based purely on eye color.”Besides Hiery, Bassano is pretty well loved byeveryone. Even mean Bellini wants to play withhim. Bassano’s personality is 5/10/4/8/7. It’s niceto see a little playfulness returning to theMasterpieces. He’s also different from his sistersin being extremely outgoing.
  16. 16. Bassano’s birthday isn’t far behind when Anjolie discovers she’s pregnantwith her fourth – and final – child. At first I was going to have just threekids in this generation, but I had one more name that I really wanted touse, so we’re going for four. Still nowhere near as crazy as ten.
  17. 17. “Hello? Is anyone there? It’s dark inside! Are you guys sleeping orsomething? Hello?”
  18. 18. Bellini and Bazille just adore theiryounger brother. They both play withhim all the time, when they’re nothanging out together at the play table,that is. Bazille taught Bassano a nurseryrhyme as well.
  19. 19. “I’m home! I’m a family sim! I’m wonderful! I got demoted! Yay!”Sigh. I picked a wrong choice on a chance card and Hiery got demoted for it.After being Captain Hero for years and years and years, you’d think he’ddeserve a little leeway, but apparently not.
  20. 20. When Anjolie and Corwin moved home, I did a little renovation on thehouse, including planting several trees around the lot. Too bad I forgotthat, come autumn, that would mean plenty of raking for the sims. Sorryguys! For once, Corwin is working while everyone else is home, soAnjolie, Hiery, and simRoxy got to share raking duties.
  21. 21. “Mmm . . . pottytraining.”“Uh oh. Grandma’s going senile, isn’t she?”Oh no, honey. She’s been that way since she was a young sim. Carry on.
  22. 22. “So here I am, pregnant as I can be, throwing out old bottles, and myhusband is discussing befriending rats with our teenage niece?”What can I say, Anjolie? Corwin’s a slacker like that.
  23. 23. Yay! Corwin finally reached the top of the Athletic career. All the adultsin the house are now perma-plat. His new LTW is to become Mayor,which he found on the computer and reached very shortly. His third LTWis to be a Media Magnate.
  24. 24. “Incoming!”
  25. 25. Welcome to little Botticelli, also known as baby Botti around these parts.She has all of Corwin’s genetics so far.Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter during the early Renaissance. He isbest known for his paintings Primavera and The Birth of Venus. His workwas influenced by the school of Gothic Realism.
  26. 26. While Corwin cheers for baby Botti, everyone else in the room wonderswhere that guy in the hat went and who this clown is supposed to be.Corwin inspires selective amnesia in people near him. Or he’s just soremarkable that everyone’s attention is drawn to him. I’m going with thefirst one.
  27. 27. Bellini and Bazille awake early every morning and play together. Todaythat means taking turns with the brick and telling secrets in the crispautumn air.
  28. 28. Anjolie! You are setting a very bad example letting your daughter playcatch in the house, let alone playing with her.“But the hallway is so long! We must!”
  29. 29. Corwin is caught hanging out with teenagers again.“Hey, Mr. Masterpiece, my dad – your brother-in-law – is not going to behappy you’re taking all my money.”“Be quiet and deal, Katara. Now, what’s going on at high school, guys?”
  30. 30. While his older sisters are at school and his younger sister sleeps in thenursery, Bassano has plenty of time on his own. He draws the samepicture over and over until the table is full of them. Hmm.
  31. 31. “I hate the bed!”“Me too.”My expression is pretty similar to Hiery’s here. Um, you likedthe bed well enough to sleep in it, as evidenced by your pjs,you two. So what’s the problem? Oh, right, you’re stupid.The bed is the number one complaint amongst customersand I still don’t know why.
  32. 32. “Yay! I got promoted to Captain Hero! I’m awesome!”Again.“What?”You got promoted to Captain Hero again. Now you’re just back to whereyou were before the bad chance card.“Whatevs! I’m still celebrating!”
  33. 33. “Look closely into my eyes. That’s it. You feel yourself getting sleepy.Your head gets heavy. You want to let me in the house where the tastybaby is sleeping. You want to let me in the house where the poker table is. You want to let me in . . .”Not working. Good try, though.
  34. 34. Bassano’s birthday comes around again. Let’s see the kid!
  35. 35. But first –“Who’s that guy in the hat?”
  36. 36. With that out of the way, we can get back to Bassano, who continuesto be very cute. He also has a lot of features from Corwin, whoappears to have some pretty dominant genetics.
  37. 37. “Mom, we’re trying to study.Could you watch TV some othertime?”“But it’s my favorite show! They’remaking lobster!”“They always make lobster. Pleasejust turn the TV off, Mom.”“What if I play a videogameinstead?”“Mom!”“What? I’m even sitting all the wayback here! Isn’t that better?”“Mom!”“You kids are no fun.”
  38. 38. When everyone wakes up at 6, before they split off for school and work,the parents like spending time with their offspring. However, Bellini andBassano still aren’t sure who that guy dancing with Bazille is. He looks sofamiliar though . . .
  39. 39. Aww. Sad. It’s time for Pastel to go to that great cat condo in thesky. Charcoal followed a day later but I missed taking a picture of it,so I thought I’d just mention that now. The cats spent more timetogether than they did with the family, but the loss is still felt keenly.
  40. 40. Hiery and simRoxy have found a good outlet for their dirtyjokes. Since neither of them wants to hear the other one tell ajoke, they’re more than happy to tell them to Anjolie, wholistens eagerly. I don’t how happy I would be if my parentsconstantly told me dirty jokes, but Anjolie doesn’t seem tomind.
  41. 41. She does mind them kissing though. Now that’s just gross!
  42. 42. Later that night, after Pastel passedaway, Hiery’s time came. He wassurrounded by family, even if someof that family was smustling andthinking of Corwin . . . ahem, Bazille.Even Andy, Hiery’s mini-me, wasthere to witness his death.
  43. 43. Hieronymus Masterpiece lived a full life after creating a large family. Hewas crazy about his wife and also loved his ten kids very much and his lifeinsurance benefited many of them. Hiery was a crazy sim and set the tonefor this legacy with his antics. From a simple-minded man obsessed withkissing to an aging patriarch of a large family, he brought me many laughs.He will be missed, but hopefully his legacy will carry on for manygenerations.
  44. 44. Andy realized a fear by witnessing Hiery’s death. Anjolie was there togrieve her father, but then afterwards returned to pick up Botti from whereshe had dropped her. Even baby Botti knows something has happened.I was expecting simRoxy to die too since she and Hiery both had full bars,but hers actually lengthened after Hiery died. Is that how the ‘random’extra days works and I’ve just forgotten that, or is it a weird glitch? Eitherway, simRoxy is unexpectedly hanging around for an unknown number ofdays.
  45. 45. That same night, it’s also time for the twins to age up. Once againthere’s another awkward kitchen pic. At least the guy from the scienceclub was there to witness it.
  46. 46. Bellini and Bazille have very different faces, but they’re eachpretty in their own way. Bazille rolled romance/knowledge withthe LTW to become a Rock God. Bellini is family/romance (theopposite of her mother) and her LTW is to graduate 3 childrenfrom college (the same as Hiery’s).
  47. 47. Baby Botti also grew up that night but I apparently totally forgot totake a picture of it. How’s that for scatterbrained? No great lossthough, those perfunctory birthday pics can get a bit boring after awhile. Anyway, here’s adorable little Botti. Her personality is6/3/7/3/7. Except for one extra nice point, that’s the same as Bazille.
  48. 48. “I can’t get in the house! There’s something in the way!”Yeah, it’s called a door. We have it to keep you wolves out.“Well screw that.”
  49. 49. “I’ll go through the house if Iwanna. I’ll just use my magicwolf powers to open the doorsand stroll right though. Whatdo you think of that, huh?”No need to be so stuck upabout it, oh magic wolf.
  50. 50. “I am the world’s stupidest cat.”Yes, like I mentioned earlier, Charcoal passed the next day after Pasteland Hiery. Amazingly, his death was not due to starvation, but insteadwas just old age catching up.
  51. 51. With no pets in the house, the wolves start zeroing in on thehumans.“Need any new animals, Ms. Masterpiece? No? Okay.”“Hey girls, want to play fetch? I’d make a good pet. Just sayin’.”
  52. 52. Baby Botti is definitely Anjolie’s favorite. She autonomouslysnuggled her all the time as an infant, and now that she’s a toddler,Anjolie just keeps rolling wants for her, besides the usual ones.
  53. 53. Those cuddly little days of snuggling are behind them now, because it’s time for Botti to grow up.Besides theirdifferent skin colors,she looks a lot likeBellini. Definitely hasthe same nose.
  54. 54. “Who was that guy in the hat who attended my party? Huh,I just can’t place him.”
  55. 55. “Young Masterpieces, please let me in. Unlike the Leader of thePack, doors are an insurmountable obstacle to me. Please. Justone game of poker! You don’t even have any scrumptious babiesany more. C’mon!”
  56. 56. The wolves may not get to play poker, but pretty much everyone elsedoes. The games are often mini-family reunions as well, such as theone including simRoxy, Anjolie, Andy and Andrea here.
  57. 57. The girls go out for a night on the town and they’re greetedby a not-so-friendly face.“I remember your parents from their vacation. Do youhave any idea what it was like cleaning that changing boothafterwards? Disgusting.”
  58. 58. Back at home, the girls have some trouble relating to eachother due to frequent noogies. Bellini’s really a little stinkerin this regard. If I can just keep her from doing this, they getalong famously, but Bazille is none too happy when she findsherself in Bellini’s arms once again.
  59. 59. To keep her happy and out of trouble, I decide to give in to some ofBellini’s wants. Since she’s family/romance, all she really wants to dois go on a date and fall in love. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make us amatch . . .
  60. 60. Oh. Oh my. Well, he’s something. Dateable, I guess.Good thing she’ll leave him far behind when she goes tocollege. Well sir, what do you think of dating Bellini?“Oh, that’s fine. But who’s that guy?”
  61. 61. Regardless of his looks, Bellini and Steven hit it off immediately.They actually had three bolts. It doesn’t hurt that Bellini likesblonds. With her first kiss under her belt, Bellini is platinum.This guy, being a vacation townie, ended up hanging around thehouse several days, which provided plenty more opportunitiesfor interaction.
  62. 62. Meanwhile, the void in the house has been filled by two newkittens. On the left is Oil and on the right is Acrylic. Acrylic isactually Pastel’s brother, since they were bred by a neighbor,so I have no illusions this time that Acrylic will stay orange.The kittens are adored by family and customers alike, and theyrarely have time to touch their feet to the floor between allthe holding, playing, and cuddling they get.
  63. 63. Of course, they can be excused for not knowing who that funnyguy in the hat is, but I doubt this will be the last time they thinkof Corwin. He’s just a thought-bubble magnet.
  64. 64. With all the children finally school-age, we call over the Headmaster.A lot of the rooms in the Masterpiece household are fairly large,open areas, so the tour was a bit longer than it usually is in my gamedue to rooms not scoring as highly. Still, he was satisfied witheverything and let the kids in.
  65. 65. Soon it’s time for simRoxy to go. Although her life bar initiallyindicated differently, she ended up living almost five days longerthan Hiery.
  66. 66. Roxanne Masterpiece was a lot of fun to play, not just becauseshe was my simself. She was a baby-crazy lady who had ten ofthem, and delighted in caring for the next generation too.Despite being the World’s Worst Pregnant Sim, she loved beingpregnant and was a good mother. Goodbye, simRoxy.
  67. 67. Bellini is hit the hardest and cries a lot over the next fewdays. All the kids were best friends with simRoxy, butBellini seemed to take it especially hard.
  68. 68. Here’s an example of Bellini’scustomer service. For once, thesim that just woke up in themaster bed isn’t complainingabout the bed itself, but insteadabout Anjolie for some reason.Bellini listens carefully, considersher responses for a moment, andthen throws a water balloon at theoffended customer. Well done,Bellini, A+ customer care there.Luckily he finds it hilarious and nostars are lost.
  69. 69. Dude, you are being super creepy.Bellini’s boyfriend, Steven, loves todo tai chi in the middle of the nightin the bedroom that Bellini andBazille share. He just hangs out inthe bedroom all night, doing tai chior worse, just standing aroundwatching them sleep, waiting forBellini to wake up. When Bazillewakes up first she gives him a littlereminder of his place in the worldand for once I am pleased by anoogie session.
  70. 70. “I know I’ve seen that guy around here before. But who is he?”
  71. 71. Anjolie finally reaches the top of the Athletic career andcompletes her third LTW. Her next one is to be aProfessional Party Guest. Assuming she can find it on thecomputer, I have no doubt she’ll finish that one too.
  72. 72. Hiery and simRoxy’s graves (as well as Pastel and Charcoal’s)are moved to the Masterpiece Memorial Cemetary, a lovelylittle park-like cemetary that will one day be full to the brim ofmany generations of Masterpieces and pets.
  73. 73. “Ahhh . . . yawn. What the? Steven, stop being creepy. Doyou need another noogie?”
  74. 74. And, finally, my two running gags collide.“Who’s that guy? Oh never mind, I’m gonna see if I can finally get inon that sweet poker game.”That’s it for now. Next chapter, see the kids continue to grow andmove on to college. What aspirations will Bassano and Botti get?Will anyone remember Corwin ever? Thanks for reading!